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Ranelagh Rundown #192 … The Marathon Edition

If the health of a running club was judged by the participation and enthusiasm for big events – the spring marathon season has shown Ranelagh Harriers to be in absolutely fine fettle.. Ranelites have been marathoning all over the globe from Tokyo to Brighton to Rotterdam to Manchester to Paris to Boston to London (to name a few) with the blue and yellow being proudly worn worldwide.

The spring marathon season came to a crescendo on Sunday with the iconic London Marathon. It is our home marathon with an amazing history entwined with Ranelagh Harriers with new history being made every single year. This year saw 35 Ranelites hit the streets with two club stalwarts running with Mike Peace finishing his 43rd consecutive London Marathon along with Narissa “I will NEVER do a marathon” Vox debuting in style. Whilst there were 35 runners today, it felt like the whole running club were either supporting on the streets on London or on the multitude of WhatsApp groups following everybody. What an awesome day for Ranelagh!!!

So let us celebrate the amazing 35 Ranelites who finished the London Marathon today.. Loads of PBs were achieved in perfect marathon conditions.

⭐️🔹Ryan Hogan, 2:27:59
⭐️🔸Allen Whatmough, 2:41:14 (Oz Guest wearing Ranelagh vest so included)
⭐️🔹Gareth Williams, 2:43:42 (after warming up last week with Rotterdam marathon)
⭐️🔸James Whistler, 2:44:39
⭐️🔹Ed Perry, 2:45:18
⭐️🔸Toni Borreda, 2:45:46
⭐️🔹Cordy Parker, 2:51:20 (2nd Claim)
⭐️🔸Andy Starr, 2:53:28
⭐️🔹Sarah Palmer, 2:57:23
⭐️🔸Michael Morris, 2:58:15
⭐️🔹Ross Macdonald, 3:04:40 (perfect 3hrs 5min pacer!)
⭐️🔸Imogen Parker-Elms, 3:04:43
⭐️🔹Clare Fowler, 3:06:20
⭐️🔸Lucy Urbas, 3:09:01
⭐️🔹Paul Murphy, 3:11:40
⭐️🔸Liam Joyce, 3:12:41
⭐️🔹Paul Doyle, 3:19:05
⭐️🔸Lauren Warner, 3:26:54
⭐️🔹Suzy Whatmough, 3:29:44
⭐️🔸Victoria Hart, 3:32:06
⭐️🔹Caroline Heminsley, 3:36:54
⭐️🔸Amrut Sharma, 3:43:19
⭐️🔹Simon Wolnizer, 3:44:29 (2nd claim)
⭐️🔸Malcolm Hunter, 3:46:32
⭐️🔹Melanie Thomas, 3:49:55
⭐️🔸Philip Roberts, 3:58:15
⭐️🔹Ciaran O’donnell, 4:05:46
⭐️🔸Neha Rani, 4:07:14
⭐️🔹Kirsty Steel, 4:18:09 (Virtual)
⭐️🔸Sonia Pham, 4:17:21
⭐️🔹Mike Peace, 4:20:06
⭐️🔸Narissa Vox, 4:48:49
⭐️🔹Shravan Chawla, 4:54:19
⭐️🔸Dick Johnson, 5:03:54
⭐️🔹Margie Harrison, 5:39:01

🔶 Continuing the marathon news……

⭐️🔷 On Monday we saw the 127th running of the Boston Marathon with 4 of the Ranelagh crew flying the club colours..
🔹Callum Campbell – 2:57.11 took club honours
🔸Mike Thomas – 3.09.29 took Adv 2 honours (it is a thing)
🔹 Jarryd Hillhouse – 3.09.34
🔸Alex Ring – 3.23.32

It was a “fun” trip back with their BA A380 being cancelled 45 mins before takeoff leading to chaos.

⭐️🔶 In the Krakow Marathon, Jarryd Hillhouse backed up from Boston 6 days earlier with a 3:39.
Great effort but Jarryd – you can have a weekend off!

⭐️🔷 Good luck to Bruce McLaren and Kris Davidson who today started the Marathon Des Sables in Morocco. You boys will be experiencing very different conditions to today on the streets of London! Good luck over the next 6 days. We will be all following.

⭐️🔶 Finally – good luck for those marathoners still waiting for their spring marathon. Edinburgh marathon is still a month to go so hopefully London provides inspiration

🔷 In other running news……

⭐️🔶 Saturday saw the weekly 9am 5km pilgrimage that is parkrun around the world. Special note to Nick Twomey, Jonathan Smith and Ryan Fisher with wins (I know it is not really a race) and also to Cecily Day for first female at Tooting’s 300th event which pleasingly was also her 300th event.


🥈🥇🥉 The Leaderboards:


🥇Jonathan Moore 120.7km
🥈Ryan Fisher 105.8km
🥉Jarryd Hillhouse 90.2km

🥇Ria Woodfield 69.0km
🥈Suzy Whatmough 68.8km
🥉Sarah Palmer 67.9km


🥇Ralph Street 1,951m
🥈James Graham 1,316m
🥉Eirin McDaid 1,315m

🥇Ria Woodfield 1660m
🥈Sally Minchella 1,098m
🥉V Leaf 554m


📢 📢📢📢 NOTICES 📢📢📢📢

🔶 URGENT: We desperately need more volunteers for the Ranelagh Half Marathon on 7 May, for a variety of duties from 7am onwards. No experience necessary, just your support and commitment. We also have roles for those running, so if you can help, please email Narissa Vox ASAP at


🔷 New Podcast Launch from Ranelagh Members

We are thrilled to announce the launch of The RunAlive Podcast, a new podcast exploring the intersection of running, coaching, and personal growth. Hosted by current Ranelagh member Ed Perry and former member Gary Armstrong, RunAlive seeks to delve deep into this sport we love and explore how it can make you a better person both on and off the road.

The podcast will be launching on April 28th, and we can’t wait for you to hear our first interview with Damian Hall. Across the podcast, we’ll be exploring particular moments of guest’s lives and drawing out lessons that we can all apply in our own lives, whether that’s in our running, at home or at work. Our guests are not all elite runners, but a passion for running is the thread that ties them all together, you might even hear a familiar voice or two! Have a listen to our teaser now, ( and do subscribe or follow, wherever you listen to podcasts, so you don’t miss the first episode in 2 weeks time!

You can also keep in touch with Run Alive on instagram:


🔷 POST MARATHON PARTY! 🔷 23 April from 8pm at the Roebuck: As this update is posted the party is about to start … so get down (or up) to the Roebuck to join the celebrations.


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