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Ranelagh Strava Rundown 131 – NY stats edition 🤓

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A slightly belated Happy New Year to you all! 💙💛 We hope you’ve enjoyed the festive break.

We loved seeing the festive Strava messages from those of you taking part in the Ranelagh Festive Challenge – Ed Forbes’s “Jingle Bells”, and “Good Elf to One and All” from the Rundeers (Narissa Vox, Pete Vox, Kelly Thomas and Suzy Whatmough).

Other fabulously festive runs included Advanced 2’s running pub crawl organised by Simon Martin, whilst there was the usual huge turnout of Ranelites for Christmas Day parkrun in a spectacular range of festive gear.

Over the year it’s been great to see so many of you taking on different challenges and achieving your running related goals…

⭐️ Narissa Vox achieved her goal of running 2021km in 2021, massively upping her weekly distance from previous years (more than 3.5 times what she ran in 2020) and learning the joy of chatty runs with friends.
⭐️ Shaun Griffith seems to have come up just short of his 2021 goal, running 2020.9km. Better luck next year Shaun! Again though a huge increase of 1300km on his 2020 total and including PBs across all distances. We shall expect some big targets to fall in 2022. [STOP PRESS: Shaun confirms that he ran the missing 100m. Target complete ✔️]
⭐️ We’ve seen many stars running far this year – with some seriously impressive 100 mile debuts. Take a bow Jim Graham who won the North Coast 110. Gareth Williams meanwhile sandwiched a victory in the Thames Path Challenge 100km, with some great times in the Thames Path and Autumn 100 mile races. Susan Ritchie finished 6th overall and third fastest VW50 ever in the Thames Path 100 mile. And James Riley meanwhile built up slowly (🤔) with a 2:38 marathon and 50 miles through the Lake District before a scorchingly quick 17h 11 mins for the Autumn 100 mile race, all across successive weekends.
⭐️ This years’ rising stars have included Sarah Palmer, achieving a whole host of PB’s including a superb debut marathon in Manchester (2:59:58), and Steph Tindall who knocked off over half an hour from her previous half marathon time to achieve 85:23 at the Victoria Park half.
⭐️ Young stars – Henry Fagan has come to prominence with some great results in cross-country in the Surrey League and at the London Youth Games at Parliament Hill followed up by a 37:52 Ranelagh 10k. Meanwhile not on Strava yet, but showing great promise (they’ll be overtaking their father soon) have been Siena and Maya Lepine. We look forward to more compelling performances through 2022.
⭐️ And we’ve all taken part in some great events over the year with Dave’s Crazy Track Meet (come on you Blues 💙) and the Ranelagh Festival of Running (go Rebels 💛). With those colours they were fated to win!

Onto the stats – we’ve gone through the Strava history this year to bring you the 2021 club stats, looking at who’s gone the furthest and who’s climbed the highest. (Small print – this data contains only runs that are available for everyone to see, so if you or your run is private it’s not included in these totals. Sorry about that.)

🥇 Nick Impey 5748.2 km
🥈 David Criniti 5262.5 km
🥉 Ryan Fisher 5026.2 km
4️⃣ James Riley 4863.4 km
5️⃣ Gareth Williams 4712.5 km
6️⃣ Joji Mori 4656.4 km
7️⃣ Toni Borreda 4319.0 km
8️⃣ Neil Rae 4314.0 km
9️⃣ Jackson Creegan 4233.2 km
1️⃣0️⃣ Simon Martin 3981.8 km

🥇 Suzy Whatmough 3767.3 km
🥈 Amanda Munro 3122.7 km
🥉 Amelia Churnside 3116.6 km
4️⃣ Cordy Parker 3064.6 km
5️⃣ Rebecca Bissell 2951.3 km
6️⃣ Aoife Kilpatrick 2582.5 km
7️⃣ Sally Minchella 2539.1 km
8️⃣ Natalie Haarer 2404.4 km
9️⃣ Ashleigh Ferris 2281.9 km
1️⃣0️⃣ Ann Kearey 2281.3 km

Together we have run more than 300,000km this year (or 7.5 laps of this planet). (The more nerdy of you will note that this is 60,000km less than last year. But, privacy settings seem to have changed a bit, so we can see only 185 of you (50 down on last year)… on average we’ve put in 100km more each. Well done all and keep up the good work!

Aside from Narissa and Shaun having upped their distance significantly, others putting in a much bigger shift over the year have been Martin Cooper, Arben Canolli, Gaz Jenkin and Owen Delaney. Well done! We’ll hope to see more of the same in 2022.


🥇 Suzy Whatmough 72435 m
🥈 Amelia Churnside 66306 m
🥉 Sally Minchella 48898 m
4️⃣ Susan Ritchie 20579 m
5️⃣ Aoife Kilpatrick 20364 m
6️⃣ Ashleigh Ferris 19219 m
7️⃣ Rebecca Bissell 18891 m
8️⃣ Gillian Sanders 14672 m
9️⃣ Wiebke Kortum 14404 m
1️⃣0️⃣ Narissa Vox 12654 m

🥇 Ralph Street 70268 m
🥈 Simon Wolnizer 61031 m
🥉 Ryan Fisher 53918 m
4️⃣ Joji Mori 52525 m
5️⃣ David Criniti 50133 m
6️⃣ James Graham 44631 m
7️⃣ James Riley 43011 m
8️⃣ Ian Kenton 34114 m
9️⃣ Logan Jory 32839 m
1️⃣0️⃣ James Ritchie 32060 m

As a club, together we’ve climbed 2179km. Again a little down on last year’s 2474 km, but on average we’ve all climbed 1800m more than last year.

In total together we have run for 3 years and 18 days.

All the stats can found here

We hope you will all feel inspired to go out and meet your running goals through 2022. Who knows what hand Covid will deal us in coming months, but what we do know is that as a club we have come together and supported eachother through good times and bad, and long may that continue.

Wishing you all the best of health, happiness and running through 2022. Happy New Year!

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