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Thanks to our Social Secretaries Rebecca Bissell and Hadi Khatamizadeh for a very enjoyable Christmas Party last weekend.


The goal here is to spell out a festive phrase of your choosing in kms or miles during the month of December.

Your chosen phrase can be as long (Have A Merry Christmas) or as short (Joy) as you like, but be warned, the position of the letter in the alphabet is the distance you must run to ‘collect’ that letter, for example: a = 1 km/mile, b = 2 km/mile, c = 3 km/mile and so on. It’s easy to get started, just decide on your phrase and start running or walking. Tag all your runs/walks on Strava with #RanFestive and keep going until you’ve run your festive greeting.

Once complete, add your entry by 31st December @ The Rundown Elves will then calculate your score based on the distance covered (kms or miles) and a festive multiplier (1 – 5’s). Bonus points will be given for themed Christmassy creativity including festive wear, cheesy ‘elfies and Christmas related road names, locations, routes and segments. The more festive your entry, the more Santas awarded and therefore the higher your score will be. You can decide to do this in teams or on your own  –  it’s entirely up to you but we feel the more the merrier. You can also choose to run, walk or do a combination of both, just as long as your chosen phrase is spelt & collected in order.. If you’re doing this in teams, you can even split the total daily distance between your members – the most important thing is that everyone – friends and family – can join in the festivities and have fun!

So come on, what are you waiting for? You can start by dachshund through the snow, or ho-ho-ho-hoping through the bracken, whatever you decide to do, we know you’ll sleigh it! Just don’t be like the snowman who had to give up running because he couldn’t warm-up. The final day for submission is 31st December and the winning team/ individual will be announced on the 2nd of January.

THURSDAY NIGHT TRACK TRAINING is having a Christmas break and the track at Osterley will be unavailable until January 6th. 

🔷🔶 RANELAGH RICHMOND 10k  28 November at Ham 🔷🔶

Race day dawned bright, crisp and below freezing, proving a challenge to the extremities of the brave individuals tasked with lugging poles, pegs, water, tables, numbers etc, as well as those setting out the course in the wee hours of the morning and those preparing everything over at race HQ. Hours later, all was in place (well, almost) and after some frantic running around, the RD’s whistle was heard at precisely 9am and some 460+ runners took to the streets and paths of Ham and the surrounding Thames Towpath. Over two laps they ran their hearts out – some at astonishing pace, others in their own time – but on they went, wending their way through the scenic riverside and trees around Teddington Lock, cheered on by stalwart and irrepressibly optimistic marshals.

For some, time was everything, for others, just completing the course in its entirety was achievement enough. As one athlete stated, it’s the taking part that counts. This was truly a race with purpose, supporting as it did, many worthy causes & aims:

Nick & Kathy Henry as they fundraise for Cancer Research UK,
One Water where sales of their bottled water go towards helping to end global water poverty,
Tribe where sales of their snacks go towards helping to fight modern slavery,
and backing local business, Argonaut Coffee.

In total, over 53 volunteers played their part in making the race a success and contributing to a safe, and enjoyable race for all athletes from first to last. The collective enthusiasm from all involved was clear to see and despite the freezing conditions, everyone – athletes and volunteers alike – kept smiling, cheering and passionately supporting each other from race start to race finish.

Shout out to Race Director Ed Perry and his team, who realised this epic achievement with little under two months preparation. The race will revert to its usual summer fixture next year, but we will certainly remember the joy of this bright, sunny, freezing November day for a while to come.

First man home was James Bartram of Thames in 33 minutes dead. This was some 40 seconds slower than the last winner back in 2019. In that race there were 579 finishers, this time there were 356. A number of factors contributed to this drop – principally because the race did not incorporate the county championship and the Surrey Road League. The November date may have been less attractive than the usual June and of course there was COVID. We hope things will be at least partly back to normal in 2022.

