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🔷🔶  NEXT JOB FOR THE MOB – MASS MOB MATCH  Saturday, 30 October 2021 14.30 at Farthing Downs , Coulsdon 🔷🔶

Rich Kimber writes:

Our next mission, and this is another big one. South London Harriers are hosting a mass mob match for all five historic mob clubs – us, Orion Harriers, Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC and Thames Hare and Hounds – to mark their 150th anniversary.

If you’re new to the club or you’ve never run a mob before, a simplified overview: we compete against one other team, with scores calculated according to who has more finishers ahead of the other team (there’s more to the scoring, but this is the essential). The format favours the club that has bigger numbers, and it’s all about turning out the biggest side we can. That will be the case more than ever in this unique mass version, where we’ll be racing against three other clubs at once.

We’ve excelled in the format in recent years, and we come to this race one a winning streak of six mobs in a row. This turbo-charged version of the usual format gives us the ultimate opportunity to prove our dominance.

Mobs are a unique and fantastic way to get together and race as a whole club, and the real beauty is that every runner counts – it doesn’t matter where in the field you are.

There’s no signup for mob matches – just get to the venue and you get given a number on the day. However, we do still prefer you to sign up via Teamer so we know who to expect.

Note start time is 2.30pm, NOT 3pm as published elsewhere.

Changing, free showers, and refreshments are at the SLH Clubhouse, at 194a, Brighton Road, in Coulsdon. For anyone not knowing it, this is the A23, the main London-Brighton road. The Clubhouse is on the left-hand side (west) as you drive towards London, about 800m north of Coulsdon South railway station. The entrance is set back from the pavement, slightly behind the Comrades Club. There is a sign above the entrance. The race will be over Farthing Downs. Anyone going straight to the start should turn first right (if heading towards London) after Coulsdon South station, into Marlpit Lane. After 600 metres take the second right into Downs Road. This will take you to the downs. The actual race start is close to the bottom of the downs, on the right hand side but out of sight from the roads. Parking is difficult. Do not park on the narrow road that runs across the downs. This is dangerous, breaks local bylaws and could lead to future races being banned. Near the Clubhouse there is some parking on the main road, but this is restricted .Best is to use the pay and display Lion Green Road Car Park. This is the first left after Coulsdon South station when heading north, towards London, behind the Clubhouse.

Details here:


The Wynne Cup is the club championship. It’s usually contested at the first home mob match of the season, but this year we’re awarding it at the upcoming SLH mob match. The trophy is awarded to our first finisher who’s registered as a first-claim member. As well as an impressive bit of silverware, you win bragging rights as the club’s finest and fastest cross country runner. But you’ve got to be in it to win it. If you want a crack at the championship, make sure you get yourself to the mass mob match next weekend.

The SLH clubhouse is here:

The start and finish are a five minute jog away on Farthing Downs, here:

For more information see


SLH have asked whether anyone in the visiting clubs can assist with marshalling etc. If you can help please let us know.


Unencumbered by the organisational duties we can concentrate on running! The next League fixture for both men and women will take place on Wimbledon Common  on Saturday November 13th.

Girls Under 15 and Under 17:   noon

Girls Under 13:  12,30pm

Women Division 1:  1pm

Boys Under 13:  2pm

Boys Under 15 and Under 17:  2.30pm

Men Division 1:  3pm

More details nearer the time but note the date. We have a lot of  catching up to do. 


Work progressed  steadily on our new website and now it has been unleashed on an unsuspecting public. It’s here: Thanks and congratulations go to all those involved. It will be subject to further development and enrichment of content over the coming months, but in the meantime please take a look and let us know what you think. Note that Ken Powley’s results archive and stats are still available from the new site.

