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Ranelagh Rundown #168

Well well well, what a lot of running you got up to the last two days my dear cabbages! It seemed like half the club turned out for the Surrey league on Saturday and the other half for the Cabbage patch on Sunday! Some of you went the whole parsnip and turned out for both – bravo what a fruitful harvest season we have in front of us! I’ve done my best to call out everyone involved below – but I’m sure to have missed someone, so do let me know in the comments!

The Highlights of the week:

🔷 So let us first turn out attentions to Effingham where the long awaited Surrey League XC returned at last! The women’s team were competing in division 1, over what was (officially or unofficially – we’re not sure) the shortest course ever, at a smidge over 3 miles. Nonetheless the A team came home an excellent 6th overall. Making up the teams were; new-to-the-club Imogen Parker-Elms who led the team home in 19:16 and came second U20, Lizzie Broughton, Sarah Palmer, Suzy Whatmough, Cecily Day, Natalie Haarer, Nicola Douglas, Clare Fowler, and Ruth Gledhill (6th V60). Down at Reigate Priory the Men’s teams were competing in Division two this year, and the A team come in second this week, but closed out the first 10 in the scoring team within the top 44, which truly shows the strength in depth the club has. Leading the team home were Mark Leyshon in 30:35 for 14th and 3rd V40, followed by Ted Mockett, Dave Lawley, Ross MacDonald, Josh Reed, Thomas Lahille, Mark Herbert, David Ready, Henry Fagan (3rd U20) Carl Assmundsson, Chris Lepine (3rd V50) Tom Cameron, Jonathan Smith, Ed Forbes, Shaun Griffith, Michael Everard, Mike Thomas and Neil Rae. By all accounts it was great to get back to competing in the XC leagues, and here’s hoping for a bit more mud next time out!

🔶 And so to this morning where the club turned out en masse to run, support and volunteer at the Cabbage Patch 10 🥬.

The stand out performance of the day must go to John Shaw, who was third V60 in 1:04:17, with an age graded performance of 86.5 – absolutely remarkable performance John. Also running were (deep breath…) Nick Twomey, Michael Morris, Sarah Palmer, Stewart Stanton, Lizzie Broughton, Neil Kitching, Hadi Khatamizadeh, Mick Lane, Jarryd Hillhouse, Chris Cameron, Richard Willoughby, Alex Ring, Daragh Fagan, Marcus Atkins, Sally Minchella, Philip Card, Philip Andrews, William Griffin, Stephen Aikin Amrut Sharma, Paul Wapshott, Stephen Hurton, Rue Turner, Aoife Kilpartick, Lauren Warner, Rachel Smith, Maia Rushby, Ben Johnson, Andy Griffin, Daniel Chichi, Libby Griffiths, Victoria Hart, John Hobson, Andrew Kew, Rachel Revett, Ann Kearey, Karl Garvey, Carol Aikin, Kathy Henry, Joanne Marshall, Sue Camp, Lloyd Camp, Eleanor Broughton, Claire Warner, Ian Harrison, Narissa Vox, Kelly Thomas (with a 14 minute PB), Jackie Dunkley, Bronwen Northmore, Alan Meaden, Penny Merrett, Wendy Fisher, Katrina Roche, and Charlie Harrison.

🔷 Such was the strength in depth of the club turn out at the first two events that our 100 milers only get third billing this week, but James Riley, Gareth Williams and Bruce McClaren took on the Autumn 100 this weekend. James came 5th in an astonishing time of 16 hours 10 mins and described it as “properly hard”! Bruce and Gareth came 32nd and 33rd, and both concurred with James’ assessment of the toughness of the course. Just to set the context a little; the course has 4 legs, and each leg emanates in a slightly different direction in 4 mind-deconstructing 25 mile out-and-backs, all coming back to the centre before setting off again for the next. Knowing what it takes to make it through just a little more than one of those legs, we’re in awe of the physical and mental strength it must have taken you all. Congratulations!

🔶 We know this is a running club, but occasionally other sports are covered – and so we’d be remiss to miss mentioning James Whistler’s Ironman performance in Cascais, Portugal this weekend. He completing the whole thing in 11:13. Swim: 1:10, Bike: 5:58 and Run: 3:50. In the words of the man himself: “by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done”. Huge congrats – the only question remains: Where did you get the tattoo?

🔷 In a round up of other events this weekend: Tom Williams ran the Amsterdam marathon in an excellent 3.30, Sue Lear ran the Great South Run in 2.01 in preparation for the NYC marathon, Jon Lear ran a PB at the same race, which gives him best times this year from every distance between 1 mile and the marathon. That’s deserves some kind of award 🥇! Alice Patterson zoomed round the Bath Half in 1:47 and Eric Fat had a great run at the Wimbledon Common Half Marathon, finishing in 1:44

🔶 Last but not least, we’re all overjoyed to see he first tentative returns from injury this week from Simon Martin, Liam Joyce, and Steph Tindall after long and frustrating lay offs for all of you. Keep taking it easy – and can’t wait to see you all back fighting fit in short order. 💛💙


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The Podiums for this week:


🥇 James Riley 119.7 miles
🥈 Gareth Williams 112.7 miles
🥉 Bruce McLaren 98.8 miles

🥇 Ann Kearey 38.2 miles
🥈 Michelle Beaumont 34.4 miles
🥉 Sue Lear 32.1 miles


🥇 James Riley 5,564 ft
🥈 James Graham 4,843 ft
🥉 Bruce McLaren 4,754 ft

🥇 Ria Woodfield 2,526 ft
🥈 Gillian Saunders 1,390 ft
🥉 Bronwen Northmore 922 ft

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