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Ranelagh Rundown 115

With an astonishing haul of 65 Olympic and 124 Paralympic medals, Tokyo 2020 has certainly given us the thrill and the exhilaration that only an exceptional summer of sport can offer. Speaking at today’s closing ceremony, Andrew Parsons, International Paralympic Committee president, aptly stated, these ‘athletes gave the world confidence, happiness and hope’ and how right he is.

It has been an absolute privilege for us all to bear witness to the dedication, commitment and heart they all bring to their sport. And it is this same dedication, commitment and heart that has been emulated across the board by all of you.

Despite the challenges and the restrictions of the past 18 months, we have all persevered in that which brings us together as a club: running, running and more running (ok, sometimes there’s been the odd bit of walking). While it may not have been to Olympic or Paralympic standard (Gillian Sanders excluded), it’s undeniable that we have thrown ourselves heart and soul into realising our very own summer of sport.

So with an impressive club total of 6439km over 717 activities, let’s see what you’ve been up to this past week but ahead that, here’s a quick throwback to a couple of events:

🔷 Great Lakeland 3 Day: 28th – 30th August 2021
Suzy Whatmough, Michelle Meadows & Alex Axiom participated in this three-day mountain marathon where they walked, ran, hiked and climbed their way around the most spectacular scenery ever, putting Suzy at the top of last week’s elevation leader board (4,172m).

🔶 Ratchford Relay: 17th August 2021
It was great to see so many turn out for the annual Ratchford Relay event in Richmond Park, a women’s only fixture organised by Frances Ratchford (Ranelagh’s first female club president). 9 teams of 3, including juniors and new members ran their hearts out – the fast runner doing 3 X 1k laps, the medium runner doing 2, and the slow runner doing 1 lap. Competition was fierce – but friendly – and after some intense chasing, the winners were Maggie Allen (fast), Ann Kearey (medium) and Amelia Grossman (slow). Well done to everyone who participated!


🔷 It seemed that the obligatory grey-ish weather accompanying this week’s bank holiday start threw some of us. Sam Dalgleish claimed it was ‘Sunday on a Monday’, so Bronwen Northmore and Carol Aikin did their LSRs, but Susan Ritchie somehow ‘got a bit lost’, although that was compensated by amazing pictures of the local wildlife. The grey-ness continued: Ellie Lawley ran to shuffle ‘away the back to work blues’, Sam Rhodes pondered what he was ‘tapering from 😬’, while James Riley claimed a ‘doner kebab for dinner was probably a mistake’. Sadly, a truism we all eventually learn, James dear.

🔶 Yet through the greyness, hope sprung eternal – Bruce McLaren defended Ranelagh honour by winning the Arethusa Beer Mile, with Gareth Williams & James Ritchie coming 4th & 6th respectively. Bruce chose to celebrate this achievement in modest fashion by stating, ‘Arethusa Beer 🍺 Mile – I WON 🏆 🚀🧨🎉🥳’. Thank you, Bruce, yes, we know you did.

🔷 The week then picked up with plenty of racing to occupy us: Ed Smith (34:36 – 5th in category), Rebecca Bissell (39:30 – 3rd in category), Nick Fordham (34:36 – 27th in category), Marie Synnott-Wells (42:25 – 1st in category), Sally Bamford (44:17 – 3rd in category), Carol Aikin (44:56 – 4th in category), Ciaran O’Donnell (47:39 – 10th in category) & Peter Fordham (51:14 – 9th in category) all competed in Race 3 of the Wimbledon Trail Series, while Marc Leyshon (1:16:15 – best est. ½, 20k, 15k & 10mile effort), James Riley (1:16:47 – best est. ½ & 15k effort) & Jon Lear (1:44:56 – best est. ½ effort), finished 5th, 6th & 29th respectively in the Dorney Lake Half Marathon. Fabulous work everyone!

🔶 Saturday saw an epic day of running with PBs and heroic efforts galore. In Parkrun-Land, David Ready (😃🥇first time at the local parkrun) came 1st at HazelWood, Eirin McDaid (not easy with a hangover AND rolling my ankle while warming up 🤕🤦🏼‍♂️) came 4th at Tamar Trails, while Richard Gurd (that felt harder than it should have done) finished 7th in Hanworth. Over at Old Deer Park, Kathy Allison Henry enjoyed her ‘parkrun with my superstar Nick and Nity 🎉’, Pete Vox scored a 35:20 PB, while Clare Fowler heroically and selflessly acted as pace-maker, helping many others to their own PBs. Over at Kingston, James Ritchie produced a speedy ‘parkhobble’ in 27:18 while Hadi Khatamizadeh ran a blistering 20:01 PB, leaving Mr Amrut-I-Used-To-Be-On-Fire-But-Hadi-Stole-My-Thunder-Sharma questioning how this came to be. Inspirational stuff indeed!

