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Ranelagh Strava Rundown #198

This is a somewhat rushed rundown due to an admin error at Rundown Towers this weekend. Sorry if we’ve missed anything – if we have, please add it as a comment below.

Whilst it may be rushed, it’s certainly not short, with all the running, racing and PB setting you lot have been doing. Your dedication has given us a club total of 6,838 kilometres this week.

First up – a round-up of the PBs set this week (where known). A massive well done to:

🔹 Henry Fagan’s 4:28.60 mile at the Tooting Bec Tracksmith Mile
🔸 Louisa Scott’s first sub 20 5k (19:44) at the Chase The Moon Battersea Park 5k
🔹 A stack of parkrun PBs at Bushy Park parkrun – Phil Collins (17:00, a 24s PB), Josh Charkin (18:28, a 26s PB), Nic Douglas (18:39, a 58s PB), Suzy Whatmough (18:50, a 5s PB), Lucy Urbas (19:51, a 3s PB), and the biggest PB of all, Rayka Khatamizadeh (27:44, a 1m53s PB, at just 5 years of age)

🔹 Mob Match vs Stragglers at Bushy Park parkrun 🔹

Saturday saw the annual mini-mob match between Stragglers and Ranelagh competed at over a 5km distance at a parkrun of the home club’s choosing. With Stragglers hosting, this was held at Bushy Park, scene of an historic victory by Ranelagh in 2019 in an epic match scoring 86 a side.

Could the blue contingent match such numbers again? With many of the faster men away running the South Downs Way relay the pressure was certainly on. But as the time ticked on towards 9am, the massed start began to get bluer. But alarming streaks of yellow veined the crowd, seemingly doubling the blue wave, and everyone knew that a huge effort would be needed to retain the (virtual) trophy.

And then we were off – tearing off across the grass, the frenzied ranks of runners, Ranelites and Stragglers to the fore, speeding down an increasingly dusty track, blues and yellows vying for the lead and with individual battles all through the hundreds of runners. And on, down Chestnut Avenue, turning back into the centre before the final straight, charging on to claim those few final yellow scalps at the last. Could it be enough?

First blood went to Stragglers with three of the top 4 overall finishers all under 17 minutes. But then Phil Collins, in a storming PB run, came in, in 17 minutes to plant a blue flag on the beachhead and begin to raise Ranelagh hopes. Joe Gomes, Ted Mockett, Phil Hines followed, split from Gareth Williams and Joe Killip by a single Straggler. Three more Stragglers followed before Tom Cameron and Ross Clayton came in, both under 18 minutes at the start of a 10 man (and woman) blue wave broken by a single Straggler. The stand out performance here was Nic Douglas with a near 1 minute PB, with Josh Charkin and Suzy Whatmough also claiming PBs. The tide was starting to turn.

A trio of Stragglers was followed by an even 7-a-side set of blues and yellows between 19 and 20 minutes, featuring a PB by Lucy Urbas. Truly were the Ranelites putting their all into this match.

But now the numbers began to tell. Between 20 and 25 minutes, of the 64 finishers, 40 bore the yellow of Stragglers. A huge near 2 minute PB by the youngest Ranelite – five year old Rayka Khatamizadeh – running a superb 27m44, was not going to be enough. The sheer weight of the yellow crowd was too much for the brave blues. Outnumbered by 135 to 70, the margin of victory was way closer than expected, with Stragglers claiming victory with 4402 points to Ranelagh’s 4908.

And so to the victors the plaudits and congratulations for a job well done. And to everyone, yellow and blue alike, a mountain of pastries, kindly supplied by our generous hosts.

As ever this was an excellent fixture, and what Ranelagh lacked in overall number was hugely made up for by some fantastic individual results. Full results can be found here:

🔸 Dorking 10 🔸

We had 16 of you head out to the sunny roads of Dorking for this year’s Dorking 10 mile race. Newcomer Chris Davidson was first home, earning himself the Callis Cup. Our first female was Nic Douglas, 10th female overall, who wins the A.J. Hedger Cup. It’s been a successful weekend for Nic, with a huge 5k PB on the Saturday and a 10th place finish at Dorking on the Sunday!