🔷🔶 REGISTER TO RUN THE RANELAGH RICHMOND 10k  28th November 2021 at 9am.🔷🔶
After two cancelations the Ranelagh 10k is back, and shifted for one year only from its traditional summer date it will be held this year on November 28th. Along with the Half Marathon in May it’s one of the key events that the club puts on for the general public each year – and it’s a fabulous opportunity to run a local race round Ham and the towpath. We’d love everyone possible from the club to be involved in some way – either running, volunteering, or both! It’s a great way to show our club at its finest, both in the race and in the way we welcome and look after the runners!

Please save the date and book on now – registrations are now open, full details on the shiny new website, and please start booking on and sharing with your friends! Book now .

Stephen Whitehead is once again coordinating all the volunteers for the event, and it is possible to volunteer and run – If you’re able to volunteer please let him know by email:


Ed Perry


 CHRISTMAS PARTY on Saturday 11 December at the Anglers in Teddington.

  • It is now time to pre-order your set menu choices. You can choose from either 2 courses or 3 courses – to book your seat, make your menu selections and pay, please click on this link.
  • Please note the booking tool defaults to adding a discretionary 12.5% service charge to your order which you can remove (or change value) before you add your name and email address.
  • Deadline for booking online is Saturday 20 November
  • Drinks will be available to order individually via table service

Any questions, please let us know:,

Hadi and Rebecca


For full details visit, phone 020 8831 6133, or email  If you wish to be considered for Team Richmond you must complete a 5k parkrun before 31st October 2021.

Age categories are as follows:

U11 boy/girl (born between 01/09/2010 and 31/08/2011), U13 boy/girl (born between 01/09/2008 and 31/08/2010) U15 boy/girl (born between 01/09/2006 and 31/08/2008) U17 boy/girl (born between 01/09/2004 and 31/08/2006).

If you are selected for the squad, the competition will take place on 20 November at Parliament Hill. 5km parkruns take place every Saturday at 9:00am. You can take part in more than one run and we will take your fastest time between the allocated dates. For more information on your local parkrun please visit  You can also find us on social media: @TeamRichmond LYG Team Richmond LY


After a virtual race last year, Barnes Runners’ annual Turkey Run is back in real life inviting entrants to complete a 10k or 10m run along the towpath, on Sunday 5 December at 10am. The event is now in its sixth year and raises money for the Barnes Community Association’s Christmas lunch which this year will be providing a Covid-secure lunch for residents of Barnes who might otherwise struggle to enjoy a festive feast on Christmas Day.  You can choose your distance and festive fancy dress is encouraged. You will be rewarded with a medal, and a turkey (or vegetarian) bap and a pint (alcoholic or not) courtesy of the Coach & Horses on finishing. If running is not your thing we encourage walkers.  More details can be found at


Simon Martin writes:

The role of Ranelagh’s Handicapper will soon become vacant as I have decided to step down after 3 years in the role to focus on my other club duties. As well as my coaching role for Advanced 2, I have recently agreed to take over from Sandra Forrest as Race Director for the Ranelagh Half Marathon. I am extremely excited, but at the same time somewhat daunted, about taking on this role as Sandra has done such amazing work over the past 6 years so I have big shoes to fill!

The role of Handicapper is extremely important to the Club with some of the handicaps dating back over one hundred years (Clutton 1883, Page 1884, Thomas 1891 and Baker 1911). It is a Committee-appointed, voluntary role that is enormously prestigious and not one for the faint hearted! The role can be time consuming but it is very rewarding too.

There are numerous handicaps (including sealed handicaps) every year and occasionally some ad hoc, informal ones too. Details about the various annual handicaps can be found in the Club Constitution at:

As part of the handover I will share and explain the spreadsheets, in which I have worked my mysterious magic, to the new Handicapper. Overseen by me in a transitionary role, it is envisaged that the incoming Handicapper will handicap the next handicap race before assuming the role independently going forward starting with the following handicap race.

The role of Handicapper requires someone numerate and analytical who is relatively proficient in Excel; specifically, familiarity with formulae including lookup and if functions for example. The new Handicapper should not feel constrained by the mechanics of my spreadsheets and my approach to determining handicaps, and would be welcome to finesse the processes and decision making as he or she feels appropriate. Certain qualitative qualities are also invaluable; someone who is discerning, diligent and a subjective decision-maker. It is helpful, but not imperative, to be familiar with many of the regular handicap participants and their running form. Additional qualities, although again not prerequisites, are a relatively thick skin and a good sense of humour!

