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Ranelagh Strava Rundown Week 128

It’s December which can mean only one thing… the Ranelagh Festive challenge. And this one’s a doozy! The Rundown boffins have been in the lab for months testing different mathematical formulas until they achieved perfection. Deceptively simple, the idea is to spell out a festive phrase of your choosing in kms or miles during the month of December. Your chosen phrase can be long or short with the position of the letter in the alphabet is the distance you must run to ‘collect’ that letter. Oh, and there’s a bonus multiplier at the Rundown Team’s discretion, so be nice folks. Find out more at

For Michael Morris, December isn’t just about the Festive challenge, it’s also about the Marcothon. A simpler idea than the fiendish Ranelagh challenge, you run everyday in December. Why is it called the Marcothon? You can find out more here or If your running everyday Michael, you may as well spell out festive phrase and kill two turtle doves with one stone.

🔷 As Monday dawned, it turned out at the Ranelagh 10k wasn’t enough for least two of you. Narissa Vox insisted on rerunning the 10k course barely 24 hours on. And not content with a PB and being 3rd Ranelagh home at the 10k, Mark Herbert decided that 4 hard reps of the triangle in Osterley Park was what was required 🥵

🔶 The weather featured prominently throughout the week. Liam Joyce was ‘running in a winter wonderland’ and ‘dancing in the rain’ , Ed Forbes noted the ‘Park beautiful and frosty’ (very poetic, Ed), Nicola Douglas had a ‘snowy start’, Chris Cato has a ‘run in the cold’, Kathy Henry noted the ‘blue sky and fresh air’, Narissa wasn’t ‘feeling it’ apart from the 🥶 that is, Julian Holden noted ‘questa mattina era a po’ scivoloso’ (this morning was a little bit slippery for the non-Italian speakers amongst us), David Ready was ‘cold and tired’, Ralph Street did ‘snowy intervals’ in Norway and Marianne Malam enjoyed the ‘winter sun’.

🔷 Music was also a theme this week, Julian Holden had a run with ‘no title – just words and a tune’, Jess Simpson was powered by her ‘Spotify playlist of the year’ and Jim Graham felt New Long Leg was the perfect soundtrack to a ‘dank pre-dawn shuffle round the burbs’ – teenage angst has paid off well…

🔶 This week’s hidden talent is Jackson Creegan, who revealed his artistic streak this week with the ‘old lady pushing a bag, with a tail’ and ‘lady’s shoe or partial giraffe’ – very abstract. On a similarly artistic vein, Mark Herbert and Sam Dalgleish ran the Hogs Back Road Race, so named as the course looks like a hog, as drawn by Jackson.

🔷Finally, congratulations to Keeley Phillips for her 300th parkrun, to Cordy Parker and Gary Armstrong for their superb PBs at the Weybridge 10k (35:41, 1st female and 33:13, 2nd overall) and Jarryd Hillhouse for his 3:14 PB in the Valencia Marathon.

🔷🔷🔷The Podiums for this week 🔶🔶🔶


🔷 Tom Middleton 140.0km
🥇 Nick Impey 127.9km
🥈 Ralph Street 124.2km
🥉 Jackson Creegan 97.5km

🥇 Gillian Sanders 78.3km
🥈 Rebecca Bissell 69.8km
🥉 Sally Minchella 63.0km


🥇 Ralph Street 2,624m
🔷 Simon Wolnizer 1,203m
🥈 James Riley 968m
🔶Tom Middleton 836m
🥉Jim Graham 800m

🥇 Amelia Churnside 598m
🥈 Ria Woodfield 572m
🥉 Clare Fowler 511m

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