Of that 356 in this race no fewer than 73 were from Ranelagh, making up a splendid total turnout on the day of 126 club members. Our first man home was Jonathan Smith, 14th in 35.09, just four seconds ahead of Gareth Williams. Mark Herbert was next at 35.42 and then Peter Haarer, 2nd over 50 on the day  in 36.11. Leading woman was Lisa Bailey of The Stragglers in a time of 37.43. Second was Ranelagh’s Gill Sanders in 38.00, fourth was Sarah Palmer in 38.14, just ahead of Steph Tindall. That trio gave us the women’s team prizes. Adrienne Baddeley gave us four women sub-40 minutes. Henry Fagan won the Under 18 category and John Shaw was our first over 60. Our top Over 45 was Bonnie Webster and top Over 55 was Carol Aikin.


 Pos     Time       Name              Club           Cat.   

1     33:00   James Bartram    Thames H&H         SM

2     33:03   Robert Eveson    Stragglers         SM

3     33:25   Ugur Altan       Sutton Runners     SM

14     35:09   Jonathan Smith   Ranelagh Harriers  SM

15     35:13   Gareth Williams                     M40+

19     35:44   Mark Herbert                        SM

24     36:13   Peter Haarer                        M50+

26     36:29   James Whistler                      SM

29     36:41   Ted Mockett                         M40+

37     37:08   David Lawley                        M40+

40     37:23   Andy Starr                          M40+

45     37:52   Henry Fagan                         MU18

48     38:01   Gillian Sanders                     L35+

56     38:22   Sarah Palmer                        SL

57     38:27   William Joyce                       SM

61     38:38   Stephanie Tindall                   SL

62     38:42   John Shaw                           M60+

79     39:44   Adrienne Baddeley                   L35+

80     39:44   Vaughan Ramsay                      M40+

89     39:58   Alex Ring                           M40+

96     40:26   Paul Murphy                         M40+

100     40:55   Cecily Day                          SL

102     40:59   Philip Beausang                     SM

106     41:04   Richard Willoughby                  M50+

107     41:07   Shaun Griffith                      SM

109     41:16   Patrick Beausang                    SM

114     41:28   Russell Holt                        M50+

117     41:30   Bill Neely                          M60+

123     42:10   Hadi Khatamizadeh                   M40+

124     42:23   Nicola Douglas                      L35+

128     42:43   Eliott Wells                        SM

131     42:55   Michael Thomas                      M50+

136     43:14   Martin Halvey                       M60+

144     43:51   Liam Griffin                        M50+

150     44:05   Marcus Atkins                       M50+

152     44:14   Stephen Aikin                       M50+

158     44:50   James Ritchie                       M40+

166     45:19   Jon Lear                            M50+

175     45:39   Ciaran O’Donnell                    M50+

176     45:43   Bonnie Webster                      L45+

178     45:51   Daragh Fagan                        M50+

179     45:52   Stephen Hurton                      M40+

184     46:08   Richard Pender                      M50+

185     46:19   Amrut Sharma                        M40+

188     46:28   Jeremy Day                          M50+

201     47:40   Rachel Smith                        L45+

213     48:48   Rebecca Bissell                     L45+

214     48:48   Ann Kearey                          L45+

215     48:48   Kathy Henry                         L45+

223     49:37   Simon Taylor                        M50+

233     50:52   Carol Aikin                         L55+

244     51:45   Claire Warner                       L35+

247     51:51   Michael Osborne                     M50+

250     52:10   Christopher Read                    M50+

259     52:51   Duncan Brown                        M60+

262     52:57   Sally Bamford                       L55+

271     53:49   Fiona Pugh                          L45+

273     53:55   David Kew                           M60+

