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Ranelagh Strava Rundown #175

Christmas is only few days away. People appear “nicer” at Xmas because they are trying to pad their egos with appearing to be kinder, more generous, etc. than the person next to them. It’s one thing Strava can count on to increase the number of kindnesses at this time of year.

We all love being admired for an achievement, set a record, or being together. If we are on Strava, then “kudos”. Kudos are argued to make running a social phenomenon, rather than a solitary activity, and it may shift the emphasis from the hardship of a running workout to the social rewards that an activity post on Strava may attract.

So if you missed to give “kudos” to your friends, running mates during the week because you been busy with work, Christmas shopping or parties, here is your chance to know the highlight of this week in our great running club and perhaps admire them for what have ran for.

It was Dull، Grey، Wet and crispy cold.

No wonder why Mike Thomas did his usual Monday evening short run and was thinking of the weather. 4 months left for this weather to go. The day was not Bright for many of us but it was bright for Ruth Gledhill who celebrated her LiRF award with Zwift run. It was even warm and Sunny for Neil Kitching who was feeling landed on the moon while running in Southern coast of Spain.

Football Football ⚽️

Prior to weekly Tuesday nights session، there was a lengthy chat on WhatsApp group’s whether to watch football or run. Shall we run sooner، can we go to a pub and watch it there? Many ran on their own time, some prioritised the game and many weekly running. There was a happy ending for English supporters.

Sarah Palmer bagged a 👑 souvenir in her Mountain run in Germany . Henry Faghan came second in Judge Cup. James Whistler celebrated his 10k PB in 34.48 in Battersea Park, as Clare Fowler set a new 5k PB in 19:17. Nichola Douglas, Kathy Henry and Narissa Vox travelled to Guildford and adventured an evening 10 miles trail in Misty, Muddy and Myopic (obviously DARK) Surrey Hills.

It was cold but perfect for running. Liam Joyce described it “you could not design a more perfect day for running
Michael Morris tasted Madrid hills, Cecily Day started running half past 6 in the morning and ran 6 and half Kilometres🤔 (hope Cecily uses the same logic for evening runs). The Thursdays track greeted Ranelaties in Osterley Sport centre with reversed pyramids session.

Seven Ranelagh Ultra-Marathon Crew decided to have drink on the first Friday of December. James-es Ritchie and Riley, Suzy Whatmough, Bruce McLaren, Gareth Williams, Thomas Lahille and Neil Rae ran just under 70 Kilometres from Haslemere to Twickenham. They rehydrated and celebrated their success in Turks Head Pub. The massive kudos goes to Neil who just finished a Christmas party at 1:00 am on the same day and did his first Ultra-Marathon in 10 years. If anyone would like to join this crew for the next run, please contact Bruce McLaren. Earlier in the morning Henry Fagan finished second in Richmond Schools cross country (2nd silver medal of the week for Henry)

Many of us wake up on Saturday for the love of Parkrun.

Mark Russel was the first Ranelagh member who completed a parkrun when most of us were still in sleep (Hagley Parkrun- New Zealand). Closer to home, and in Vienna, Sarah Palmer continued her journey around the German speaking language countries and crossed the line faster than all other female runners of Donaupark. Natalie Harr was also the fastest female runner in ODP. In Dulwich Park , James Whistler who has been on fire this week, improved his PB and for the first time did in 16:51″. Eirin McDaid was the fastest (well, actually 2nd, behind his dog, Loki) in Tamar Lakes.

Congratulations to Amrut Sharma and Liam Joyce for their respectively 400 and 250th parkrun.

♦️ Osterley Winter10k
In the beautiful grounds of the National Trust Osterley Park and House, number of Ranelagh enjoyed the course
Caril Aikin was the 3rd lady in her age category (52:15) and followd by Sally Bamfore 54:05. Pete Vox smashed his 10k PB (1:08:50). Pete was escorted by Kelly Thomas and his beloved half Narissa who all finished at the same time. Neha Rani celebrated a 10k PB in 49:03. Penny Merrett crossed the finish line in 1:14:12.


🔹The club president (Ted Mocket) finished Weybridge 10k in stunning 34:45.

♦️ In Spain , Valencia Marathon is well-regarded as one of the top marathons in the world. The fast and flat course that winds through the city streets is well-loved by many. This year Nick Twomey, Mark Herbert, Michael Thomas and Jarryd Hillhouse represented the club. Mark broke his marathon PB with 3 minutes and completed the course in 1:45:11, Nick did it in 2:44:42, Michael Morris ran it in 3:08:26 and Jarryd finished in 3:23:18.

💠 Congratulations to Imogen Parker-Elms. Imogen got a PB at the Goodwood Half Marathon – 1:22:21 and second female

🔹This week was nice to have few of our runners back from injuries. Simon Martin, Claire Warner, Gavin Hillhouse and Anna Reichwald continue their recovery and back to running gradually.


The Podiums for this week:


🥇 James Riley 139.5km
🥈 Ralph Street 121.1km
🥉 James Ritchie 110.2km

🥇 Suzy Whatmough 112.8km
🥈 Ruth Gledhill 56.4km
🥉 Cordy Parker 51.4km


🥇Ralph Street 2955m
🥈 James Riley 1361m
🥉 James Ritchie 886m

🥇 Suzy Whatmough 919m
🥈 Emily Jenkins 811m
🥉 Kathy Henry 752m

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