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The cross-country season has like everything else been disrupted by COVID for the past couple of years, but Leagues, Mob Matches and Championships all seem to be going ahead this season. The calendar however does look quite different . In mob matches we only raced once before Christmas, and that was in a “special” celebrating South London Harriers’ 150th birthday. We were due to visit Orion at Epping Forest but to accommodate them we had to agree to sharing our visit with one of their major domestic events, the Mercury Cup. This turns out to be over familiar ground in the Forest, but over a longer 10 miles circuit. Saturday 12th February is the date, the start time 2pm.

Orion’s course is many people’s favourite, through a beautiful wintry Epping Forest. As ever with mob matches we need as many runners as we can get if we’re to have a chance of retaining the Harold Lee Cup. Everyone is welcome, male or female, young or old. Register on the day. The Orion clubhouse is in Bury Road, Chingford, with plenty of pay parking available further down Bury Road on Chingford Plain. Venue is flagged here Venue:  Best bet for getting there is often to use the railway. Chingford station is a short walk away.

Hopefully most of you are familiar with mob matches. In brief, it’s two clubs competing against each other. Each club fields as many runners as possible and all count towards the final result. So this is where we send out a plea for everyone to turn out for their club. Here’s a list of the remaining three mobs:

Saturday 12th February away to Orion Harriers at Chingford, Epping Forest

Sunday 13th March away to Blackheath and Bromley HAC at The Warren, Hayes (venue details to follow)

Saturday 30th April at home in Richmond Park to Thames Hare and Hounds


The final race in the Surrey Cross-Country League is on Saturday 19th February and finds both men’s and women’s teams racing on Effingham Common. Everyone who wishes to can take part. Book via Teamer. Our women’s team is in Division 1, running at 2pm. We are not involved with the Division 2 race at 1pm. Here’s the overall timetable – note start times have been changed:

11am       Under 13 Boys

11.30am  Under 13 Girls

12 noon   Under 15 & Under 17 boys

12.30pm  Under 15 & Under 17 girls

1pm         Senior Women Division 2

2pm         Senior Women Division 1

3pm         Senior Men Division 1

Full details of the venue are not yet available. Some info and a map can be found on our website . Check the Surrey League website nearer to race day. or



The road league is in operation again this year after having been struck down by COVID in 2020 and 2021. The general format is unchanged but with one significant difference to the fixtures. In previous years the Wimbledon 5k has been the final race in the calendar, run in mid-August. The organising club Hercules Wimbledon have decided to bring it substantially forward – to Sunday 13th March. It will still be included in the League. The full list is still to be confirmed but is expected to be as follows:

Sunday 13th March  Wimbledon Dash 5km  *                  Details:

Sunday 8th May   Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon  *   Details:

Sunday 15th May  Sutton 10km                                       Details: Sutton 10K [event] (

Sunday 12th June  Dorking 10 miles  *                            Details:

Sunday 26th June   Richmond 10km  *                            Details:

Saturday  16th July   Elmore 7 miles

Sunday  24th July   Elmbridge 10km

Those marked with an asterisk are also Surrey championships, subject to confirmation.



This takes place on Saturday 12th March in Richmond Park. We will need marshals and officials on the day. Volunteers please to Andy Bickerstaff at



SURREY CROSS-COUNTRY LEAGUE DIV 1  Saturday 15th January on Mitcham Common

Senior Women

Mitcham Common provides an interesting rolling course, good for runners and spectators alike. Suzy was our leading finisher with an exceptional finishing  position of 17th. This is probably Suzy’s best ever Division 1 result. Newcomers  Steph Tindall and Lizzie Broughton were next, with Nic Douglas not far behind. Cecily Day was the 5th and final counter for our A team. We closed in in 10th position and overall slipped back to 7th.

Pos       Name          Club   Time     Cat.

