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Ranelagh Strava Rundown #143

There was a significant reduction in running activities this week. The main reasons could be that it was the school holidays and the fatigue caused by last week’s marathons. There was 593 actives that covered 5419 kilometers.

🔶️ At the beginning of the week, Clare Day welcomed the Easter holidays with run in rain and Suzy Whatmough also ran, carn-ing when it raining
Russell Holt needed some advice to run and test new shoes (speedy or pro), the result of which was determined later in the Brighton marathon.

🔷️ Recovery run, played a significant part of activities this week.
Kris Davidson and Bruce McLaren did the recovery after Ultra Martin. James Riley preferred running with a tight squad and a high heart rate to being at home. Alex Ring recovered on a sandy, rainy and windy beach, while James Ritchie preferring to run to a physiotherapist. Claire Warner was also basically surprised how she was able to only few days earlier when she struggled running 3k.

🔶️On Saturday and Sunday, the 10-and-a-half-kilometer sprint was held in South West.

In the 10 kilometer event on Saturday, Shaun Griffith who just started running 2 years and 2 days ago complete it in 39:51, can’t wait to see more smashing records in the next 2 years. Thomas Cameron 39:54, Ian (Charlie) Harrison 55:45, Lauren Warner warner (43:19, PB) and the 5th lady finisher, Mark Russell 47:36, Maya Rushby 59:40, Ellie Lawley ran it just over 1 hour 1:00:10, Kelly Thomas 1:07:46 (pb, well done Kelly), Narresa Vox 1:07:46 (must have copied from Kelly)
On Sunday and in the Half Marathon event, Neil Rae finished in in 1:35:29
Michael Morris 1:36:13, Debbie Fallon ran 1:52:11, Colette Macdent 2:13:43
and Victoria Orme in 2:30:34,

In the Bedgebury 10k on Saturday, the club president, Ted Mocket finished in 36:28 and in the 2nd place.

🔷️ Parkruns

On Saturday, a group from Ranelaties joined Old Deer Parkruners to pay their respects to Kathy Henry’s husband, Nick, who passed away on Friday. Nick was a dynamic member of the ODP parkrun.

In other Parkruns, Nick Wright won the Kingston , Kris Davison was the fastest in Mount Stuart, and Jonathan Smith finished the first runner in Whinlatter,

Natalie Harr in Bedfont Lake, Claire Warner in Les Dougnes and Nic Douglas in Old Deer Parkrun all were the fastest ladies

♦️ Congralation to Jeremy Day on his 300 and Hadi Khatamizadeh on his 200 parkruns this weekend.

🔶️ The Brighton Marathon was held on Sunday in the south coast‌‌ and was as full of PB as last week
Chris Lepine compete the course in 2:50:51, Liam Joyce ran it in 2:56:16 (pb), Sam Slater celebrated in 3:17:27 (pb), Russell Holt did it in 3:26:13 (pb, hope you are happy with the shoes) and John Lear crossed the finish line in4:03:56.

The Leaderboards:


🥇 Suzy Whatmough 81.90km
🥈 Sally Minchella 80.80 km
🥉 Raha Rani 62.40

🥇 James Graham 116.40 km
🥈 Chris Lepine 99.60 km
🔹 Joji Mori 98.70 km
🥉Samuel Harry 96.6 km


🥇 Sally Minchella 1770m
🥈 Suzy Whatmough 1637m
🥉Ria Woodfield 818m

🥇 James Graham 3222m
🥈 Sujan Shrestha 2015m
🥉 Mark Herbert 1929m

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