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Ranelagh Strava Rundown Week 133

January is often the month for major plans and resolutions, but it is one of the hardest months to convince our body to get out the door. Only 10 days into the month but already you feel your new year enthusiasm waning as you pack away the decorations for another year. Don’t worry, many of us are in the same boat. You have to run through the tough times to really appreciate the good. If you waited until spring to run, you’d miss out on some real magic: watching the days get a little bit longer, and a little bit longer, until your morning runs become stunning sunrise runs or you witness your first post-office-hours sunset of the year. It may seem to be dark for months, but every day we’re gaining a few precious minutes of light – and when you run, you make the most of every one of them. If you need any more advice on this , please feel free to ask‌ Rundown ‘s editor in chef, James Riley, (who is peaking, well according to his Garmin) by running mostly early mornings .

It is always good to hit the roads for running. Yes, speaking of freedom. This week, Julien Holden managed to run, for the first time in the new year, after overcoming the Covid; and Jonathan Moore made his first run since August. We also saw on Sunday Dave Lawley was released to run, after a short stint at home.

However, Monday night was not to the liking of Ed Smith.‌ He was down to the Captain America base layer due to washing backlog.

As the week went on, and despite the fact that the temperature tended to be cold, many of you had many excuses to run. Narissa had a chatty loop on a beautiful crisp and foggy morning. Sally Minchella found it absolutely beautiful morning, Russian roulette on slippy paths. Suzy Whatmough wrote of blue skies and vest weather . Charlie Hyde also spotted misty weather, clear mind

🔷️ As every Saturday morning, for many runners, life begins with running in a parkrun.  This week, Natalie Haarer; Cordelia Parker, Adrienne Badley became the first woman to win respectively in Bedfont Lake, Bushy, and Old Deer parkruns.

🔶️ Alun Thomas was the second finisher in Crane Parkrun as his other half, Melanie Thomas, was the second female, followed by Ann Keary in the 3rd place.

🔷️Nick Wright was the 3rd finisher in Kingston.

🔶️ In Richmond, Margie Harrison crossed a finish line for the 250th time. Well done 👏.

🔷️ Later on Saturday morning and afternoon, the third week of Surrey League was held in Mitcham Common. Ranelagh Harriers participated with both men’s and women’s teams.  The men team finished the 7th.

Ben Anderson  ran it in 29:10, Nick Twomey in 30:41, Joshua Reed in 30:48, Marc Leyshon in 31:04, Ross Macdonald in 31:14, Thomas Lahille in 31:24,James Riley in 31:30, David Ready in 32:12, Jonathan Smith in 32:17, Edward Mockett in 33:12, Chris Levine in 33:15,

James Whistler in 33:22, Mark Herbert in 33:32, Ed Forbes in 34:19, John Shaw in 35:32,Bruce McLaren 38:47 and Ben Shore in 38:53.

🔶️ The ladies team finished 11th. They all were greeted by Marianne Malam’s freshly baked cake after their run.

🔷️ Suzy Whatmough was 17th in 34:23. It was the highest placing as far as she remembers. Stephanie Tindall 28th in 35:04 , Lizzie Broughton 51st in 36:06, Nicola Douglas 75th in 37:41, Cecily Day (whom it wasn’t her day) finished 89th in 38:27, Rebecca Bissell 133rd 41:21, Clare Day 193rd in 48:12 and Sally Bamford 198th in 49:34.

In the Under 15s Siena Lepine ran it in 16:16.

🔷️ Racing this weekend , Will Boss ran Crystal Palace Half Marathon in 2:01:43

🔶️ Jarryd Hillhouse ran Battersea HM in 1:22:49 and smashed his pb by 4 minutes and 10 seconds. Richard Gurd ran it in 1:43:01.

🔷️ Down in Tadworth , the annual hilly 10 miles hosted few of our participants.

Alex Ring completed the race in 1:17:19, Ann Kearey in 1:28:56, Claire Warner in  1:30:15 and Colette Doran in 1:38:20.

🔶️ Artist of week

Nick Impey ran 13k to draw a “Mafioso Machien Gun” and Sue Lear ran a “spooky carrot with Candice”.


The Leaderboards:


🔶️ Ryan Fisher 120.8 km
🥇Nick Impey 120.1km
🥈James Riley 114.4 km
🥉 Neil Rae 96.4 km

🥇 Gillian Sanders 92km
🥈 Suzy Whatmough 78.5 km
🥉 Sally Michella 77.3 km


🔷️ Ryan Fisher 1,648 m
🥇 Ralph Street 1,545m
🔶️ Simon Wolnizer 1,545m
🥈 Mark Herbert 1,320m
🥉  Pat Wright 1,127m

🥇 Suzy Whatmough 1,068m
🥈 Ria Woodfielld  610m
🥉Rebecca Bissell 546m

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