The Committee would like to invite members who would be interested in becoming the new Club Handicapper to email Gordon Whitson in the first instance expressing their interest. Subsequent to the new Handicapper being appointed, the Committee will make the exciting announcement in the Ranelagh e-news.

Many thanks in advance for your interest in this role,

Simon Martin


SURREY CROSS COUNTRY LEAGUE  Women’s Division 1 & 2, Men’s Division 1  at Sheen Cross in Richmond Park  Saturday 16th October

This was a momentous occasion several times over. First of all, it marked the welcome return of fast and furious cross country racing in earnest after a hiatus of 18 months. Secondly it was probably the biggest undertaking that the club has ever hosted, with a full day of racing organised impeccably by a fantastic team of volunteers.

And finally because it marked the 65th Surrey League scoring appearance of club legend Peter Haarer, who became our outright all-time top scorer in the competition. Suffice to say this is an awe-inspiring achievement. Over to guest writer Pheidippides (not even a hint: the man himself) for the race report:

The last Surrey League in a windswept Lloyd Park had been a while ago but the pre-race routine came back like muscle memory. Nothing, however, had prepared me for the encounter with an array of athletes from different teams clustered at the start, unmasked and unsegregated, which came as a shock – but a pleasant one. It was good to be back – VERY good, and to have a chance to catch up with so many people after a long interlude. Among others, it was a real delight to see the indomitable Ken Powley, who was offered a number but sadly declined. Many other members of Ranelagh were out and about helping the Hon. Sec. with the hosting of what may have been Ranelagh’s biggest and most complex event ever (when combined with the other races of the day): hats off to Gordon and extensive team who seemed to have everything under control, and who seemed remarkably calm in the face of the occasional difficulty,
(I heard grave rumour that numbers were supplied just before the bell courtesy of Mystic Meg).

An impressive density of distinctive blue vests lined up for the start (about thirty had pre-registered) and were treated to an encouraging speech by ex-captain, and long-standing Surrey League veteran, the Mighty Andy Bickerstaff, who came over to the right wing, where the Ranelagh contingent had gathered, and uttered the inspiring words, “I haven’t been standing around here all day just to watch you all run in an unbecoming manner” (at least that was the gist of what he said). And we were off.

Much of the race in hindsight seems a bit of a hypoxic-induced hallucinatory blur. There were interesting choices to make about how to negotiate the first pinch point, and how hard to go off from the gun (hooter). As we went up the inclines, and I struggled to move through the field to make the scoring ten, I had completely forgotten the feeling of, “I really am going to die!” In such circumstances it is always well to have a goodly number of kindly supporters lining the course and they should be in no doubt about the buoyant effect of their various words of encouragement.

Up at the sharp end, second-claim member James Hall led the team home in an impressive fourteenth. Messrs Impey and Wright followed in 25th and 51st and then from League debutant Ryan Hogan in 65th onwards the blue vests began to pack. Everyone clearly ran their guts out, and our eighth place for the first fixture may seem an unfair reward, but we always knew that life in the first division is harsh and there is a good chance that we shall work our way out of the relegation zone (many of our best were, after all, still recovering from London or sub-par for good reason). There was, in any case, much to cheer from our vets including two top ten performances in the V40 category (Mark Leyshon and Ted Mockett), a fifth in the V50 category and a second in the V60 category from John Shaw.

