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Ranelagh Rundown #165

“Hope” is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops — at all –

So begins American poet Emily Dickinson’s ‘Hope is a thing with feathers’ (1891) – a lyrical reminder that hope is something that lives within us all, singing in encouragement especially during times of tribulation and change.

And change has certainly been present in our week’s theme, starting with the most royal of farewells to HM Queen Elizabeth II, as she was laid to rest on Monday at St George’s Chapel in Windsor; witnessed by millions who came together to mourn her passing. A truly sad time for our nation, and the end of a royal era.

Yet from sombre beginnings, our week ends with the ‘hope’ that seemingly impossible boundaries are there to be pushed; and this was never more apparent when Eliud Kipchoge won the Berlin Marathon, breaking his own world record in an extraordinary time of 2:01:09.

Here he is in his own words, ‘Limits are there to be broken. By you and me together. I can say that I am beyond happy today that the official world record is once again faster. Thank you to all the runners in the world that inspire me every day to push myself.

Utterly inspirational. And many of you have been both inspired, and inspiring, in equal measure, showcasing some amazing efforts; reflected in a respectable (especially as the days are growing shorter) club total of 6,649 km over 715 activities.

Right, let’s see what you’ve all been up to…


🔷 With the State Funeral taking place, Monday’s Strava logs had a distinctly royal theme: from Neil Rae’s ‘collection of royal roads’, to Mark Herbert’s ‘run to watch the passing procession’, to John Cadogan’s ‘Royal Parks Run’ tribute in Richmond, Home and Bushy, and James Whistler’s ‘Royal Parks run 🖤’. Meanwhile James Ritchie started early with his ‘pre-funeral ODP laps’, Ed Perry ran a succinctly titled, ‘HRH 💐🇬🇧’, as Andy Griffin ran a ‘Queen’s funeral 5k’ and Katharine Barton shared some pictures of the floral tributes.

🔶 On Tuesday, the heavens opened – an almost biblical downpour, somewhat apt after the events of the previous day. The elements didn’t stop the usual groups gathering in and around Richmond Park for their various training sessions, however. Although kudos must go to Inter 2 for upping the ‘come-train-with-us’ ante with their chip-shop run, leading Suzy Whatmough to jump ship from Adv 2 to join in and Clare Day lamenting about missing out.

🔷 By mid-week, there was a discernible je ne sais quoi in the runs logged, a certain ‘meh’ in the air – understandable given the collective weight of the past week of national mourning. Clearly a few were tapering ahead of their weekend’s efforts, as well as the following Sunday’s much anticipated London Marathon but entries were becoming slightly mystifying: Rue Turner ran a cryptic ‘the last longest short one’ 🤷, Ed Perry stated, ‘when Jimmy says faster, one obeys’ 🤷 🤷, while Vierka Leaf negotiated ‘60+ spatially unaware teenagers on the tow path’ 🤷 🤷 🤷

🔶 Elsewhere Shaun Griffith was ‘trying to raise (his) enthusiasm’, Lauren Warner narrowly escaped running with her ‘shorts on inside out’, Suzy Whatmough claimed, ‘running on flat is hard’, while Kathy Henry wondered aloud how much ‘fun’ Berlin Marathon would be having only just completed ‘2 runs in the last 4 weeks’. Even the seemingly invincible Bruce McLaren stated, ‘not feeling it today – abandon ship’. By Friday, Ellen Clague had pretty much summed up the collective mood with her aptly titled run ‘TGIF’.

🔷 But talk about saving it for the weekend – gosh, you guys smashed it. In parkrun-land, the podium places were numerous: at Bushy, Joe Gomes placed 1st (16:41) while Charlie Brook took 3rd (17:01); at Bedfont Lakes, Natalie Haarer was 1st lady (20:57); at Frimley Lodge, Nick Twomey was 1st (16:52); at Old Deer Park, Philip Collins took 2nd (18:14); at Kingston Nick Wright came 2nd (17:47), while Nicola Douglas took 1st lady (20:45); at Crane Park, Melanie Thomas nabbed 1st lady (23:54); at Osterley, David Lawley came 3rd (18:04); and at Hazelwood, Marc Leyshon placed 1st (17:31). Parkrun PBs were also in full bloom – shout out to Hadi Khatamizadeh (19:00), Pete Vox (32:30), Neha Rani (23:35) and Gordon Whitson (24:01) for their fab efforts.

🔶 Over in Snowdonia, Rundown’s very own James Ritchie, James Riley and Suzy Whatmough were scrabbling, scrambling and clambering about the Welsh mountains, supporting a fellow runner’s Paddy Buckley Round attempt. For those not familiar, the Paddy Buckley Round is a long distance fell running challenge in Snowdonia, a circuit of just over 100km taking in some 47 summits. Not a big deal really, right? Anyway, between them, they paced several legs over 24 hours, racking up some ridiculous distances and ludicrous elevation; while taking it in turn to mind, carry and discourage from eating sheep poo, Rundown’s furry mascot, Magnus Whatmough.

🔷 Closer to home, at the Ealing Half Marathon, 9 Rane-lites made us proud by flying yellow and blue: Jarryd Hillhouse (1:28:37), Thomas Williams (1:31:44), Martin Harris (1:36:08), Hadi Khatamizadeh (1:38:22), Amrut Sharma (1:41:56), Carol Aikin (2:08:08), Janet Turnes (2:10:59), John Herriott (2:19:05) and Michael Osborne (2:17:22). Well done team!

🔶 Even closer to home, like literally round the corner, another gaggle of Rane-lites – Shaun Griffith, Aoife Kilpatrick, Rebecca Bissell, Victoria Martin, Sue Lear, Jon Lear, Michael Morris & Ruth Gledhill – took part in the ever-popular 7.5 mile Beat The Boat #BTB22, an annual grassroots event organised by our very own Andrew Kew. This year’s race being particularly poignant, with all entry fees going to Cancer Research UK, in acknowledgement of the greatly missed Nick Henry.

In closing, shout out to:

💙 James Whistler bolstering European relations by finishing 5th fastest in his age group for the run and placing 17th overall in the European Aquathlon Championships in Bilbao.
💛 Eric Fat and Kathy Henry, running in the same sphere as the great Eliud Kipchoge at the Berlin Marathon, and crossing the line in 03:31:44 and 04:16:53 respectively.
💙 Mick Lane and Dave Kew completing the Bristol 10k in 00:40:18 and 00:55:25 respectively.
💛 Nick Impey (who clearly doesn’t suffer from jet lag) steering his team (Dulwich Runners) to 2nd place at the 6 Stage Relays in Crystal Palace.
💙 Eirin McDaid for winning the Purple Gecko Events 20km trail Man Up & Down race in a new course record time of 1 hour 29 minutes!

🔷 🔶 🔷 🔶


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The Leaderboards


🥇 Amanda Munro 144.2km
🥈 Suzy Whatmough 69.1km
🥉 Lauren Warner 68.4km

🥇 James Riley 137.3km
🔸 Joji Mori 121.4km
🥈 Jonathan Moore 117.3km
🥉 Ignatius Lee 103.6km


🥇 James Riley 6,825m
🥈 James Ritchie 3,610m
🔹 Joji Mori 1,575m
🥉 Sujan Shrestha 1,227m

🥇 Suzy Whatmough 1,606m (3rd overall)
🥈 Ria Woodfield 1,470m
🥉 Vierka Leaf 694m

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