🔷 Away from Parkrun-Land, there was EVEN MORE racing. At the Surrey Road Relays, BOTH the men’s team, represented by Gareth Williams, Chris Brown, Mike Thomas, Neil Rae & Dave Lawley, AND the women’s team, represented by Suzy Whatmough, Marie Synnott-Wells, Rachel Revett & Wiebke Kortum (with Rebecca Bissell & Alison Targett running too), placed 13th overall. Elsewhere, Andy Starr ran 10k, cycled a monster 44k and ran a final 5k run to place 129th (2:32:04) in the London Full Duathlon, while James Whistler did similar and MORE at the Box End Triathlon (2:40:31 – 12th in category/116th overall). Meanwhile, Szymon Chojnacki placed 8th (2:53:27 – PB) in the Southampton Marathon, Clare Fowler smashed a new PB (1:32:10 – 2nd in category/98th overall) in the On London Half Marathon, Sarah Palmer ran the Bedford 20 mile (2:18:46 – 2nd in category/18th overall) while Ciaran O’Donnell (56:13), Andrew Brown (1:02:35) & Louise Whapshott (1:15:31) completed the London Summer Run 10k. Fantastic running everyone!

🔶 And if that wasn’t enough excitement for everyone, there was one final event for Ranelights to shine. The Stragglers River Relay is a run over five stages (approx. 26.5 miles) from Boveney to Kingston-upon-Thames. 3 mixed Ranelagh teams of 5 – the Rockets, Rapids & Radicals – started the race, supported by James Ritchie & Narissa Vox as drivers. The Rockets, led out by Steph Tindall, monstered to a cracking start, placing 3rd overall at the handover to Mike Morris. Mike ran his heart out and handed over to Jarryd Hillhouse in 2nd overall. Jarryd gave it his all, passing the mantle over to Phil Andrews in 6th place, who ran valiantly to Vaughan Ramsey in 5th. Vaughan kept a solid run to finish 5th overall, despite the sun, dust, bikes, pedestrians and dogs. The Radicals – Maggie Allen, Carol Aikin, Rebecca Bissell, Suzy Whatmough & Claire Warner – finished 22nd overall, while the Rapids – Aoife Kilpatrick, Ann Kearey, Rachel Revett, Gavin Hillhouse & Sally Bamford – came in 40th overall. A great day of running and a fab day for all.

In closing:

🔹 Shout out to those battling injury and illness – Маrco Perinelli, Ed Perry, Ed Barker, Karima Graham, Kathy Allison Henry and a few others. Get well soon everyone!
🔸 Kudos to those who claimed Crowns – Eirin McDaid, Nick Impey, Sarah Palmer, Ian Kenton, Pat Wright and Sally Minchella (5 crowns!). Amazing effort guys.
🔹 A very happy birthday to Toni Borreda! Feliz cumpleaños!
🔸 And lastly, a fond goodbye to Pete Smith who has re-located to Australia. A few words from those who knew him best, ‘Happy travels to Pete as he heads out to Australia this week to join the antipodean section of the club. Top bloke who will be fondly remembered for both his excellent lockdown-inspired hair growth, excellent Roebuck attendance and for those of us who trained with him in Advanced 1, the ‘effort noises’ that always meant we knew exactly where he was at the end of the final reps of a big session on Riverside Drive. #ifyouknowyouknow’


The Leaderboards:

🥇 Nick Impey 125.9km
🥈 Neil Rae 117.7km
🥉 Carl Selya-Hammer 114.1km

🥇Cordy Parker 77.3km
🥈Natalie Haarer 74.2km
🥉Sarah Palmer 73.1km

🥇 Sergio Stillacci 1,596m
🥈 Jonathan Smith 1,484m
Ryan Fisher 1,265m
Simon Wolnizer 852m
🥉 Stephen Logue 813m

🥇 Amelia Churnside 1,077m
🥈 Suzy Whatmough 1,049m
🥉Susan Ritchie 669m

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Photo by Susan Ritchie

Lakeland 3 day by Suzy Whatmough

Arethusa Beer Mile

Surrey Relay Women’s Team

The Ranelagh Rapids, Rockets & Radicals (+ 2 drivers)

Summer’s evening in Richmond Park – photo by Kelly Thomas

Ratchford Relay Winners! – photo by Carol Aiken

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