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Ranelagh Strava Rundown #159

Welcome to another edition of your weekly Ranelagh Strava rundown! There’s so much to inspire and entertain in your combined Strava posts, but with 713 activities across 6507 km it can be a lot to take in! Fear not, we are here to help…

😎 Yes, it was once again rather hot!

Dedicated Ranelites were adapting their plans accordingly, albeit in different ways … In the teachers pet category are Suzy Whatmough doing her homework early and Kathy Henry and Carol Aikin combining forces to get their inters 1 session early – well done ladies! In the other direction, but still getting it done, was Narissa with Sunday’s run on Monday. We totally agree with you Narissa – better later than never! But if you are going to crack on with your run in the heat, we can strongly advocate for a lolly in the middle of a run, as excellently demonstrated by Sue Lear, Candice Goddard and Stacey Mills in the middle of their long run up the River Crane.

At the highly amusing end of the hot runs, we loved Jon Lear’s vindaloo run – “you think you can handle the heat, regret it but power through to prove a point 🥵🔥”. Well done on powering through Jon, we hope you had a nice ice lolly to recover! And of course poor Kelly Thomas, who found this morning’s run “more traumatic than childbirth”. We hope the after effects are more short lived Kelly… 🤔

Spare a thought for those running races this weekend. Neha Rani was out in the wilds of Richmond Savannah for her half marathon. And Shaun Griffith in Kempton park HM who despite “wilting like a Scottish Thistle” did enough in the first few laps for a sub 1:30 – well done on surviving both of you!

And perhaps we can only wonder if the heat had got to James Whistler – who proclaimed Tuesday’s Ranelagh session “beautiful run with a beautiful group”. Perhaps a lie down with a cool towel might be in order?

🏃‍♂️Moving away from the heat and on to celebrity spotting, we admire Henry Fagan’s enthusiasm for his “best run ever” after bumping into Grant Fisher, Woody Kincaid, Josh Thompson and ran with them for half a mile, “wow”. In case, like your correspondent, you didn’t know who they are, they appear to be elite middle distance runners from Bowerman Track Club in the US. Did that help? (Me neither! I will live on in ignorance!)

🏃‍♀️Congratulations Aoife Kilpatrick on being the 1st lady in the half marathon quadrathon festival (4 half marathons in 4 days) – excellent result 🎉 (and we were impressed with your bonus parkrun too!). Also smashing out 4 HMs closer to home was Rebecca Bissell – well done this lady! Your correspondent noted 2 of which were in Surrey hills, not shying away from elevation 💪, an impressive way to top the overall distance leaderboard (and might have topped out the elevation on another week, but not this week – more below!) Though while your correspondent understands ‘airplane arms’, she was perplexed by what ‘running like a T-Rex 🦖 being chased by puppies 🐶’ looks like!

⛱️ Yes, we’re in the throws of holiday season, with Ranelites running all over the world including France 🇫🇷 (Marc Leyshon), Rockies 🇺🇲 Matthew Williamson, Italy 🇮🇹 (Amanda Munro), 🇹🇭Thailand (Tris Thornhill) and Turkey 🇹🇷 (Bruce McLaren) plus closer to home in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (Team Fagan) and Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (Team Jim Graham and Team Malam).

🐄🐎🦘 But what interested your correspondent more was the interactions with local wildlife (and their 💩!) … First up is Pete Smith with his kangaroo 🦘 sighting! Next up Clare Fowler being followed by tiny horses in the New Forest (were they actually tiny? perhaps stay away from the New Forest mushrooms next time Clare 😉). Jeremy Conway in county Claire, Ireland with climbs, cows, castles and coastline. But my favourite goes to Nic Douglas – her run must have been really good, because despite accidently packing racing shoes, stepping in cow pat and falling into an electric fence apparently it was “all worth it – stunning!”

🥽 And while this is a running club, your correspondent did note some more unusual activities on Strava this week, from Jim Graham’s coasteering in Wales to Tris Thornhill’s snorkelling in Thailand. Definitely mixing up the cross training there!

🎉 The pick of this week’s notable parkrun successes include Rundown’s own Narissa picking up her 50th parkrun, alongside her running “wife” Kelly. We wish you many more years of parkrun happiness together 👭. Paul Negri achieved his 250th Edinburgh parkrun, achieving an 80%ile age grading in the process 💪. And picking up course PBs this week were Clare Fowler at Old Deer Park and Ed Perry at Richmond parkrun (beating a four year old prior PB). Well done both!

⛰️ And last, but certainly not least, teamwork makes the dream work in classic UK fell rounds! For regular readers of the rundown, you may recall the June edition featuring James Riley’s Bob Graham round. If so, you’ll remember these rounds are a real team effort involving lots of support runners, in James’s case a plentiful supply of Ranelites (Suzy Whatmough, James Ritchie, Rick Jenner, Mark Herbert, Jonny Smith) but also a few Wimbledon Windmilers – Dan and Gaz plus a random runner connected via a Facebook page. Well this weekend, we’ve had three Ranelagh folk doing their bit to help others achieve their UK fell running round goals.

– First up are Suzy and James Ritchie who have been supporting Dan Reynolds on his successful 23hr15 Paddy Buckley round (yes, that’s Dan of Windmilers, they met on James’s Bob Graham…). The Paddy Buckley is the Snowdonia classic round, made up 47 peaks amounting to around 100km and is widely considered to be gnarlier terrain than “the Bob”. Suzy was supporting on leg 3 (36k, 2,500m vert) considered to be the trickiest navigationally and boggiest, though the bogs were less of an issue than the hot temperatures on this particular occasion. James Richie supported the final leg over Snowdon in the dark, though perhaps what might have been even more appreciated was the delivery of water and ice cream part-way through leg 3!

– Next up is James Riley, who this time was supporting a random round while he was up holidaying in the Lakes, covering 2/5 legs amounting to 45k with about 4,000m ascent on a scorcher of a day. Audinga Andruskeviciute, completed her successful round in 23:19, and was congratulated at Moot Hall by none other than Martin Stone (revered in fell running circles for his many long-distance running accomplishments dating back to the 1970s, and more recently for coordinating Killian’s Bob Graham round and having the title of “the keeper of Long Distance Mountain Records in the UK”).
These epic support efforts are very apparent in this week’s elevation leaderboard!

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The Leaderboards


🥇 Rebecca Bissell 118.5km
🥈 Aoife Kilpatrick 94.7km
🥉 Sarah Palmer 88km

🥇 Jonathon Moore 115.8km
🥈 James Riley 113.3km
🔹 Joji Mori 110.5km
🥉 Nick Impey 105.3km


🥇 James Riley 6,778m
🥈 James Ritchie 2,986m
🔹 Joji Mori 2,059m
🥉 Ian Kenton 1,949m

🥇 Suzy Whatmough 3,628m ( 🥈 overall)
🥈 Sally Minchella 2,991m (🥉 overall)
🥉 Rebecca Bissell 1,834m

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