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Ranelagh Strava Rundown #176

Snow joke, it’s very cold. Snow bother, the “Troll of Trondheim” has well and truly, descended on us and looks like it’s here to Stay Now. Of course, it didn’t stop you lot going out to break the ice, but a most of you went Hans snow-lo and there are strangely few races to report on this week, snow we’ll keep it short and sweet:

Highlights for this week:

🔷 We suspect it’s not this cold in Malaga. But there were a couple of you who wanted to break free(ze) of the cold and ran the Malaga marathon – and a huge congratulations to Ann Kearey who finished in 4:26, and Eric Fat with 3.41.

🔶 Down in Dulwich there was a heavenly host of Ranelaghs that sprinkled down on parkrun with some glittery performances… James Ritchie snow ploughed his way to sub 20, (nearly sub 19) for the first time post hip op, Mike Thomas slid to a 18:44, Hadi snowballed to a 20:40, Stephen Aikin gritted his was to 21:23, Amrut Sharma jingled to a 21:48, Rachel Revett sleighed a 23:14 and Carol Aikin tobogganed to a 24:50.

🔷 Of course it’s always snowing in Scotland, and, Oh (snow) Plougher of Scotland! Suzy Whatmough made the most of the West Highland way this weekend, running 22 miles of it yesterday in a glistening 4.24.

And with that, I’m off to enjoy a deep-pan-crisp-and-even pizza for dinner. (sorry not sorry)


The Podiums for this week:


🥇Ralph Street 80.4 mi
🥈James Graham 74.9 mi
🥉Carl Selya-Hammer 66.8 mi

🥇Suzy Whatmough 47.7 mi
🥈Sarah Palmer 43.8 mi
🥉Natalie Haarer 40.4 mi


🥇 Ralph Street 9,966ft
🥈 James Graham 8,219ft
🥉 Sujan Shrestha 4,183ft

🥇 Suzy Whatmough 4,226ft (3rd Overall)
🥈 Gillian Sanders 2,190ft
🥉 Lucy Urbas 1,650ft

🔶🔶🔶 London Marathon Club Places 🔷🔷🔷

Ranelagh have been given 2 club entries to next year’s London Marathon on 23rd April. We had hoped for a larger allocation but, having not had any places to give out for the last couple of years, we are grateful nonetheless. Any member who wishes to apply for one of the two places will need to meet one of the following 2 criteria:

1. Has taken part in at least 3 Ranelagh races this year, either Surrey League, mob matches, club handicaps or a combination, OR
2. Has volunteered at a minimum of 3 Ranelagh races this year (either cross country or road events)

To ensure that we give people who have not recently had a chance to run the London Marathon, applicants also need to meet both of the following criteria:

A. Has not taken part in the London Marathon in the last 5 years, AND
B. Has not obtained a championship/Good For Age qualifying time in the last 5 years

One place will be awarded by way of a ballot. The second place will be awarded by the Executive Committee as a “thank you” to a member who also meets the above criteria and who has made a special or significant contribution to the running of the club.

Should you wish to apply, please email by 6pm on Sunday 18th December. Apologies for the short notice but we have not been given much time before the club has to register its entries.

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