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Ranelagh Rundown #164

Autumn is fast approaching – days are getting shorter, Jim Graham has started wearing gloves on his early morning runs, and autumn marathon training is peaking. Enjoy tapering all of those preparing for London (+ Mark Herbert for Loch Ness) – we wish you the best of luck!

🔦☔ It’s time again for head torches during Tuesday night training. It seemed that rain jackets were also in order, with “soggy” and “squelchy” common themes in your Strava titles. The next day Josh Reid’s shoes were “still carrying about a litre of water from last night” – though as the King of Trainers James Riley points out, he might want to invest in more than one pair of kicks.

🦌 It’s also the time of year to watch out for the deer in rutting season. Or as James Whistler succinctly puts it – “randy deer alert 🚨”. Meanwhile James Riley reminded us this week how lucky we are to have such a lovely park on our doorsteps noting that he’s “still finding new trails (and deer trods I should probably avoid) after all these years 😍”. In fact, he loves it so much, he ran around it five times on Wednesday, clocking 60k in total, the second longest run this week. Very impressive effort.

⭐ It’s Mike Thomas that takes the accolade for longest run of the week, with his Chiltern’s Wonderland 50 mile race on Saturday. This is a hilly loop around paths, fields and villages in the Chilterns, organised by Centurion Running. Mike writes: “great 50km… managed the next 20km… ground out the last 10km…” Sounds like a tough day, but Mike rallied and finished 31st out of 203 competitors. We note that Mike has now done a 44 mile race and 50 mile race this year, so we look forward to seeing his 100k effort next 👀.

👑 It’s been lovely to see some of you dedicating your activities to mourn and celebrate Queen Elizabeth. Commemorating her were Sue Lear and Candice Goddard on Saturday, and Ann Kearey today, running into town to see the tributes, and Neil Rae noting his weary legs having queued to pay his respects the previous day. Meanwhile Neil Kitching ran 70k this week, recognising 70 years of reign, though I can’t say for sure if this was intentional.

🎉 This weekend also saw our friends in BearCats celebrating their 10th anniversary, including an anniversary run involving Sue and Jon Lear, Candice Goddard, and Alun and Mel Thomas. Congrats BearCats, and keep sending your lovely folk our way!

Aside from Mike’s epic ultra noted above, here’s what’s happened this week in racing:

🔹 It was the Page Cup on Saturday, and Narissa Vox is currently writing one of her brilliant race reports, so there will be more to follow. But in the meantime, congratulations to James Riley who took home the cup 🏆. The top three women in speed order were Lizzie Broughton (32:17 – taking a segment crown off me in the process!), Nicola Douglas (34:40), and Rachel Revett (40:37). For the men, Marc Leyshon (28:25) took the win, followed by James Riley (29:05), and Rich Kimber (30:38).

🔸 Jarryd Hillhouse has a reputation for entering all sorts of races with little encouragement needed, but 4 laps of the Richmond Park parkrun course is stretching the enjoyment of racing even for Jarryd! Nevertheless, he took on this Richmond Park half marathon, sandwiched between Comrades and the Chicago marathon, finishing in a commendable 6th place with a time of 1:32:54.

🔹 Keeley Phillips, also one of our most regular racers, took on the Warhorse 10k this weekend. She finished in 1:03:40 on this “tough hilly and challenging course”. Well done Keeley.

🔸 Over in Austin, USA, Matt Williams and Peter Faull finished in 4th and 5th place in the Livestrong 10k, despite it being “humid AF”. You’re always welcome back to the milder climates of London both of you 😀.

🔹 Meanwhile in parkrun this week, we saw superb performances from Alun Thomas achieving a PB at Hove Promenade in 19:15, Daniel Chiechi running a Kingston PB of 22:23, John Cadogan earning a 20:30 PB also in Kingston, Neil Kitching making a buggy debut in Bushy Park in 21:01, and Anna Minchella running her 10th parkrun and achieving a PB of 34:10 at Old Deer Park, along with brother Sam and Dad James. First finishers this weekend included: Jonathan Smith at Old Deer Park in 17:59, Ryan Fisher at Colney Lane in 18:23, Eirin McDaid at Parke in 18:38, Mark Herbert at Church Mead in 19:09, and Natalie Haarer at Hazelwood in 20:31.

💛 We love to hear about what everyone has been up to. Due to privacy settings, we don’t always see every run. If we’ve missed something, please give a shout out or let us know what you’ve been up to in the comments below. 💙

🔹🔹 The Podiums for this week 🔹🔹

In total we ran 6,633km as a club across 711 activities.


🥇 James Riley 154km
🥈 Carl Selya-Hammer 150km
🥉 James Ritchie 138.3km

🥇 Suzy Whatmough 140.4km (🥉 overall, though Suzy’s watch has been kinder than James’ as they both ran the same routes!)
🥈 Lauren Warner 72.3km
🥉 Neha Rani 68.7km


🥇 James Ritchie 8,815m
🥈 Mike Thomas 1,727m
🥉 Sujan Shrestha 1,360m

🥇 Suzy Whatmough 9,210m (joint 🥇 overall)
🥈 Lauren Warner 729m
🥉 Rebecca Bissell 513m

Suzy and James both did the Trail du Mont Blanc route this week, which accounts for their podium topping positions. Vaughan Ramsay also did the route, but as many of his were walking activities on Strava, he’s not appearing on the podium. Instead, he gets the covering photo of this post 📷

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