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Ranelagh Strava Rundown Week 132

Thus ends the Sunday of the first proper week of 2022 – and boy, what a week it has been. Reminiscent of the James Webb telescope lighting up the sky ( as it launched on Christmas Day, many of you have kick-started this new running year with unbridled fervour and enthusiasm.

And with a respectable club total of 6,321 km over 710 activities this week, you guys are seriously ON FIRE! But before we head into this week’s highlights, we’d just like to quickly remember that (give or take a day or so):

💙 23 years ago: Jim Peters (born 24 October 1918) sadly passed away. Peters broke the world record for the men’s marathon four times in the 1950s and was the first runner to complete a marathon in under 2 hours 20 minutes.
💛 28 years ago: Kenyan middle-distance runner Faith Kipyegon was born. A 2016 Rio and 2020 Tokyo Olympic champion with the Olympic record at the latter, she has won or finished second in every major championship since she was 20 years old.


🔷 This week started out bright and frosty – which was quite at odds with it being a bank holiday. Ben Shore enjoyed his ‘last run of the holiday’ while Liam Joyce bid ‘goodbye fitness, hello 2022’ as he and Jarryd Hillhouse began their marathon training (Brighton and Paris respectively). Meanwhile Ellie Lawley announced that the ‘detoxing begins 🥵’, Ann Kearey went ‘too far, far too hard!’ on her 25km session, leaving Clare Day to note she really ‘shouldn’t complain – but this feels like a bank holiday too many’. For some of us, there were warmer temperatures: in Palermo, Nick Impey was arguing his case in Italian at track (before remembering he didn’t speak Italian), in Adeje, Henry Fagan found the hills ‘less hilly (but) still hilly’, while in Mallorca, Gillian Sanders patiently waited – with a run of course – for her replacement passport.

🔶 As the week progressed, it became much colder. Jackson Creegan stated it was ‘perfect conditions…for Torvill & Dean ❄️’ and later in the week opted for the ‘treadmill as terrified of my fingers falling off ❄️’, Ted Mockett said it was ‘chilly but nice to be out’ , Jon Lear was ‘Ice Cold in Harrow’, while Toni Borreda’s 🥶🥶 was understandable in any language. James Riley even wore ‘long sleeves and everything’, as Jarryd Hillhouse proclaimed it was ‘grim out there’, Shaun Griffith warned of ⚠️ ICE PATCHES, on the towpath towards Richmond Bridge ⚠️ and Natalie Haarer’s parents commented ‘you look pink, it’s from the cold’. Yet somehow Josh Reed still managed his run in SHORTS, which was, as he said, ‘an interesting choice’. I’m sure it was.

🔷 Yet despite the low temperatures, many of you continued to get out there: Rebecca Northmore ran her ‘first run of 2022’, claiming it’s ‘better late than never, right?!’, Aoife Kilpatrick had a ‘preventative run 🚫 Run vs 🥂’, Wiebke Kortum enjoyed some ‘much needed winter sunshine ☀️’, Sue Lear went ‘exploring new places’ on her 17km effort, Rebecca Bissell had an ‘easy 10 for lunch’ while Kathy Allison Henry discovered a new Strava route, which took her, amongst other places, to ‘the bush in Bedfont where the druggies hangout’. In truth, Ross Clayton summed it all up perfectly by saying, ‘did NOT want to go out but as always, glad I did’. Well said sir.

🔶 By the week’s end, the rain came down, leaving James Whistler ‘slipping and sliding around Marble Hill’ while Rick Jenner opted instead to do his ‘slipping & sliding along the coast path’ in Cornwall. It also made Parkrun very interesting: Kelly Thomas had a ‘very muddy start… and very muddy loop back in Ham Lands’ at Kingston, James Ritchie had a ‘soggy’ run at Shepton Malle,t while Margie Harrison ran a ‘muddy, slippy Old Deer Parkrun’. But the rain and the mud certainly didn’t dampen the speedy efforts at:

💙 Old Deer Park: Henry Fagan came 2nd, Alberton Esguevillas placed 5th while Adrienne Baddeley was the fastest woman, placing 6th overall.
💛 Southhall: Mark Herbert & Jonny Smith came 2nd & 3rd respectively with a mere 9 seconds between them and Clare Fowler was the 2nd fastest woman in 37th overall.
💙 Kingston: Nick Wright placed 3rd and Nicola Douglas was the fastest woman in 21st overall
💛 Crane: Alun Thomas came 4th while Melanie Thomas was the 3rd fastest woman in 30th overall
💙 Bedfont: Natalie Haarer was the fastest woman, placing 9th overall.
💛 Foro Italico (Palermo): Nick Impey placed 1st in a field of SIX athletes. His time was 15:53 (new male record) and the last runner came in approx. 14 minutes later. Kudos to all 4 volunteers for waiting in the rain.

🔷 And there was some racing too! In the senior women’s race at the Middlesex County AA Championships in the Horsenden Hills, Steph Tindall finished 15th in 37:03, Lizzie Broughton came 20th in 37:55, Cecily Day placed 35th in 40:53, Rebecca Bissell came 45th in 42:57, Ann Kearey finished 68th in 47:40, Clare Day placed 85th in 51:48 and Sally Bamford was 88th in 52:22. Together they brought Ranelagh home in 6th place overall. Not to be outdone, our thorn amongst the roses was Mark Herbert who placed 67th (56:22) in the senior men’s race. In his own words: ‘Conditions were (sic) atrocious, love winter xc races. Thank you to Ranelagh members who stayed back for 2 laps to cheer, appreciate the support’. Well done everyone!

🔶 Over in Dorking, the Surrey Cross-country Championships saw our senior men in action over 12.4km: Ross MacDonald was 45th in 49:22, Chris Lepine was 86th in 53:25, Shaun Griffith (making his XC debut) was 101st in 54:37, Neil Rae was 128th in 57:03, Mick Lane was 156th in 59:47 and Richard Willoughby was 162nd in 1:00:21. Suzy Whatmough was 23rd in 38:12 in the senior women’s race (8.4km) while Siena Lepine came 28th in 19:56 in the U15 girls’ race (4.2km). Fabulous effort guys! And kudos to Vaughan Ramsey and Mark Herbert for supporting the team.

🔷 But immense praise must go to Gareth Williams who competed in the Country to Capital 43 mile point-to-point ultra-marathon, starting in Wendover and ending near Paddington. A great mix of country trails and canal towpath, Gareth smashed it in under 6 hours to place 10th overall. What an inspiration!


The Leaderboards:

🥇 Nick Impey 120.2km
🔹 Tom Middleton 148.2km
🥈 Gareth Williams 115.8km
🥉 James Riley 113.8km

🥇 Cordy Parker 98.7km
🥈 Gillian Sanders 97.4km
🥉 Sally Michella 73.4km

🥇 Ralph Street 1,550m
🥈 Gareth Williams 1,503m
🔸 Ryan Fisher 1,197m
🥉 Mark Herbert 1,052m

🥇 Suzy Whatmough 922m
🥈 Gillian Sanders 798m
🥉 Amelia Churnside 777m

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