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Ranelagh Strava Rundown #145

It’s been a relatively quiet week in Rundown land bookended by two major events, one globally and one to us Ranelites.

🔹Congratulations to Alun and Mel Thomas, James Whistler and Gareth Williams who tackled the Boston Marathon on Easter Monday. Gareth emerged with a new PB of 2:43:25 and, in a miracle of pacing, ‘Watchless’ Jimmy Whistler ducked under the three-hour mark by a full seven seconds.
🔸 Others taking advantage of the extra day’s holiday, included Stephen and Carol Aikin who, gripped with Baker Cup fever, were busy reccing the course.
🔹 Similarly focused on the mob match vs Thames Hare and Hounds, Tuesday training saw Inters 3 (including Linda Holloway, Fiona Jones, Victoria Orme, SailorBaeJon and Narissa Vox) getting to know the mob match course. Saturday saw further Green Belt Relay excitement in the Lear household with Jon and Sue running leg 6 to go with March’s leg 2.
🔸 On a more frivolous note, Tuesday also saw: Dave Lawley seriously underestimate the size of the Heathrow perimeter – the runway seems so short when you’re on a plane doesn’t it, Dave! And James Ritchie having altercation with a bin lorry after an evening training, sorry drinking, with Hadi Khatamizadeh.
🔹 In possibly the most confusingly run ever, Vaughan Ramsay ran 2.67km titling it ‘Food shopping forgot payment ultra training 😆’ – all I have to say is WTF?!
🔸 On the achievement front, congratulations to Michael Morris for his 11th place in the Three Hills multi-terrain race, Amanda Monro for completing her two year run streak 🎉, Pete Vox for his new 5k PB of 33:20, Henry Fagan for his medal filled day at the races (800m 🥈 in 2:08, 1,500m 🥉4:37 and 4 x 400m 🥈), Pete Smith for the Geelong Half and Linda Holloway, Fiona Jones and Victoria Orme for completing the 10k WOLF (Woods, Obstacles, Lakes and Fields) run, apparently the organisers forgot to mention the mud!
🔹 In a feat of endurance sufficiently special to sit alone (although perhaps your correspondent is biased), Sally Minchella, completed the 3 day Highland Ultra in (the astonishingly sunny) Knoydart, Scotland. She finished the 117km and 4,800m of ascent as 3rd lady in 20 hours 47 minutes, carrying a pack of c6-8kgs with all food and provisions for 3 days, sleeping bag and usual mountain safety kit. You can read all about it here
🔸 We have a new artist is residence, Paul Murphy, who created this wonderful picture I think we’d all agree with Rundown’s James Ritchie, it’s definitely a cannon.
🔹 Finally, Saturday brought the Baker Cup. Kudos to all who ran it and special congratulations to top 3 Mike Peace 🥇, Dave Kew 🥈, Clare Fowler 🥉. After a stewards’ enquiry, the fastest three were confirmed as Marc Leyshon 🥇 (16:55), Mark Herbert🥈 (17:17) and James ‘Mark’ Riley 🥉 (17:45). Fastest lady was Sarah Palmer in 17:57, two seconds ahead of Rundown’s very own Ed Perry making his racing return after months of injuries. Welcome back Ed!
🔸 Following the Baker Cup, there was the traditional awards ceremony, this time, back at the Clubhouse allowing everyone to enjoy the sunshine (see below for the full list of winners).


The Leaderboards:


🔹 Tom Middleton 147.0km
🥇 James Graham 130.7km
🥈 James Riley 118.1km
🥉 Ralph Street 115.6km

🥇 Sally Minchella 117.3km (🥉 overall)
🥈 Suzy Whatmough 90.1km
🥉 Rebecca Bissell 69.1km


🥇 James Graham 3,315m
🥈 Ralph Street 2,335m
🥉 James Riley 2,286m

🥇 Sally Minchella 4,798m (🥇 overall)
🥈 Susan Ritchie 2,100m
🥉 Ria Woodfield 1,092m

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