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Ranelagh Strava Rundown #206 – The ordinary & the extraordinary

Reviewing the club’s feed gives you a lovely insight into how much we have in common (things aside from finishing behind Marc Leyshon). We lace up our trainers a few times a week, get out the door and meander around Richmond or wherever we happen to be. We then open Strava and add context in three categories: 1) weather (we LOVE discussing weather), 2) injury gripes and 3) scientific description of the session (the Ronseal approach as our club mens’ captain put it) – Jonathan Moore being the OG of this (see this week’s masterpiece in the pictures) .

This week’s classic English summer conditions gave us all ample material for category 1 postings. We had sunny then rainy on Tuesday – Fiona Jones relishing a brief reminder of what summer is like, Lauren Warner speaking for the majority with “Sun wooo” and Kevin Kearey enjoying an anniversary run (Congratulations to you both 😊).

Tuesday also saw the annual Ratchford Relay take place with this year being 25 years since the first running (write up here Congratulations to the winning team Maia Rushby, Carol Aikin & Jackie Dunkley and fastest lap runner Elizabeth Bailey.

Wednesday’s constant rain put the club into full weather obsession mode from Sally Minchella’s Rainy Runch, Sue Lear’s wet window of opportunity, Verka Leaf’s long, rainy way back from basketball and James Ritchie’s alliterative “sporadically soggy sightseeing saunter with sis”. Only Dave Kew departed from the theme after being attacked by a dog, twice (hope you are ok!). I also enjoyed the aesthetics of Michelle Beaumont’s run on Brownsea Island, a place which seems to have been perfectly scaled to fit a Strava activity map.

Thursday and Friday’s meh-ness weatherwise seemed less worthy of comment so the highlight was an unusual category 2 post from Kathy Henry noting discomfort from a jellyfish sting. I will assume was a legacy problem and not incurred in Crane Park.

Saturday was as always full of Parkrun stories, with Hadi Khatamizadeh completing the Parkrun alphabet at Zamek w Malborku in Poland, James Ritchie also snagging his Z at Zuiderent in Holland, Clare Day at “Llan-something”, David Ready being first finisher at Hazlewood and Margie Harrison capturing the general mood as “soggy and chuggy” at Old Deer Park. There was also some excitement at what used to be Ham Gate Saturday morning which was demolished overnight by a driver in a Mercedes. Apparently the gate is now open but closed to motor traffic.

My planned summary of the beautiful ordinariness of our running across the week was interrupted by an understated “I won a World Cup” posting amongst the dazzling array of drizzle descriptions. This belonged to Ralph Street who on Tuesday won his first World Cup event in sprint distance Orienteering in Czechia. Massive congratulations Ralph on this incredible achievement.

Catching up from last week also owed congratulations is Ruth Gledhill who set a 19 minute PB at the British Triathlon Championships in Sunderland. In other non-running achievements Josh Reed has currently reached Scotland as he cycles Land’s End to John o’Groats (currently averaging over 100 miles a day).

Finally combining rain and extraordinary performance, Bruce Mclaren and Suzy Whatmough took on the North Downs Way 100 miles on Saturday. Suzy sadly had to drop with injury after a mere 80 miles but Bruce finished in 32nd place out of 192 finishers. Even for a Scotsman it was “a wet one and then some”. Well done Bruce and Suzy!

🔹🔸🔹 The Podiums for this week 🔹🔸🔹

In total we ran 4,214 miles as a club across 779 activities.

🥇 Bruce Mclaren 108miles
🥈 Ignatius Li 82miles
🥉 Michael Morris 80miles

🥇 Suzy Whatmough 90miles
🥈 Nic Douglas 40miles
🥉 Rebecca Bissell 39miles

🥇 Bruce Mclaren 11,385ft
🥈 Ignatius Li 6,818ft
🥉 James Riley 5,217ft

🥇 Suzy Whatmough 9,436ft
🥈 Emily Jenkins 4,256ft
🥉 Molly Riglin 3,081ft


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