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Ranelagh Strava Rundown #189

Clocks moved forward an hour on the last Sunday of March, in a bid for longer evenings. More daylight hours gives people more time to soak up evening sun. This boosts levels of vitamin D which the body creates from direct sunlight on the skin when outdoors. If the dark winter evenings stop us from going for a run , the extra hour of sunlight might just give us the time to get outside and be more active.

This week we completed together 7671 Kilometres in over 770 activities.

With many races including Baker Cup, 10Ks, Half Marathons and Marathons not only in Richmond and London but across England and Europe, there is no surprises that the hard effort paid off and many PBs and running targets were acheived .

☀️After days of rains and being cloudy, we finally enjoyed a bit of mild weather and sunshine on Monday.

Chris Lepine was the first of Ranelaties to kick off the running at 5:30 am and was followed by Jonathan Moore only few minutes later.

The nice blue sky and increased temperature was the most discussed topic in strava activities on Monday. Lucy Urbas wrote “finally feeling like Spring 🌸🌼” and James Russell went few months further and claimed: “feels like Summer“.
James Riley said: Beaut morning for a run with my training buddy for a week 😍. Shaun Griffith felts his legs are as fresh as Spring. Vierka Lead had decided to have a rest day but the Sun and her Son make her to run.

🌧 Tuesday’s weather and the rest of weekdays was in contrast of Monday. It went Back to rain and grey sky. As Riley argued “getting out beating the worst of rain“.
The good news was that the six week deer cull was over and we were welcomed back to the park for our weekly running.

🔹️An important lesson was learnt by Suzy Whatmough on Wednesday. in her words, ” we currently using the equivalent of 1.6 earth’s to maintain our way of life“. This would be useful to review the “green runner pledges” that was shared on Strava in mid February:

🌳 Avoid flying. Choose races / holidays closer to home, or accessible by bike, bus, train, or car share. If I do fly, make a longer holiday out of it, but still try to keep the number and length of flights to a minimum.
👚 Opt out of race gifts / medals.
👟 Only buy new kit when absolutely necessary, wash kit less, and wear trainers for as long as possible.
🍬 Experiment with race food using re-usable packaging.
🤯 Keep learning and talking about the environmental impact of running and life in general, keep an open mind, and aim for progress, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

🌳 Parkrun
Dave Lawley was the fastest runner in Talkin Tarn Parkrun in 18:18 and Clare Fowler celebrated to be the first female finisher in Wyre Forest after the 30k run the night before.

🏆Baker Cup: Saturday saw many Ranelights gather for the annual Baker Cup Handicap, a much loved fixture in our race calendar. Proving that age is definitely the key to winning, Alan Lang was first across the line, winning the Baker Cup in an impressive time of 34:11. Second (and 1st Lady) was Rachel Revett (elapsed time 36:26, race time 23:46) and 3rd was Hadi Khatamizadeh (elapsed time 36:26, race time 19:39). A cracking club day full of fun & hilarity. You can read the full race report by Race Director, Narissa Vox @

🔶️ Weekend Races:

First let’s start from the closest event to us and just around the corner.
Kew Gardens run festival entertained many of our runners over two days of weekend. On Saturday it was the 10K followed by Half Marathon on Sunday.
On Saturday. Philip Collins was the fastest of Ranelagh representatives and 7th in overall with a new PB in 35:27 , Joe Killip 36:49 was the second Ranelaty, followed by Tom Cameron 37:21 (third). Shaun Griffith recorded a stunning PB in 37:40. Ross Clayton ran it in 37:52, Jonathan Holliday 39:12, Jarryd Hillhouse 49:43 ( 50 minutes pacer), Ricardo Motti 52:27, Katrina Roche 1:14:41, Linda Holloway 1:20:12 and Fiona Jones competed the race in 1:20:59.
On Sunday and in Half Marathon , Antonio Borreda recorded 1:19:22, Malcom Hunter passed the finish line in 1:36:51, Victoria Martin celebrated it in 1:40:55, Kelly Thomas enjoyed gaining her first ever Half Marathon in 2:30:08. Kelly was paced by Narissa Vox 2:30:09. Jackie Dunkley completed in 2:30:13, Victoria Orme did in 2:42:56, Jonathan Holloway finished the race in 2:42:57.

🇫🇷 In a north bending arc of river Seine,Thomas Lahille broke his personal best in 2:49:59 (his target was sub 2:50). Aoife Kilpatrick was out fastest lady who ran it 3:57:22 and Carl Garvey took a 4:32:55 souvenir home,

🔷️ Down in South and next to M23, Kris Davidson raced the Brighton Marathon in 2:59:07, Bruce McLaren in 3:18:09, followed by William Griffin 3:44:18. Jo Moore bagged a new PB in 3:45:52 , Jon Lear 3:57:03 (course pb) , Ciaran O’Donnell 4:06:24 and Candice Goddard acheived in 5:06:43.

♦️ In street of central London and in the only half marathon to go through both the City of London and City of Westminster, Joshua Charkin cruised the race in 1:25:36. Wendy Fisher collected her medal after completing it in 2:49:16.

🔶️ In Czech Republic and its beautiful capital city, Marianne Malam completed the Prague Half Marathon in 1:58:18 (this is the official time and it is believed to be the gun time. Marianne time in Strava is 1hr 51 min).
♦️ In Berkshire, Andy Starr almost met his Reading Half Marathon target in 1:19:29.
🔷️Ignatius Li set a new 10k PB in Battersea park in 38:53 .
🔶️ In East Sussex Nic Douglas recorded a great run in Brighton10k.Nic’s time was 39:08.
♦️ Jarryd Hillhouse ran Southampton marathon in 3:27:19 . It could be a bit better day for Jarryd if his knee hadn’t hassled.

The coming week looks more promising with lots of sunshine, get out and enjoy it


🥈🥇🥉 The Leaderboards:


🥇 James Riley 144.5km
🥈 Ralph Street 137 km
🥉 Ignatius Li 101.4 km

🥇Lucy Urbas 98.3 km
🥈Suzy Whatmough 92.3 km
🥉Cordy Parker 73.3 km


🥇 Ralph Street 2243m
🥈 James Riley 1305m
🥉 James Graham 1171m

🥇 Sally Minchella 2101m (2nd overall)
🥈 Suzy Whatmough 850m
🥉 Kathy Henry 801m


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