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Ranelagh Rundown #166

The marathon edition (+ a few speedy 5k’s)

Well done to everyone running this week, bringing us to a grand total of 6,291 km, including 25 marathon distance runs 👏💙💛


🔷 I’ll start with the main event of the weekend – the London Marathon. Well done to everyone taking part! It was inspiring to see you all out there, whether persevering to get a personal best, or a recent best, or just trying to get to the finish in one piece, hopefully enjoying the crowd support as you went. A huge congratulations to our finishers…

⭐️🔹Nick Twomey, 2:40:23
⭐️🔸James Riley, 2:41:37
⭐️🔹Andy Starr, 2:45:29
⭐️🔸Gareth Williams, 2:48:12
⭐️🔹Ed Perry, 2:52:10
⭐️🔸Toni Borreda, 2:53:22
⭐️🔹Adrian Kerr, 3:05:02
⭐️🔸Nick Wright, who ran the virtual event, 3:06:39
⭐️🔹 Clare Fowler, 3:08:55 (and a PB 🎉)
⭐️🔸Paul Doyle, 3:10:51
⭐️🔹David Ready 3:11:50
⭐️🔸Martin Halvey, 3:12:10
⭐️🔹Ryan Hogan, 3:12:42
⭐️🔸Logan Jory, 3:14:10
⭐️🔹James Ritchie, 3:17:27
⭐️🔸Bruce McLaren, 3:27:53
⭐️🔹Lauren Warner, 3:33:22 (and a PB 🎉)
⭐️🔸Jon Lear, 3:52:05
⭐️🔹Neha Rani, 3:54:54 (and a PB 🎉)
⭐️🔸Rue Turner, 3:57:53
⭐️🔹Alex Ring, guide running for Tom, 4:09:52
⭐️🔸Paul Gilbert, 4:17:54
⭐️🔹Ian Keith, 4:34:12
⭐️🔸Toby Cooper, running the virtual event, choosing a route along the north downs way with 1,598m elevation, 4:44:47
⭐️🔹Mike Peace, our favourite ever present, 4:55:53
⭐️🔸Andrew Kew, 5:36:07
⭐️🔹Jackie Dunkley, 5:41:55
⭐️🔸Roger Wallace, guided by Colin Brett, 5:52:17

Well done also to the speedy juniors in the mini marathon taking place on Saturday:

💫🔸 Campbell McLaren, 9:51
💫🔹 Siena Lepine, 10:24
💫🔸 Maya Lepine, 10:36

🔶 In other marathon news, we had…

⭐️🔹Mark Herbert running the Loch Ness Marathon in a PB of 2:48:06.
⭐️🔸 Pete Smith running the Melbourne marathon in 3:12:36.

Top work both 👏

🔷 Parkrun this week saw two hard earned PBs at Kingston – Kelly Thomas (31:08) and Pete Vox (31:53). Ruth Gledhill continues her trend of PBs with a 28:08 at Old Deer Park. Hadi Khatamizadeh earned himself a course PB at Richmond in 20:36.

🔶 We also saw some impressive 5ks from you at this week’s Thursday night track training in Osterley. Henry Fagan, continuing to get faster and faster, ran a PB of 15:29. Natalie Haarer ran her fastest time since uni in 19:42, and Clare Day went sub 25 for the second time ever, running her fastest 5k since 2018 in a time of 24:56. Not bad for a Thursday evening training session 👏

🔷 Last but not least, well done to Shaun Griffith who ran the Cardiff Half Marathon in a time of 1:27:13 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿💥

🔷 🔶 🔷 🔶


🥬 The Stragglers are hosting a Q&A with Richard Nerurkar this Wednesday 5th October at 7pm at the Cabbage Patch pub. Richard set the course record for the Cabbage Patch 10 miler in 1993, a record which still stands today. Entry is free, just add your name to the sign up sheet if you’d like to join. More info here –

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🥇 Nick Impey 127.97km
🥈 Jonathan Moore 120.52km
🥉 Ignatius Li 105.34km

🥇Lauren Warner 69.3km
🥈Suzy Whatmough 69km
🥉Neha Rani 60.5km


🥇 Toby Cooper 1,745m
🥈Sujan Shrestha 1,496m
🥉Ralph Street 1,153m

🥇 Ria Woodfield 875m
🥈 Suzy Whatmough 840m
🥉 Vierka Leaf 744m

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Clare Fowler running brilliantly for a PB in London


James Ritchie running a course PB at London, breaking his best time from 26 years ago 💥


Jon Lear raising money for charity at the London Marathon (that’s why I didn’t spot you Jon!)


Andy Starr also raising money for charity, and modelling his two new medals (one for finishing, and one for being a fast vet finisher)

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