1   Sarah Astin        BEL   31.53    SL

17   Suzy Whatmough     RAN   34.23    SL

37   Stephanie Tindall        35.04    SL

53   Lizzie Broughton         36.06    SL

56   Nic Douglas              37.41    L35+

98    Cecily Day               38.27    SL

118   Rebecca Bissell          41.21    L45+

238   Clare Day                48.12    L50+

243   Sally Bamford            49.34    L60+



1  BEL   63          1  BEL  213

2  STR  154          2  G&G  435

3  G&G  156          3  THH  460

4  THH  158          4  C/C  500

3  H/W  170          5  HHH  547

6  C/C  195          6  SLH  554

7  HHH  187          7  RAN  639

8  KEN  188          8  H/W  679

9  SLH  210          9  STR  706

10  RAN  260         10  FUL  756

11  FUL  264         11  KEN  903

12  W/W  326         12  E&E  979

13  E&E  335         13  W/W 1143

14  WOK  367         14  WOK 1469

15  W4H  505         15  W4H 1607


YOUNG ATHLETES (Div 1 Fixture)

1   Orla Carroll      HHH  15.15  U15

23  Siena Lepine      RAN  16.16  U15


Senior Men

Our men’s team was very capably led once again by Ben Anderson in 37th place but we had to wait for Nick Twomey in 79th to lead in the Ranelagh Blue Wave. Next amongst these was Josh Reed, running remarkably well in his first race for some six years. Marc Leyshon and Ross Macdonald followed close at hand, then another newcomer Thomas Lahille followed by James Riley. Newlywed David Ready was our number 8, pursued by Jonathan Smith and Mr President Ted Mockett as our anchor man. Chris Lepine led in our B team after watching daughter Siena finish 23rd in the Under 15 Girls race. Team-wise for the senior men it was a déjà vu. As in the previous fixtures we finished an isolated 8th, well ahead of Fulham but well behind the rest. In the Under 17 boys race Henry Fagan showed continued improvement in 7th place.


Pos       Name             Club         Time    Cat.

1   Andy Coley-Maud   Guildford & G   26.37   SM

37   Ben Anderson      Ranelagh H      29.10   SM

79   Nick Twomey                       30.41   SM

81   Joshua Reed                       30.48   SM

87   Marc Leyshon                      31.04   M40+

89     Ross Macdonald                    31.14   SM

94   Thomas Lahille                    31.24   SM

100   James Riley                       31.30   M40+

117   David Ready                       32.12   SM

119   Jonathan Smith                    32.17   SM

142   Ted Mockett                       33.12   M40+

145   Chris Lepine                      33.15   M50+

147   James Whistler                    33.22   SM

150   Mark Herbert                      33.32   M40+

162   Edward Forbes                     34.19   M40+

164   Andy Starr                        34.23   M45+

168   Marc Snaith                       34.51   M40+

182   John Shaw                         35.32   M60+

211   Ben Shore                         38.53   M40+


 BEL   FUL   G&G   H/W   HHH   KEN   RAN   SLH   THH

1         4    78     1     5    23     3    37    31     2

2         9    79     6     8    33    10    66    42    13

3        12    82     7    11    51    27    67    44    19

4        17    83    15    14    53    32    69    46    24

5        22    84    16    18    54    38    70    50    30

6        26    86    21    20    57    39    72    52    55

7        28    87    25    34    61    40    74    56    65

8        29    88    49    35    62    47    80    71    68

9        36    89    58    43    63    48    81    75    73

10        41    90    59    45    64    60    85    76    77


TOTAL       224   846   257   233   521   344   701   543   426

MATCH POS     1     9     3     2     6     4     8     7     5

B/FWD       688  1585   769   293  1018   692  1260   927   958

LGE TOTAL   912  2431  1026   526  1539  1036  1961  1470  1384

LGE POS       2     9     3     1     7     4     8     6     5


YOUNG ATHLETES (Div 1 Fixture)

1  Oscar Curry         REI  12.42  U17

7  Henry Fagan         RAN  13.28  U17



Two Ranelagh teams lined up at the start of the season in their respective Division 1s but only one will be there next time – probably. With one race to go our women are in 7th place out of fifteen and look safe to remain in the top flight.  Our men however are 8th out of nine and look sure to be one of the two clubs to be relegated to Division 2. It’s not a tragedy! A year in Division 2 often provides just the fillip needed for a good team effort to recover. Don’t forget there are B team competitions too. We need twenty men and ten women to complete full A and B teams.



