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Ranelagh Strava Stats 2022

A slightly belated Happy New Year to you all! 💙💛 We hope you’ve enjoyed the festive break.

As in prior years we’ve been poring through the Strava history to bring you the 2022 club stats, looking at who’s gone the furthest and who’s climbed the highest. (Small print – this data contains only runs that are available for everyone to see, so if you or your run is private it’s not included in these totals. Sorry about that.)


🥇 Nick Impey 5525km
🥈 James Riley 5435km
🥉 Joji Mori 4536km
4️⃣ Jonathan Moore 4226km
5️⃣ Ralph Street 4161km
6️⃣ Gareth Williams 3942km
7️⃣ Ignatius Li 3926km
8️⃣ George Bailey 3804km
9️⃣ Neil Rae 3801km
1️⃣0️⃣ Toni Borreda 3717km

🥇Suzy Whatmough 4042km
🥈Amanda Munro 2864km
🥉Sally Minchella 2826km
4️⃣ Neha Rani 2660km
5️⃣ Sarah Palmer 2610km
6️⃣ Cordy Parker 2598km
7️⃣ Gillian Sanders 2524km
8️⃣ Verka Leaf 2486km
9️⃣ Ellen Clague 2430km
1️⃣0️⃣ Narissa Vox 2188km

Together we have run more than 267,000km this year (or 6.7 laps of this planet). That’s about 3/4 of a lap less than last year, so work to be done in 2023!


🥇Suzy Whatmough 90817m
🥈Sally Minchella 53140m
🥉Gillian Sanders 18994m
4️⃣ Amanda Munro 17896m
5️⃣ Emily Jenkins 16554m
6️⃣ Verka Leaf 16009m
7️⃣ Sarah Palmer 14465m
8️⃣ Ann Kearey 13876m
9️⃣ Cordy Parker 12975m
1️⃣0️⃣ Aoife Kilpatrick 12484m

🥇James Ritchie 85603m
🥈James Riley 83233m
🥉Ralph Street 80951m
4️⃣ James Graham 58764m
5️⃣ Joji Mori 56257m
6️⃣ Bruce McLaren 48537m
7️⃣ Neil Kitching 43471m
8️⃣ Ryan Fisher 39988m
9️⃣ Mark Herbert 39625m
1️⃣0️⃣ David Criniti 37401m

As a club, together we’ve climbed 2075km. Again a little down on last year’s 2179 km, but 234 ascents of Everest can’t be bad! In total together we have run for 2 years, 275 days.

All the stats can found here:

2021’s stats are here:

Wishing you all the best of health, happiness and running through 2023. Have a great year – we hope you all have some great goals, and can match and surpass them, and most importantly have a lot of fun.

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4. Note that Activity and Profile Privacy settings will need to be set to Everyone if you want the rundown team to be able to see your individual runs (and include you fully in these stats next year).

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