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Ranelagh Strava Rundown Week 122

It’s been a weekend of excitement on the elite racing front. Saturday saw the announcement that the 2021 Antrim Half Marathon was 54m short. No big deal I hear you say, well sadly it was because that invalidated Yalemzerf Yehualaw’s world record time of 63:44. Roll forward a day and it all became academic as Letesenbet Gidey stormed to 62:50 at today’s Valencia half marathon. If that wasn’t enough excitement, Bashir Abdi won the Rotterdam Marathon in 2:03:35 adding the European record to his Olympic bronze.

🔶 If the pictures are anything to go by, the week dawned brighter for those of you on holiday. Charlie Harrison was enjoying Croatia (and running splits in Split), Katharine Barton was in Greece (I’m not sure whether ‘warm and a bit hilly’ was a positive or a negative) and Jackson Creegan was sunning himself in Barbados. Rundown’s James Ritchie was in Paris on work, but a change is as a good a rest, they say. Why he went to Notre Dame and back with Snails 🐌 is anyone’s guess, or has something been lost in (my amateur) translation. The weekend saw Phil Andrews, Rebecca Bissell, Aoife Kilpatrick, Rachel Revett, Alex Ring and Claire Warner heading to Jersey for a spot of parkrun tourism.

🔷 You don’t have to go too far to enjoy the beauty of nature. Sally Minchella and Suzy Whatmough’s photos bookend a day in Richmond Park. You can also enjoy the wildlife at home, with James Whistler noting it was ‘rutting season 🦌’ and Garan Jenkin watching ‘the deer going crazy’. That said, the days are drawing in – Verka Lafeuille ‘finally found my much-needed head torch again😊’.

🔶 It’s been a week of Delphic runs from Garan, including ‘spaghetti first 🍝, choco after 🍫’ and ‘Dunky 🏀’. Poor Garan was knocked sideways by the flu 💉 on Tuesday and had a ‘low speed wipeout’ on Wednesday. On the subject of accidents, James Graham ‘dropped and bust my phone’ while orienteering at 5:41 am on Sunday! I think there’s a lesson there James…

🔷 Notable firsts of the week include Karima Graham’s first trail run, Maisy Fowler’s first sub 30 parkrun (28:04) and Sarah Palmer’s 18:40 parkrun PB at Gunnersbury! Well done Karima, Maisy and Sarah 👏👏👏

🔶 Congratulations to the women’s teams running the SEAA XC Relays. The Ranelagh A team of Steph Tindall, Suzy Whatmough and Cecily Day came 5th 🎉 and our B team of Carol Aikin, Jo Marshall and Clare Day came 30th! Rumour has it that the men’s team were unable to compete due to concerns about UKA Rule 143 (1) that requires ‘all athletes must wear … shorts which are clean and so designed and worn as not to objectionable, even if wet. Please ensure that your running briefs are of acceptable decency.’

🔷 On the men’s cross country front, Monday saw Marc Snaith’s ‘first day of four week plan to get fit for Surrey League XC’. On Thursday we saw ‘serious stuff’ with ‘6k tempo in the Next%’. Good luck with the crash course Marc!

🔶 Racing this weekend, Ann Kearey completed the Liverpool Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon with Jarryd Hillhouse pacing 45 minutes in the 10k, Fiona Jones ran the Valencia Half, Neil Rae the Kingston Half and Karima Graham the Dorney Lake Half, with Pat Wright running and riding the the Storm the Castle Duathlon.

🔷 Finally, the prize for alliteration of week goes to Sue Lear for ‘Too Tired Too Tempo’!

🔷🔷🔷The Podiums for this week 🔶🔶🔶


🔷 David Criniti 159.4km
🔶 Tom Middleton 182.1km
🔷 Ryan Fisher 112.5km
🥇 Nick Impey 109.8km
🔶 Joji Mori 109.2km
🥈 Simon Martin 102.2km
🔷 Simon Wolnizer 98.5km
🥉 Arben Canolli 79.6km

🥇 Aoife Kilpatrick 69.0km
🥈 Suzy Whatmough 55.0km
🥉 Verka Lafeuille 54.6km


🔷 Simon Wolnizer 1,912m
🔶 Joji Mori 1,847m
🔷 David Criniti 1,527m
🥇 Ralph Street 1,260m
🥈 Gary Armstrong 1,052m
🔶Tom Middleton 938m
🔷 Ryan Fisher 894m
🥉Pat Wright 724m

🥇 Suzy Whatmough 816m (overall 🥉)
🥈 Aoife Kilpatrick 698m
🥉 Sarah Palmer 405m

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woemn’s teams at the SEAA XC Relays

Sally Minchella’s sunrise

Suzy Whatmough’s sunset

june, 2024

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