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Ranelagh Rundown #208: Squirrels

Well, well, well, it seems like the Ranelaties had quite the adventure-filled week! Let’s add a pinch of humor to this epic tale:

“In a land where the weather was as indecisive as a squirrel at a nut buffet, the Ranelaties emerged victorious, scoring nearly 70000 KMs in over 800 activities. We’re pretty sure even Mother Nature raised an eyebrow at that one!

But hold your running shoes, folks, because Cecily Day shattered her 5k record in Battersea Park (18:04′). We’re talking about speed that even the squirrels envy!

Saturday morning in sunny Richmond Park was so bright that even our running shoes needed shades. Aoife Kilpatrick and Philip Andrews hit their 250th Parkrun, making us wonder if the squirrels joined in too.

Victoria Martin, the fastest runner overall, sprinted her way to victory at Kei Mouth Parkrun. We suspect she might have outrun a few squirrels on the way!

Back in Battersea Park, Jonathan Moore achieved the remarkable feat of completing a Half Marathon in 1:19:03. Owen Delaney followed at 1:39:30, and John Cadogan breezed in at 1:41:18. The squirrels in the park are petitioning for a speed limit!

Now, let’s talk about the Lake District, where Andrew Greenstock tackled the “lakeland” series in 2:58:23. We’re guessing the hills were steeper than the incline on our treadmill!

And on Sunday, in the windy chaos of Chichester, James Riley came 3rd in the Runthrough Goodwood Marathon (2hrs and 53 minutes). We’re pretty sure he was chasing his hat blown away by the wind!

As for the long runs, it was a mix of triumph and tribulation. Alex Ring, Kathy Henry, Rebecca Bissel, and Claire Warner decided to run from Richmond to Stains upon Thames. Rumor has it they were searching for the world’s longest sandwich!

Nichola Douglas ran her longest in 7 years and enjoyed it thoroughly, while Rue Turner’s Thames Towpath run sounded so grueling that even the squirrels offered condolences.

Michael Morris, Matt Hirschler, and Toni Borreda took Richmond Park by storm. Joe Killip tried the Richmond Bridge to Putney Loop, a loop so intricate it made our heads spin. Chris Lepine opted for the shorter loop to Hammersmith Bridge, leaving the squirrels with the impression that humans are just confused squirrels.

Jonathan Moore, the local legend, hung around Richmond and Kingston so much that the squirrels have started asking him for directions.

Last but not least, Alun Thomas, Ed Perry, David Ready, and Mark Herbert decided that Bushy Park’s flat course was the way to go. And Nick, well, he used Battersea Park as his playground, much to the amusement of the resident squirrels who probably wonder why we run in circles!

So here’s to the Ranelaties, a group so energetic even the squirrels are taking notes on how to navigate life’s crazy obstacle course!”

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🥇 Michael Morris 141.3 km
🥈 Nick Impy 130.9 Km
🥉 Ralph Street 130.4 km

🥇 Nic Douglas 86.7 km
🥈 Suzy Whatmough 77.9 km
🔶️ Ria Woodfield
🥉 Kathy Henry 68.9 Km


🥇Ralph Street 3946m
🥈Andrew Greenstock 1829m
🥉 Eirin Mc Daid 1270m

🔶️ Ria Woodfield
🥇 Suzy Whatmough 795
🥈 Keely Philips 725m
🔶️ Sophia De Rivaz
🥉 Vierka Leaf 420m


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