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Ranelagh Strava Rundown #174

Another week, another edition of your weekly Ranelagh Strava rundown 😁.

Now if you’re human, like your rain-shy correspondent here, you might find running at this time of year requires a little more dedication and commitment… something you lot are clearly not lacking in with 715 activities across 5891 km in the past week – what an awesome bunch you are!

But if you’re like me, you might need a little more encouragement – here’s a little reminder of the advantages of running in Autumn:

Better performance
With pleasant cool temperatures 🥶 autumn is great for faster sessions without sweating out of your eyeballs! As brilliantly demonstrated by Rayka Khatamizadeh who smashed Junior Parkrun this morning with a new PB and was clearly looking pumped and ready to go, despite the mud and drizzle of Moormead! Your correspondent also noted Wiebke Kortum smashed the British Masters Road 10m in an excellent 1:14 taking bronze in V50 and Paul Negri on a 80% age grading roll. Well done all! 💪💪💪

😁 Better mood
With shorter daylight hours it’s harder to get our daily dose of sunlight and getting out in the light helps the body produce different types of happiness hormones. As Suzy clearly knew as she noted “Can’t beat a sunny running break from the screen“.

👩‍⚕️😷 Stronger immune system
Running outdoors increases the production of antibodies. Perhaps this is what Andrew Kew was referring to when he described this morning’s run as “Just what the doctor ordered“… 🤔?

🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏁 Racking up the parkruns
Aren’t parkruns great?! Especially when the lure of parkrun milestones and cake is a welcome incentive to get you out of the house on a Saturday morning! As excellently demonstrated by Ted Mockett reaching 250 at Bushy and the merry band who ran with him to celebrate including Bruce who ran his first sub 20 parkrun since 2018 – there’s life in the old boy yet!

🥳 Help recover from excesses of party season
Yes it was the Ranelagh Christmas party last night! A massive thank you to Rebecca and Hadi for organising a great evening. But feeling the after-effects of the festive season needn’t mess with your training plan, as demonstrated by Liam Joyce “sweating out the red wine from his Thanksgiving Feast“, several Ranelites tackling the Kingston Half including Shaun Griffith “feeling rough” but still cracking out 1:28:23 and Nic Douglas “running off a weekend of excess“. And poor Russell Holt’s watch – Hadi noting it must also be hungover after cropping Russell’s alleged 6km run to just 0.01km (we believe you did it Russell, honest…).

🥳 And spare a thought for those with a Birthday at this time of year – it’s a tough time as demonstrated by Jim Graham whose birthday pressie to himself included a lie in which meant he didn’t start his Sunday run until a luxuriant 5:52am and as a special treat included “no pack, no hills and no mud“, just 24km of Richmond’s finest river running! Happy Birthday Jim – we hope your family spoil you more than you spoil yourself! 🎂

Run happy.

The Podiums for this week:


🔹David Criniti 140.6km
🥇 Jim Graham 114.9km
🔹Joji Mori 105.4km
🥈 James Riley 100.5km
🥉 Ralph Street 99.5km

🥇 Suzy Whatmough 69.7km
🥈 Ria Woodfield 61.8km
🥉 Lucy Urbas 57.9km


🥇Ralph Street 2,215m
🔹 David Criniti 1600m
🔹 Joji Mori 1,297m
🥈 Jim Graham 1,087m
🥉 James Riley 928m

🥇 Ria Woodfield 2,018m (🥈overall)
🥈 Suzy Whatmough 583m
🥉 Gillian Sanders 474m

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