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Ranelagh Strava Sonnets #181

Oh runners, blessed with legs of grace and pace,
Who strive with every step to win the race.
Jarryd Hillhouse doth question if his feet
Will bear the heat of his treadmill feat.

Nic Douglas caught the dying sun’s last light,
And Mike Morris home did run with cake in sight.
Garan Jenkins sought a Krispie sortie,
And Wiebke Kortum led the run with glee.

Advanced two ran sessions filled with strife,
And Ed Forbes did a Pete Smith vocal life.
Henry Fagan and Jonathan Smith did show,
With Nick Impey noting weather tops below.

Sergio Stillaci, a good boy, did go,
And Marc Snaith helped Julia reach her goal.
Alun Thomas opened up the door to pain,
While Ted Mockett purchased milk, chocolate stained.

Dave Lawley loved the track, no need to hide,
And Rick Jenner ran with Kipchoge’s easy stride.
Kathy Henry played a playlist, near by theme,
And Cordy Parker deemed tights too warm it seems.

Nic Douglas too thought jackets were too warm,
While Shaun Griffith thought Friday’s run no harm.
Steph Tindall struggled, but pressed on still,
And Pete Vox ran a lunch with effortless thrill.

Tom Sharpe doth think spring’s gentle breeze is near,
And all these runners, now, bring joy and cheer.
With every step they take, they run with pride,
And in this sport, their hearts and souls they bide.

– Sir Justice Rundown


Oh valiant runners, proud and brave in heart,
With tireless strides that ne’er did ever part.
Ranelagh lost a mob match, but Ralph Street took the win,
And Suzy Whatmough first female did begin.

Mike Morris first in Serpentine did place,
With PB and age grading of great pace.
Josh Charkin [18:54], Lucy Urbas [20:04], and Nic Douglas [19:37] too,
Ran parkrun with PB’s in all that they do.

Keeley Phillips ran her 350th with pride,
And Matt Hirschler at Mornington did stride [37:11].
Lexi Slaughter ran her 10k, with grace,
As Jon Holloway, straight from Singapore, kept pace.

Jon Lear ran the Murcia marathon with might,
And Nick Impey [128.4km], Carl Selya-Hammer [122.4km], and Jonathan Moore [120.3km] ran with sight.
Cordy Parker [109.1km], Sarah Palmer [86km], and Lucy Urbas ran [83.1km],
With distances long, and never once to falter or ban.

Ralph Street climbed with steps of 1,563m tall,
Ian Kenton [997m], Ross MacDonald [991m], not so small.
Sally Minchella [1,168m], Suzy Whatmough [629m], and Steph Tindall [595m] too,
Climbed with grace and strength, their aims in view.

Oh runners, may your victories ne’er decay,
And your hard-won glories, forever display.
For each feat achieved, with courage and might,
Is a symbol of your inner strength and light.

– Lord Chatsworth Gosport

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