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Ranelagh Strava Rundown #160

The week in which it rained and no-one could quite believe it!

The Highlights of the week:

🔷 On Tuesday Clare Fowler observed after her session “Not sure what happened but there was some water falling from the sky?!!” We’re all as befuddled as you Clare! Suzy Whatmough thought she found 18 ponds in Richmond Park, but unsurprisingly water is not necessarily a regulation feature of a pond at the moment, so we’re sympathetic to your struggles of identifying them!

🔶 Tuesday night saw the annual running of the Ratchford relay, which has already been superbly written up by Narissa here:

So we won’t say more about it except to add our congratulations to all who took part – sounds like a fabulous event. We also noted that Cecily Day showed excellent commitment to fly over Richmond Park at 7am and run in the relay by 7pm. Perhaps consider a parachute next time?!

🔷 As the week progressed, we all discovered that rain doesn’t necessarily make better running conditions, Narissa Vox noting “Slow and steamy (in the most unsexy way possible)” We all hear you there! Sally Minchella wowed us all with her pics from the Lake District for most of the week, but even up there the rain returned “More Typical Lake District Weather Resumed

🔶 One thing is certain though, the weather doesn’t stop you at all, and on Thursday night Cordy Parker set a 3000m PB of 9.53 at Aldershot. Absolutely flying.

🔷 On to the weekend’s exploits and of course parkrun featured highly for many of you. Of particular note though was Sarah Palmers’ 18.17 at Bushy, coming home first female. Daragh Fagan ran a PB of 22:01 at Old Deer Park and there was a spot of tourism going on as Fiona Jones and Aoife Kilpatrick ran the Tokoinranta parkrun in Helsinki. We’re glad we just had to spell it and not say it!

🔶 Elsewhere, Jarryd Hillhouse took on the Battersea Park 10k at Comrades pace. And Chris Lepine did the 5k in 17:39. And Jon Lear, Sue Lear, and Candice Goddard ran the Running Tribe Half Marathon, with Jon coming second!

🔷 Of course the event not to be missed this weekend was Dave’s Crazy Track meet which featured fun and athletic prowess and achievement for all the family. More details to follow but by all reports it was another fantastic event.


Don’t forget to sign up NOW for the Thomas Cup Handicap taking place at 1.30pm on Saturday 3 September. Entry is free but you must register via the Eventbrite link to allow the handicapper time to allocate the handicaps.

Entries will close at 11pm on Wednesday 31 August so please don’t delay:

Please arrive to collect your number at the clubhouse at 12.30pm. We will also be doing our annual club photo at 1pm. We also need marshals & volunteers for this event, so if you can’t run, please contact Andy Bickerstaff at as soon as possible.

The Podiums for this week:


🥇 Jonathan Moore 78.6 miles
🥈 James Riley 77.0 miles
🥉 Ian Kenton 63.5 miles

🥇 Sarah Palmer 55.0 miles
🥈 Suzy Whatmough 51.3 miles
🥉 Rebecca Bissell 49.6 miles


🥇 James Riley 5,642 ft
🥈 Alberto Esguevillas 4,514 ft
🥉 Carl Selya Hammer 4,268 ft

🥇 Ria Woodfield 3,845 ft
🥈 Suzy Whatmough 2,608 ft
🥉 Sue Lear 1,818 ft

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