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Ranelagh Strava Rundown #141 – it’s taper time

With Manchester and Paris marathons next week, and Brighton and Boston amongst others coming up, the mileage’s coming down. As Neil Rae put it on Monday it’s ‘taper time’.

In keeping with the mileage run (6,210km down from 7,145 last week), this week’s rundown is short and sweet.

🔹 First up, it was sunny this week and yes it was beautiful, but that isn’t enough to get on the Rundown. We want excitement. We want a new zebra crossing on Richmond Bridge (first mentioned by Andrew Kew on Tuesday) and we want migrating toads spotted by Clare Day in Ham.
🔸 Jim Graham’s been at his cryptic best. We’ve had ‘church’ (AKA Petersham Common), ‘skins’ (apparently not him), ‘quacker’ (it’s a goose not a duck, Jim), ‘triffids’ and ‘ needs must’.
🔹 It a similarly Delphic vein, Suzy Whatmough went for a ‘pre-gobble hobble’ – it’s the Ranelagh version of a fasted run. Took me an embarrassing long time to work it out…
🔸 I’m not sure whether Ed Forbes should be applauded or chastised for his ‘recovery from the training I didn’t attend’!
🔹 Thursday saw Eirin McDaid’s first Strava run since early January. Not content with a training run, he followed it up with Tamar Lakes parkrun and the Cardinham Wood 10k. Welcome back Eirin! Keeley Phillips also ran the 10k canicross – Loki’s first!
🔸 The Green Belt Relay is a highlight of many people’s year. None more so than in the Lear household with both Sue and Jon getting in the mood running a recce of stage 20 on Saturday.
🔹 Saturday also saw Chris Lepine run a casual marathon in 3:04. Great running Chris. Let us know if it was a race or just a bit of fun… Clare Fowler run her 200th parkrun. Congratulations Clare! And Sergio Stillaci running his first loop of the Tamsin Trail for a while. Sergio wasn’t a big fan of the new ‘urban’ feel, we guess he means new ‘improved’ paths.
🔸 Finally, congratulations to Ann Kearey, Rebecca Bissell, Alun Thomas, Claire Warner, Daniel Chiechi, Alex Ring and Bob Tinsley for running various distances at the Kingston Spring Raceday. Bob was second in the 8 mile, noting ‘ignore those that say pale ale isn’t the answer to run fast’.


The Leaderboards:


🥇 Nick Impey 120.4km
🥈 Carl Selya-Hammer 116.3km
🥉 Jackson Creegan 109.8km

🥇 Suzy Whatmough 90.0km
🥈 Cordy Parker 74.8km
🥉 Rebecca Bissell 60.9km


🥇 Ralph Street 1,977m
🥈 James Graham 1,837m
🔸 Simon Wolnizer 1,185m
🔹David Criniti 1,127m
🥉 Stephen Logue 825m

🥇 Amelia Churnside 1,207m (3rd overall)
🥈 Suzy Whatmough 898m
🥉 Ria Woodfield 762m

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