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Ranelagh Strava Rundown #153

This week you fabulous bunch have laced up your trainers for 5,432kms and 663 activities.

But what has motivated you all to get out the door this week?

1. Completing the beginners course 💙 Well done to the all the runners (and leaders / helpers) in their final session’s 5k around Sidmouth Wood. We hope to see you all at a Tuesday club night soon!

2. Relay racing at Epsom and Ewell’s Nonsuch Park Relays 💛 On Tuesday night a speedy bunch headed to Nonsuch Park for Epsom and Ewell’s 3km relays. Ranelagh came home with two wins – the Vets team and the Mixed team 🥇, along with 5th place in the senior men’s category.

3. Beer! 🍻 This week was the Arethusa beer mile special. There was much deliberation about which beer to bring and important “research” being undertaken in the run up to the event. We had a strong contingent from Ranelagh, making up 5 of the top 6 places, following Crispin Allen of the Stragglers (downing Brewdog Hazy Janes), and with Rachel Revett winning it for the ladies (on the Cali Pales) 🙌

4. Chocolate Milk 🧐 Garan Jenkin, our most adventurous Monday runner, kicked the week off in style again. This time on a quest for Co-op Choco. There are easier ways to find Co-op Choco, but definitely not as rewarding as a 33km run around the Surrey Hills. Top effort Gaz!

5. Holiday exploring 🏖 Including James Whistler happening across a nudist beach in Crete, Narissa Vox checking out the sights of Brussels whilst waiting for her teenager to wake up, and Claire Warner playing laser tag in the woods to combine work, play and running on a school trip.

6. Plogging 💚 Kudos to Ralph Street for combining his run with a Sti Cup Clear Up in Oslo.

7. Parkrun 💜 Aoife Kilpatrick started her celebrations with a parkrun at East Grinstead – we hope you had a lovely day! This parkrun also featured the first run from Gav Hillhouse in a while. Great to see you back running Gav. Ed Perry came second at Richmond Park with his best time for 2.5 years, and we had first finishers from David Ready (Hanworth), Natalie Haarer (Bedfont Lakes), Nick Twomey (Frimley Lodge), Adrienne Baddeley (Old Deer Park), and Wiebke Kortum (Kingston).

8. Birthday celebrations 🎂 Continuing her birthday celebrations, Aoife Kilpatrick, along with Ann Kearey, Rachel Revett, Carol Aikin and Rebecca Bissell all did the Lingfield 10 mile race.

8. Racing 💙💛

🔸 Marc Leyshon raced in the JLL Property Duathlon, finishing 6th. “About as expected with no TT bike and a bit of practice. Next time…”. The runs were his strongest legs, coming in 3rd and 2nd on the first and last.

🔹 Down under at the Gold Coast Marathon saw Al Whatmough and Ryan Fisher finishing in 2:46:27 and 2:38:30 respectively. Neither had the races they wanted, but still put in solid efforts. Better luck next time guys 👍 Nick Impey raced the half marathon in a superb time of 69:18, 1 minute faster than when he last raced it in 2019, this time coming first v40.

🔸 Paul Negri smashed out a new PB of 5:55 at the Blast 1 Mile 🥳


Race Results

Epsom and Ewell Nonsuch Park Relays:

The Vets Team:
Dave Lawley – 9:17
Marc Leyshon – 9:24
Ted Mockett – 9:39
Mark Herbert 9:55

The Mixed Team:
Vaughan Ramsey – 11:47
Ed Smith – 10:02
Hadi Khatamizadeh – 11:16
Nicola Douglas – 10:59

The Senior Mens Team:
James Whistler – 9:42
Ed Perry – 9:42
Jarryd Hillhouse – 10:29
Josh Reed – 8:54

The Arethusa “Warm Up” Mile:

Mark Herbert – 2nd – 5:10
Jarryd Hillhouse – 11th – 5:47
Hadi Khatamizadeh – 12th – 5:48 and a PB 🥳
Vaughan Ramsey – 15th – 5:58
Jon Lear – 19th – 6:04 and a PB 🥳
Alex Ring – 22nd – 6:08
Andrew Kew – 34th – 7:03

The Arethusa “Beer” Mile:

Mark Herbert – 2nd – 7:25 – Einstok White Ale
James Ritchie – 3rd – 7:28 – Broken Dream
Jarryd Hillhouse – 4th – 7:31 – Tiny Rebel Club Tropical
Alex Ring – 5th – 7:41 and a PB 🥳 – Brewdog Hazy Jane
Hadi Khatamizadeh- 6th – 7:46 – Counter Culture
Rachel Revett – 1st female and 12th overall – 9:29 – Cali Pale
Vaughan Ramsey – 13th – 9:31 – Brewdog Hazy Jane
Andrew Kew – 17th – 12:25 – Camden x2, Brewdog Punk IPA, Darkness signature brew
Aoife Kilpatrick – 22nd – 16:20 – Brewdog Punk IPA

🏆 Although not on Strava (yet) we’d like congratulate Roger Wallace on his milestone achievement. Roger is a partially sighted runner with a passion for racing, and has completed 400 races since starting running in 2017. Awesome stuff Roger!


The Leaderboards:


🔸Joji Mori 115.1km
🥇Jonathan Moore 112.4km
🔹 Tom Middleton 109.9km
🥈Bruce McLaren 95.1km
🔸 Ryan Fisher 95.0km
🥉Gareth Williams 90.6km

🥇Suzy Whatmough 81.8km
🥈Cordy Parker 80.3km
🥉Amanda Munro 51.3km


🥇Suzy Whatmough 1,784m
🥈Ria Woodfield 1,009m
🥉Aoife Kilpatrick 445m

🔸Joji Mori 1,614m
🥇Bruce McLaren 1,552m
🥈James Ritchie 1,510m
🔹Richard Gurd 1,458m
🥉Gaz Jenkin 1,035m

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Arethusa Beer Mile

East Grinstead Parkrun – Claire Warner, Alex Ring, Rachel Revett, Gav Hillhouse, and Aoife Kilpatrick

Kingston Parkrun – Pete Vox, Ted Mockett, Wiebke Kortum, Verka Lief, and Kelly Thomas

Lingfield 10 – Rebecca Bissell, Ann Kearey, Rachel Revett, Aoife Kilpatrick, and Carol Aikin

Roger Wallace being awarded his trophy by Chris Reid

june, 2024

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