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Ranelagh Strava Rundown #195 – Green Belt edition

For many of us, now is turning out to be a great time to start taking seriously the importance of strength and conditioning. Helpfully, James Riley has written a post on his coaching blog about s&c.

The secret of success as a runner is consistent training. Yet up to half of runners are injured annually, with the vast majority of those injuries being a result of overuse,’ he writes. ‘The key areas of risk for runners are the trunk, hips, knees, and foot and ankle. Naturally, these should be your key focus areas for conditioning. Conditioning exercises build up the ability of a muscle, or connective tissue, to withstand the repeated stress caused by running.

As the summer road and track season gets into swing, along with marathons and various endurance events around the UK and abroad, with so many of our Ranelagh members excelling out there, it becomes more and more apparent that those enjoying consistent success and improvement are those with well-rounded programmes that include these aspects.

Nowhere has this been clearer than in the ultra-trail Snowdonia event where Sally Minchella ran the UTS50, Jess Busen-Smith completed the 100k and Thomas Lahille and John Rose also took part. Sally wrote, ‘UTS50 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 – 4th VW40 😁 28th female, 147/1125. Scorchio day in the hills, hitting 26°c 🥵 felt sick and way too hot after 1st aid station, but got past that and enjoyed views for days 😍.’

Closer to home, but also challenging, was the Green Belt Relay. Narissa Vox was among those taking part. ‘Started strong, finished strong | let’s not talk about the middle 😂,’ she wrote after nearly 10k on stage 20 today.

The Green Belt Relay is a not-for-profit annual running relay organised by The Stragglers, with as many as 50 teams running the 22-stage up-and-down course around 220 miles of the Green Belt around the outside of London following footpaths, towpaths or minor roads, starting at Hampton Court on Saturday and ending in Bushy Park Sports Centre on Sunday. Each stage is a competitive race in its own right.

Ed Perry kicked off with stage one. Nic Douglas was third woman on stage 18 over more than 15k in Reigate and Banstead. Ross Mac was second on stage 17 in Tandridge. After more than 20k of climbing in the Biggin Hill area, Liam Joyce wondered, ‘Can you pay the Hill Tax annually?’ and pledged to stick to flat road racing in future. Suzy Whatmough also ran this stretch, taking the baton from Sarah Palmer who reported a ‘tough’ 15k stage 15. Also out there was Hadi Khatamizadeh who was ‘very happy to complete two races without picking up a knee injury.’ Stage 13 was lucky for Natalie Haarer, running more than 15k in under 45 minutes. ‘Amazing atmosphere crossing the finish line with all the support ☺️ quite muddy at some points but very happy with double stage win for the weekend,’ she said. Rebecca Bissell on stage 11 ‘loved it’. So did Tom Cameron, apparently, because he took the win. For Andrew Kew, stage 10 was ‘brutal on the injured leg’. Mark Herbert also reported a win on stage 10.

In the last four years, Ranelagh has been fifth, fourth, third and second overall and this weekend the 33 team members, pictured, continued that trend, coming first overall. What a result.

Ranelagh were the Brazil of the early Green Belt Relay, and former London marathon winner Hugh Jones was their Pelé. They didn’t show up to all of them, but when they did they were unbeatable,’ writes the race director on the GBR website. And so it proved again. Besides winning the overall event, Ranelagh scored first men’s team and second women’s team.

Last Wednesday evening saw the first of the Wimbledon Trail Run series, organised by Andy Bickerstaff, with Rebecca Bissell among those taking part. Dick Johnson did the Copenhagen Marathon in 4:46. And finally, a shout-out to Henry Fagan, taking pole position at Old Deer parkrun in 18:24, Maia Rushby coming in second woman at Tunbridge Wells in 24:01, Dave Lawley second at Gunnersbury in 17:52, Ryan Fisher first at Curl Curl in 16:26,



🥈🥇🥉 The Leaderboards:


🥇 Ralph Street 123.8 km
🥈James Riley 119.8 km
🥉 Joji Mori 96 km

🥇 Suzy Whatmough 105.1 km (third overall)
🥈 Sally Minchella 97.3 km (fourth overall)
🥉 Wiebke K 63.1 km


🥇 James Riley 4,599 m
🥈 Ralph Street 2,869 m
🥉 James Graham 2,041 m

🥇 Sally Minchella 5,910 m (first overall)
🥈 Suzy Whatmough 3,874 m (third overall)
🥉 Clare Fowler 805 m


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