275     54:20   Joanne Collins                      L35+

280     54:49   Ian Harrison                        M60+

281     54:57   Colette Doran                       L45+

284     55:20   Paul Wapshott                       M50+

289     56:25   Ally Salisbury                      L55+

293     56:37   Alison Targett                      L55+

298     57:35   Karen Harbert                       L55+

309     59:13   Tom Reay                            M60+

310     59:21   Janet Turnes                        L65+

329   1:01:08   Sue Lear                            L55+

330   1:01:14   Lawley Ellie                        L35+

345   1:08:05   Alan Meaden                         M60+

348   1:09:42   Victoria Orme                       L55+

349   1:09:50   Louise Wapshott                     L45+

351   1:11:36   David Meaden                        M60+

355   1:18:01   Annemarie Goodridge                 L55+

Full results available @


Suzy Whatmough completed the Azores 125k in an astonishing 20:46:27 over two days. “It was tough going, but a beautiful island with lots of climbs, pretty trails and great views”, she writes. Back home in the Surrey Hills Jessica Busen-Smith and John Rose ran together in the Hurtwood 50k. Jessica finished 6th in the W40 age group in 6:30.46, John was one second behind as 8th M50.

Si Martin ran the Nice-Cannes Marathon in a PB 3:11.27, while at Valencia Jarryd Hillhouse was also PB-ing with a time of 3:14.10.


Some good ones!  Nick Impey travelled up to Telford for a high-quality 10k and was rewarded with a 31.40 PB…Running in the Winter Half Marathon at Milton Keynes, Ryan Hogan ran an impressive 72.04, another PB…At the Victoria Park Half Marathon in her first try at the distance for many years, Steph Tindall finished 3rd in the women’s race in 85.23

Mark Herbert finished 5th in the long-established Hog’s Back race at Guildford, covering the hilly 11.4km in 42.44…Behind Mark, Sam Dalgleish ran 44.21 for a top-ten finish, Alan Meaden ran 81.16 and brother David recorded 85.40…at Weybridge there was an outstanding run from Cordy Parker at 12th overall and leading woman in 35.41…Kirsty Steel was also there, finishing in 47.30.

Roger Wallace was also at Victoria Park, running 59.00 for the 10k…Clare Fowler completed the Dorset Trail Half Marathon in 2:14.08, 11th in the women’s race… and finally another great run from Cordelia Parker in her Abingdon first claim colours, winning the women’s race at the Eynsham 10k in 36.55.

SOUTH OF ENGLAND AA Inter-Counties Cross-Country 11th December at Lloyd Park

Gill Sanders earned her first Surrey vest, finishing 28th in 26.44 for the 6k course. But ahead of her representing Oxfordshire Cordelia Parker came in 8th in 25.39.

BILL NEELY writes:

I was looking at the Vets records on our new (and wonderful) website and noticed the Half Marathon Over 60’s list. Can I add a time to that? I did 1.28.53 in the Vitality Half Marathon in London on August 22nd this year. Also 1.31.22 in the London Landmarks Half on August 1stthis year.

As for today’s 10k, I did 41.19 (chip), 41.30 gun time. Maybe that’ll squeeze me into the 10K category as well!

Also from Bill:

Nick Impey ran a superb 16.28 PB in tough, blustery conditions at Richmond parkrun this morning. I had the privilege of keeping him up to date with his pace & position as I was lead bike. But it was Nick leading me for one stretch, as my tyres struggled to gain traction in the grass and he upped the tempo, with a fantastic pace of just under 10.30 for the first two miles.


Sat 18 Dec: South of Thames 7.5 mile, Beckenham Place Park, entry deadline passed

Sat 8 Jan: Middlesex county XC champs, Greenford, 1:45pm start, entry by 27 Dec 

Sun 9 Jan: Surrey county XC champs, Denbies, 2pm start, entry by 29 Dec

Sat 15 Jan: Surrey League race 3, men and women on Mitcham Common

Sat 29 Jan: Southern XC champs, 15km, venue TBC (likely Brighton), entry soon! 

Sat 12 Feb: Mob match vs Orion, Epping Forest

Sat 26 Feb: National XC champs, 12km, Parliament Hill, 3pm start, entry by 21 Jan

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