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Ranelagh Rundown Rap Chart #169: ‘Rapper’s Despair’

This week ya’ll laced up yo Nikes and ran some Ks. But who cares?

Rather than ya aiight boring Rundown, guest MC Foolish Bandit brings you da Rundown Rap Chart, Sunday 23 October 2022 version. Keep it trill (and, yes, I learned a new word)!

1st (place): Richmond parkrun is Yours (18:03) – Syntax Ed Perry

2nd (place): Beachy Head Ultra State of Mind – Quick Suzy the General (Whatmough)

3 (runners): Fight the Southern XC Relays – Solution Ruth Gledhill, Sally Da Chef (Bamford) and Liz ‘Tha Artist’ Kipling feat. support from Rebecca ‘The Observer’ Bissell

4 (runners returning from injury): Back in the Game – Liam Da Genius (Joyce), Supreme James Russell, Bad Boy John Da Rebel (Cadogan) and Ian ‘Tuff Worlock’ Kenton

5: Enter the Twilight Zone – Jon ‘Mad Wizard’ Lear [Happy birthday Mad Wizard fo sho!]

6: Ain’t WFH just ta Run at Lunch – the Cecily Day Squad

7 (runners): Nuthin’ but a Guernsey parkrun Thang – Crazy Alex the Ruthless (Ring), Claire ‘Intellectual Lover’ Warner, Iconic Phil Andrews, Rachel ‘R Force’ Revett, Fiona the Chemist (Jones), Sue ‘X-pert Overlord’ Camp and Renegade Lloyd Camp

8: D.A.W. (Dreich Autumnal Weather) – Capital Master Shaun S Club a.k.a. Diggy Force (Griffith)

9: The Ironman Returns (Ain’t No Issue) – Boss Jimmy Pisces (Whistler)

10(k): It was a Good Battersea Park 10k (keeping it real with a PB) (33:26) – Georgie B Soul (Bailey)
= Mud and Hills (Beachy Head 10k) – Na Rissa V a.k.a. Smooth Mix feat. Pete ‘Dynamic Ambassador’ Vox and Primetime Heather Martingell

13.1: How I Could Just Run the Kingston Half Marathon – Jarryd J Smooth (Hillhouse), Ill Neil (Rae) vs. Ben Da Menace (Shore)
= In Da Beachy Head Half Marathon – Weikbe Flamez (Kortum)

26.2: Can’t Knock the Abingdon Marathon (popping a PB) (2:40:11 unofficial) – Stealth M Marky a.k.a. Real Smirk (Leyshon)
= Grindin’ the Beachy Head Marathon – Vierka ‘Vizual Samurai’ Leaf, City Ross Clayton, Kool Mikey T (Thomas) and Primo Mike White

26/11 There Ain’t no Party Like the Ranelagh Xmas Party (6:30pm, the Anglers in Teddington) – Rebecca ‘The Observer’ Bissell and InnerCity Hadi Khatamizadeh
[Don’t forget to book yo place and choose yo food at]

100, 350, 400, 450 (be parkrun Milestones) – Kathy the G.O.A.T. (Henry), Alun ‘Ruff Killah’ Thomas, Eliott the Dream (Wells) and Royal Sweet M Mel (Thomas)

The Podiums for this week:


🔹 WestCoast Nick Impey 127.1k
🥇 Brotha Ralphie Es a.k.a. Baron Graves (Street) 119.8k
🔸 Joji the Poet (Mori) 102.8k
🥈 Ignatius the Scientist (Li) 101.6k
🥉 James ‘Annoyin’ Madman’ Graham 98.9k

🥇 Quick Suzy the General (Whatmough) 78.7k
🥈 Liquid Emily Jenkins 70.7k
🥉 Vierka ‘Vizual Samurai’ Leaf 66.1k


🥇 Brotha Ralphie Es a.k.a. Baron Graves (Street) 2,802m
🥈 James ‘Annoyin’ Madman’ Graham 1,828m
🔹 Rapmaster Sujan Es (Shrestha) 1,748m
🔸 Entourage Carl Selya-Hammer 1,745m
🔹 Joji the Poet (Mori) 1,510m
🥉 Kool Mikey T (Thomas) 1,252m

🥇 Vierka ‘Vizual Samurai’ Leaf 1,864m (overall 🥈)
🥈 Quick Suzy the General (Whatmough) 1,654m
🥉 Liquid Emily Jenkins 937m

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Primo Mike White illin’ in da crib
Rebels without a Pause at the Surrey XC Relays
Da Beachy Head Crew

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