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Tuesday Nights

What and who are the Tuesday night sessions for?

Tuesday nights are the focal point of our club’s activities. The sessions provide runners of all abilities structured workouts designed to support whatever goals they may have. They are also a highly anticipated opportunity to catch up with friends and welcome new members to the club.

Where and when?

Juniors meet at the clubhouse at 6pm in Petersham before leaving for a session that will typically take place in Richmond Park or in the surrounding area, while the adult groups meet en masse at 7pm before splitting into groups that cater for runners at every level from the very slow to the very fast.

There are changing facilities available and you will find information on the group and training sessions, as well as a designated ‘new to the club’ person you can introduce yourself to and who can advise you on which group to join.

How do I know which group to join?

There are five groups catering for all abilities and each of these is led by UKA qualified coaches from our team. If you are new to the club we recommend you select a group based on your current best 5k time. The purpose of the sessions is to increase your endurance, speed and running technique. Improve these and you will find your race pace at all distances from 5k and upwards improves. Importantly, we also have a lot of fun.

  Standard based on 5km
Advanced 1 Sub 19 min
Advanced 2 19 – 21 min
Intermediate 1 Sub 25 min
Intermediate 2 Sub 30 min
Intermediate 3 Sub 35 min

What is the format of the sessions ?

The sessions consist of a warm-up jog, work on technique/drills, between 15-40 minutes for the main session, and a cool-down jog followed by stretching. The total distance covered for each group (including warm-up/cool-down) is shown in the weekly training schedule. Every week the main session has a specific goal and the type of session will reflect this i.e. intervals, hill work, speed work.

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