The South of England Cross-Country Championships were held at Beckenham Place Park on Saturday 29th January.  There was little interest from Ranelagh with only three runners in the women’s race and three in the men’s. First home for us were Suzy Whatmough and Mark Herbert.


Senior Women

Men       Name           Club             Time     Cat.

1  Jess Gibbons       Reading AC        28.16    SL

74  Suzy Whatmough     Ranelagh H        33.29    SL

170  Rebecca Bissell                      37.40    L45+

215  Clare Fowler                         39.23    L40+


Senior Men

Men       Name          Club              Time     Cat.

1  Andy Coley-Maud    Guildford & God.  47.41    SM

261  Mark Herbert       Ranelagh H        59.58    M40+

309  Jonathan Smith                       61.10    SM

453  Neil Rae                             66.09    M50+


🔷🔶 BOX HILL FELL RACE – Saturday January 22nd 🔷🔶

It’s well known that we soft Southerners can’t run up fells, but perhaps the Box Hill race is the nearest we can get. There seems to be an appetite for it as entries are reputed to sell out within hours of opening.  It’s a great race and we enjoyed some success, particularly from Lizzie Broughton who was the third woman home, 74th overall. Also in 3rd place in the M40 class and 15th overall was James Riley.


1    M Nicholls             Kent

15   James Riley            Ranelagh   1:03.20

74   Lizzie Broughton                  1:12.06

87   Gareth Williams                   1:14.03

88   Pat Wright                        1:14.11

113  James Ritchie                     1:20.14

119  Ross Clayton                      1:21.22

131  Bruce McLaren                     1:24.09



In the Tadworth 10 miles on 16th January Ranelagh finishers were: Alex Ring 76.47, Ann Kearey 88.24, Claire Warner 89.42, Colette Doran 97.29, Janet Turnes 110.39 and Tom Reay 126.11… In the Winchester Trail Half Marathon on 23rd January Rebecca Bissell was 5thW40-40 in 1:51.03…Jarryd Hillhouse ran 1:22.49 and Richard Gurd 1:43.01 in the Battersea Park Half Marathon on 15th January…also in Battersea Park on 26th January Roger Wallace ran 60.01 in the Chase the Moon 10k …Roger was in action again with a 63.05 10k in  Brockwell Park 10k on the 30th January, the day after a 10k in Lee Valley in 58.05…the Run Richmond Park Half Marathon on January 23rd saw Thomas Lahille finish 2nd in 1:21.11…In the very hilly Fitstuff Guildford G3 Richard Willoughby finished 33rd in 2:04.30….Mick Lane was once again 2nd M60 in the Last Friday of the Month 5k in Hyde Park. Mick recorded 19.41 while behind him Carol Aikin was 110th in 24.30, Alan Davidson was 146th in 31.54 and Pete Warren was the leading M80 (of 2) in 32.51….Henry Fagan finished 9th in the Middlesex Schools championship…Nick Twomey was third V35 in the Chichester 10k on February 6th a time of 34.38.


THURSDAY NIGHT TRACK TRAINING at Osterley is now in operation again. All welcome, no need to book. See the website for more info.



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There has been talk of introducing a cross-country running event into the winter Olympics schedule. Here’s one of the last such events held in the summer Games of 1924, where the weather was decidedly not wintry! .com/watch?v=N9womQ1xgbQ.

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