There was, too, the matter of Pheidippides’ sixty-fifth scoring appearance (so far!) in a Surrey League for Ranelagh passing by one the total of the Legendary Julian Smith and the totals of the Great Chris Owens (54) and the Mighty Andy Bickerstaff (49 – I told you he is mighty!). The role of luck cannot be underestimated: I have had the very good fortune to avoid the sorts of chronic complaints which have cut short the increase of several tallies. However, I can’t deny aspiring to ascend to the top of the ladder from my mid-thirties onwards (and finding that the ladder became ever steeper and began to have rungs missing) – but as a wee lad of eighteen I had no idea that I would end up racing in Surrey Leagues alone a total of 325 miles – the equivalent of running flat out from Richmond to Carlisle in one direction, or Richmond to Paris in another (but only slightly more than twice the distance run by THE Pheidippides in 490 B.C.).

Of the youngsters, Phil Killingley currently has a total of 53 scoring appearances and I would wager that within five years he should knock me off my top spot. The key is  persistence and an early start (did I really run my first Surrey League in spring 1987? – thank you for the reminder Captain Kimber!). I have plenty of memories from the past thirty something years but today was surely the best and, much more than personal ambition, a reflection of the pure pleasure of running for Ranelagh. 

An embarrassment of riches – we have two reports!. Here’s Alsoran:

There were 967 finishers in total, ranging from Junior Boys and Girls to Seniors, contesting seven races, run over four different course distances. As such it was probably the most complex cross-country fixture that Ranelagh has ever hosted and generous thanks are due to the organising team and the small army of good-natured volunteers who turned out to help and cheer on the home contingent. Weather conditions, which were wet and miserable when we arrived to set out the course at 09.30 and also when the Division 1 Women’s race started at 11.00, fortunately improved significantly for the men’s events in the afternoon.

With 252 finishers, the Division 1 Senior Women’s race had the largest field of the day. Georgie Bruinvels, running for SLH seemed a comfortable winner in 23.49. First home for Ranelagh was Gillian Sanders, 11th in 24.57, who probably found the conditions more to her liking than those she encountered recently in the Tokyo Olympic Triathlon. Next for Ranelagh came Sarah Palmer, 21st in 25.37, continuing her recent good form and now beginning to tap into her potential. There was quite a gap to Suzy Whatmough in 52nd position who probably found the course seriously short after her recent ultra exploits, closely followed by Cecily Day in 56th. Fanny Vein, making a very welcome return, closed out the team as Anchor Woman in 67thplace. Belgrave were well clear in the team event with Ranelagh a solid 6th. Ranelagh’s B team did one better and came 5th in their competition, anchored by Maggie Allen in 120th place who took the prize for most muddy competitor after a performing a swan dive at some point on the course. A total of 17 Ranelagh women took part.

What Ranelagh lacked in quantity in the U15/17 Women’s race was made up for in quality. Our sole competitor, Siena Lepine, making her Ranelagh debut just a couple of months past her 13th birthday, came 7th in the U15 event, 12th overall in a field of 71 finishers and less than a minute behind the winner in 19.15.

In the Junior Men’s U15/17 race, Ranelagh again had just one representative, Henry Fagan, who was also running in Ranelagh colours for the first time. Henry took the Hon Sec’s recommendation not to start too fast very much to heart and was dead last at the first bend. He then proceeded to run through the field, finishing the 4.7km course in 17.26 in a fine 27thposition out of a field of 86.

The Senior Men’s race had 242 finishers and was fast and furious. The winner, Dylan Evans representing SLH, crossing the line after 8.3km in 25.57. The Ranelagh men expected a roasting, were not disappointed but also did not disappoint. The A team closed in on 617 points in 8th position some way behind HHH but well ahead of Fulham who look already doomed for the drop. Hope for Ranelagh is provided by the fact that our B team placed 5th meaning if those ahead of us in the A team competition have a meltdown in subsequent races we are ready to pounce. In total, 27 Ranelagh runners finished, on a par with the turnouts from the other competing clubs.

Leading the Ranelagh team was second claim debutant James Hall in 14th followed by Nick Impey in 25th place. There was then rather a long wait until Pat Wright arrived in 51st. Two notable events occurred further down Ranelagh’s scoring 10 list. Emulating the achievement of his lady predecessor, