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Ranelagh Strava Rundown Week 127

OMG it’s &^%**$ freezing!!! In just a mere week, winter has well and truly embedded itself, culminating by the weekend in the fury of Storm Arwen. But that hasn’t stopped any of you – oh no, not at all, and that indomitable spirit and tenacity is well and truly reflected in the commendable 5,939 km over 742 activities this week.

Anyway, before we go through the week’s goings-on (which includes some exciting racing at the Ranelagh 10k), we’d just like to share this inspirational quote from the incomparable Jesse Owens, the four-time Olympic gold medallist recognized in his lifetime as “perhaps the greatest and most famous athlete in track and field history”:

“I always loved running… it was something you could do by yourself and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs.”

Says it all really – keep on getting out there and running your hearts out Ranelagh!


🔷 The week started bright and frosty. For Liam Joyce it was just ‘another week, another run’ but Sam Rhodes was determined to ‘have a good week 🏃🏻‍♂️’ as he counted down his 1000 mile target. Meanwhile Sally Minchella was glad she ‘waited for daylight 😍’ so that she could take some cracking photos, Ed Perry enjoyed a ‘beautiful crisp sunrise run 🌅’, Ellie Lawley had ‘a stunning start’, Charlie Harrison had a ‘sunny afternoon leg stretch’ and Verka Leaf enjoyed ‘a beautifully chilly ‘chasing the sun’ run’.

Others took the opportunity to venture further afield with Jackson Creegan ‘cheating on Richmond Park’ in Gunnersbury, Hadi Khatamizadeh enjoying a ‘glorious day for running in Hyde Park’, and Mark Herbert & Vaughan Ramsay completing ‘2 laps of Virginia Water Lake’. Many of you also braved the cold during Tuesday’s training sessions which for Alex R, amongst others, ended in a ‘WD home to defrost’.

🔶 On Thursday, Gareth Williams wished all ‘Happy Turkey Day 🦃’, stating he ‘should have tried some Strava art’ but instead Liam Joyce treated us to some images of ‘Richmond Park in all its glory’. By Friday the changing weather brought its own peculiar dilemmas; Andy Starr ‘wore tights and gloves (then regretted wearing tights and gloves)’ as Richard Runs4Fun 🇬🇧 tried hard ‘to fit in a run between rain showers’, while Ross Mac faced ‘5 miles into Arwen’s face..’ but then enjoyed the ‘last 1200 metres with a tailwind 🙈👍’. Decisions, decision…

🔷 Saturday dawned even colder than imagined but that didn’t faze any of you, especially at Parkrun. Alex R had a ‘Brass Monkeys Parkrun’, David Ready claimed 3rd place at Maesteg Parkrun stating, ‘🥉🥶 Icesteg’, Eirin McDaid ran ‘Exeter parkrun.. in gale force winds 🌬💨🏃🏼‍♂️’, as Paul Negri celebrated being the ‘2nd age-graded male in Baltic conditions!’ up in Edinburgh. Others, like Richard Willoughby, were a little more measured, ‘preserving legs’ for the next day’s Ranelagh 10k. There was also a smattering of Parkrun tourism from Bruce McLaren (Homewood), Hadi Khatamizadeh (Fulham Park), Amanda Munro (Winchester) and James Ritchie (Street).

However, the best reporting by far comes from Edward Forbes: ‘ODP Parkrun ❤️ That was fun. No one fast turned up so group of 8 at front for first lap. Who was cruising, who was bluffing? Pace slowed so I went to front and whittled it down to two of us. Went for 4th gear at the first corner on lap 3 and it wasn’t there, other guy found it and gradually pulled away. Slow motion 5k racing at its best 😆.’

But all is not lost – a quick look at Old Deer Park’s results page places Ed Forbes second to UNKNOWN with no time logged! Which as far as we’re concerned means he’s 1st at ODP this week 👏

🔶 By Sunday, all eyes were on the Ranelagh 10k. Well, almost all. At the Eynsham 10k, Cordy Parker claimed 1st woman & 1st in category (32nd of 517) in 36:55, with THREE Crowns and a best est. 10k to boot, while over at the AVR Half Marathon in Wiltshire, Logan Jory took 29th male & 13th in category (32nd of 268) with a best est. 20k & half marathon effort. Elsewhere Simon Martin completed the Nice-Cannes Marathon in 3:11:27, earning himself a well-deserved GFA time. Great job guys!

And finally, before we go into the Ranelagh 10k, shout out to the following:

🧁 Happy Birthday to Anthony Taylor who celebrated in true Ranelagh fashion with a ‘31km for my 31st’ and Pat Hewlett who celebrated her 85th on Saturday.
🍻 Still on birthdays, kudos to Jarryd Hillhouse whose celebrations were so epic it led to him bailing on Sunday’s Ranelagh 10k. According to those in the know, it all started to go downhill once Toto’s Africa came on, so all together now, ‘Dum de-de-dum de-dum dum dum.. I hear the drums echoing tonight..’
💙 Jess Harbert for her simultaneous 5k & 10k PB!
💪 Henry Fagan for his cracking run at the Judge School relays, placing 2nd in team & individually. Encapsulated superbly by the singular comment of one ‘Lemon Tree’.
👑 Suzy Whatmough who completed the Azores 125 in an astonishing 20:46:27 over two days, claiming a Crown in the process! Well done – what an incredible effort!


