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Ranelagh Strava Rundown #191

Marathon running is a journey of self-discovery. The true test is not the race itself, but the months of training and the countless hours of hard work and dedication that lead up to it.” – Eliud Kipchoge

With marathon season in full swing, the excitement is palpable as Ranelites around the world gear up for some of the biggest events of the year. From the Manchester and Rotterdam marathons taking place today, to the Boston Marathon happening tomorrow and of course the London Marathon next weekend, the coming days will see months of training and preparation put to the test. We’re cheering you on every step of the way!

Highlights for this week:

🔷 So first to Manchester, where a quartet of runners look to the Trafford streets. Some metronomic pacing from Josh Charkin (2:56:24) Matt Hirschler (2:57:08), who ran most of the race together, saw them both rewarded with going sub 3 for the first time. Bob Tinsley looked from the splits like he had a painful last quarter of the race but still clung on for 2:58, and Ross Clayton ran his first ever negative split over any distance for a 3:08 – what a day do to it! Congratulations to you all.

🔶 Sticking with Marathons, over in Rotterdam, Gareth Williams stormed to 2:48 with a massive negative split with what is effectively a last long training run before London next weekend – can’t wait to see what happens there!

🔷 Speaking of which, an early best of luck to everyone running Boston tomorrow, have a blast on the hills, and fingers crossed for the last week of tapering for those toeing the line on Blackheath a week today!

🔶 Away from the marathon world (yes, tapering marathoners – that does still exist) Rebecca Bissell and Ann Kearey made the trip out to Buckinghamshire for the 22km Maverick race. By Rebecca’s account it was extremely muddy but she absolutely loved it!

🔷 Further west, Marianne Malam ran the Vale of Glamorgan Coastal Trail Ultra 50km in memory of her dad, and to celebrate her own 50th later on this month – sounds like you absolutely celebrated it in style Marianne, finishing in 7:20. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

🔶 And on the subject of ultras Ian Kenton ran one of the world’s most famous down in SA – the Two Oceans, which he finished in 4:23. In his own words, he went for it, and paid the price in the second half “A world of hell for 15 miles” – but still an amazing experience. We’re a funny old bunch us runners!

🔷 Back in Richmond Park, Saturday afternoon saw the official end of the cross country season for our club with the Clutton Cup: The sun came out to greet 20 stalwart Ranelagh Harriers, although there was still plenty of mud on the course. The cup was won by Ranelagh’s Ever Present Mike Peace, who looked to be on fine form a week before London Marathon. 2nd place went to Sally Bamford, and 3rd to Sue Camp. Fastest lady was Lizzie Broughton and fastest man was Marc Leyshon. Huge thank you to the race organisers and volunteers – a full race report, results & pictures will be published imminently.


🥈🥇🥉 The Leaderboards:


🥇James Ritchie 73 miles
🥈Mark Herbert 71.5 miles
🥉Ryan Fisher 70.0 miles

🥇Sally Minchella 54.3 miles
🥈Suzy Whatmough 52.6 miles
🥉Marianne Malaam 44.3 miles


🥇James Ritchie 7,254 ft
🥈James Graham 6,716 ft
🥉Ralph Street 5,856 ft

🥇Sally Minchella 5,856 ft
🥈Ria. Woodfield 3,041 ft
🥉Lizzie Broughton 2,621 ft

📢 📢📢📢 NOTICES 📢📢📢📢

🔷 New Podcast Launch from Ranelagh Members

We are thrilled to announce the launch of The RunAlive Podcast, a new podcast exploring the intersection of running, coaching, and personal growth. Hosted by current Ranelagh member Ed Perry and former member Gary Armstrong, RunAlive seeks to delve deep into this sport we love and explore how it can make you a better person both on and off the road.

The podcast will be launching on April 28th, and we can’t wait for you to hear our first interview with Damian Hall. Across the podcast, we’ll be exploring particular moments of guest’s lives and drawing out lessons that we can all apply in our own lives, whether that’s in our running, at home or at work. Our guests are not all elite runners, but a passion for running is the thread that ties them all together, you might even hear a familiar voice or two! Have a listen to our teaser now, ( and do subscribe or follow, wherever you listen to podcasts, so you don’t miss the first episode in 2 weeks time!

You can also keep in touch with Run Alive on instagram:


🔶 URGENT: We desperately need more volunteers for the Ranelagh Half Marathon on 7 May, for a variety of duties from 7am onwards. No experience necessary, just your support and commitment. We also have roles for those running, so if you can help, please email Narissa Vox ASAP at


🔷 POST MARATHON PARTY! 🔷 23 April from 8pm at the Roebuck: All – runners and supporters – are welcome for a post London Marathon knees-up (appreciate that might be physically difficult for those who’ve run). A selection of finger food will be available but if you’d like to order a full meal, please get there a little earlier as their kitchen closes at 8pm. Looking forward to seeing you all there – any questions, please contact Mike Peace or Narissa on 07791 081351.


🔶 A short message from James Riley: Some of you may know I’m working with Soar, an online strength & conditioning firm founded by former Olympic coaches Alex and Tom. They’re dedicated to making their knowledge and experience available to all runners, and I’ve chosen to work with them because I really believe in what they’re doing.

Soar is a 12-week personalised S&C plan for just £19. Their free online risk assessment (4 easy at-home tests) identifies your weaknesses in key areas affecting running performance and injury. You then get a personalised report and the right exercises – 3 x 30 min weekly sessions – to target these specifically.

The exercises are simple, can be done at home and won’t leave you with DOMS or tiredness that will affect your running. Over a third of runners get injured annually, mainly due to overuse of a weak area. To me, Soar’s work & experience with elite athletes AND their personalisation, is what sets them apart from others in the market.

I’m currently on week 5 of my plan and really enjoying it. You can find out more at and if you like what you see, you can enjoy 20% off with ‘r2r20’


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