Well done to everyone running this morning 👏:

Chris Davidson 58:54
Ted Mockett 1:01:43
Mike Morris 1:02:14 (6th MV50)
Shaun Griffith 1:05:26
Nic Douglas 1:07:53
Richard Willoughby 1:09:13
Mick Lane 1:09:16
Alex Ring 1:10:16
Neil Rae 1:12:22
Wiebke Kortum 1:16:36
Aoife Kilpatrick 1:20:15
Claire Warner 1:25:13
Chris Read 1:30:27
Sally Bamford 1:32:30
Mike Osborne 1:36:03
Carol Aikin 1:36:45

🔹 South Downs Way Relay 🔹

James Riley reports on this epic performance:

For the second time in recent history a Ranelagh team towed the start line of the South Downs Way 100 Mile Relay.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with them, the South Downs Way runs from Eastbourne in the East to Winchester in the West comprising, yes, 100 miles and around 3,800 metres of elevation. The Relay itself is 18 legs and is a decidedly old school affair – it has an actual baton, is invitation only and if you take longer than 14 hours two years in a row you’re out.

Last year, a Ranelagh team of Phil Killingley, David Ready, Ed Perry, Dave Lawley, Mark Herbert and Ian Kenton finished a creditable 5th in 11 hours 33 minutes. And Ranelagh has history with the event going further back, most notably a 10 hour 39 minute, 3rd place finish in 2005.

It was with those positions and times in mind that the 2023 team of Marc Leyshon, Ross MacDonald, Captain Ed Perry, Dave Lawley, Jonathan Smith and your author (James Riley), supported by crack driver Mark Herbert, lined up at a very cold Beachy Head. Guru and Team Manager, Rick Jenner, was providing remote support from France.

We were seeded 6th and started at 8:30am alongside the 4th and 5th seeded teams. The fastest teams of Brighton & Hove AC, Brighton Phoenix and Henfield Joggers started a full 30 minutes later.

Marc led us off in fine style, beating last year’s Leg 1 time by 12 seconds. From there Ross picked up the baton, tearing nearly 6 minutes out of last year’s time. We were now well ahead of the 4th and 5th seeds. Ed and Dave then proceeded to beat their previous times showing their improved fitness and knowledge of the course. The in form Jonathan and I rounded out the first six legs and every runner had beaten last year’s time.

The cold of the early morning had now given way to heat. Could we continue to beat last year’s times? Amazingly the answer was yes. We completed each and every leg ahead of last year’s time with Dave leading us home in 10 hours 52 minutes – an astonishing 41 minutes quicker than last year!

But what position were we in? Well Brighton AC had passed us on Leg 12 on their way to breaking 10 hours and destroying the course record. But where were Brighton Phoenix and Henfield? If they finished within 30 minutes of us, they would place above us courtesy of their later start. Ed started the stopwatch…

10 minutes passed and nothing, 15 nothing and then after 18 minutes Brighton Phoenix crossed the line beating us to second place by 12 minutes. But what of Henfield? 20 minutes nothing, 25 nothing, 30 nothing.

We’d done it or had we? Henfield finally came home 44 minutes behind us putting us in 3rd by 14 minutes. But there are strict time penalties for taking shortcuts, and the route I took through a farmyard at the end of Leg 6 in full view of a marshall may or may not have been a shortcut. So we waited…

Finally the prize giving arrived. I say prize giving, it was more a telling off to all the teams about the infractions that had been observed and then a prize giving. After the Vets’, Women’s and mixed team prizes they finally got to the Mens A Teams. ‘In third place in 10 hours 52 minutes, Ranelagh Harriers’ – we’d done it!

An awesome ending to an awesome day. Huge thanks go to Ed and Rick for keeping us on task and to Mark for getting us around safely and on time.


🥈🥇🥉 The Leaderboards:


🥇 Arben Canolli 105.3km
🥈 Nick Impey 105.0km
🥉 Ignatius Li 100.3km

🥇 Suzy Whatmough 94.8km
🥈 Liz Kipling 69.5km
🥉 Nic Douglas 62.9km


🥇 Jim Graham 2,835m
🥈 Andrew Greenstock 2,686m
🥉 Ralph Street 2,244m

🥇 Steph Tindall 1,658m
🥈 Clare Fowler 1,382m
🥉 Sally Minchella 1,318m


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Ranelaghs at the Mob Match vs Stragglers


Shaun Griffith, Neil Rae and Mike Morris at the Dorking 10


Dorking 10-ers – Aoife Kilpatrick, Sally Bamford, Wiebke Kortum, Carol Aikin, Nic Douglas, Claire Warner, Alex Ring, Chris Read, Michael Osborne, Richard Willoughby

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