🏃🏻‍♀️ Ranelagh Harriers Richmond 10k: Sunday 28 November @ 9am 🏃🏻

Race day dawned bright, crisp and below freezing, proving a challenge to the extremities of the brave individuals tasked with lugging poles, pegs, water, tables, numbers etc, as well as those setting out the course in the wee hours of the morning and those preparing everything over at race HQ.

Hours later, all was in place (well, almost) and after some frantic running around, the RD’s whistle was heard at precisely 9am and some 460+ runners took to the streets and paths of Ham and the surrounding Thames Towpath.

Over two laps they ran their hearts out – some at astonishing pace, others in their own time – but on they went, wending their way through the scenic riverside and trees around Teddington Lock, cheered on by stalwart and irrepressibly optimistic marshals.

For some, time was everything, for others, just completing the course in its entirety was achievement enough. As one athlete stated, it’s the taking part that counts. This was truly a race with purpose, supporting as it did, many worthy causes & aims:

💙 Nick & Kathy Henry as they fundraise for Cancer Research UK,
💧 One Water where sales of their bottled water go towards helping to end global water poverty,
💛 Tribe where sales of their snacks go towards helping to fight modern slavery,
☕️ and backing local business Argonaut Coffee

In total, over 53 volunteers played their part in making the race a success and contributing to a safe, and enjoyable race for all athletes from first to last. The collective enthusiasm from all involved was clear to see and despite the freezing conditions, everyone – athletes and volunteers alike – kept smiling, cheering and passionately supporting each other from race start to race finish.

Shout out to Race Director Ed Perry and his team, who realised this epic achievement with little under 2 months preparation. The race will revert to its usual summer fixture next year, but we will certainly remember the joy of this bright, sunny, freezing November day for a while to come.

Note: ‘Thank you’ drinks for all volunteers will be hosted by Ed on Tuesday 30 November at 8pm in the Roebuck.

📢 Ranelagh placing 📢

🥇 Jonathan Smith 35:07 (14th overall, 8th in category)
🥈 Gareth Williams 35:13 (15th overall, 6th in category)
🥉 Mark Herbert 35:42 (19th overall, 11th in category)

🥇 Gillian Sanders 38:00 (48th overall, 2nd woman, 2nd in category)
🥈 Sarah Palmer 38:14 (56th overall, 4th woman, 1st in category)
🥉 Stephanie Tindall 38:30 (61st overall, 6th woman, 2nd in category)

📢 Special mention 📢

🥇 Under 18 Henry Fagan 37:52 (45th overall, 8th Ranelagh)

Full results available @

👏 PBs & est. best 10k efforts (via Strava) 👏

Gillian Sanders, Gareth Williams, Liam Joyce, Henry Fagan, Sarah Palmer, Cecily Day, Steph Tindall, Richard Willoughby, Mark Herbert, Hadi Khatamizadeh, Liam Griffin, Vaughan Ramsey, Ciaran O’Donnell, Sam Slater, Daragh Fagan, Sally Bamford, Carol Aikin, Dave Kew, Sue Lear, Ellie Lawley and Victoria Orme.

😆 Overheard on Strava 😆

👱‍♀️ Kathy Allison Henry: ‘Thanks to all runners and Ranelagh for your support for Cancer Research and Nick, Maddy and I 💙💛’
🧑 Shaun Griffith: ‘Not the fastest 10km. Maybe 1 too many Guinness the night before 🦡’
🧔 Alex R: ‘I think I just sneaked in under 40 mins 🤞’ followed by Richard Willoughby 👴 commenting, ‘Great run fuelled by 🍺 apparently…’
👦 James Whistler: ‘Love this club! Much better race than expected – must be the power of the yellow shorts!’

The Leaderboards:

🔹 Tom Middleton 136.0km
🥇 Ralph Street 135.0km
🔸 Ryan Fisher 106.0km
🥈 gerry ocall 104.8km
🥉 Nick Impey 115.6km

🥇 Suzy Whatmough 127.8km (2nd overall)
🥈 Gillian Sanders 69.8km
🥉 Narissa Vox 56.2km

🥇 Suzy Whatmough 5,582m
🥈 Ria Woodfield 522m
🥉 Bronwen Northmore 472m

🥇 Ralph Street 3,395m
🔸 Joji Mori 1,922m
🔹 Ryan Fisher 1,071m
🔸 David Criniti 1,048m
🥈 gerry ocall 1,026m
🥉 James Graham 1,003m

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Picture by Sally Minchella

Comment by one ‘Lemon Tree’ on Henry Fagan’s efforts

Picture by Suzy Whatmough

Ranelagh Harriers 10k | Pictures by Liam Joyce, Shaun Griffith & Victoria Orme

july, 2024

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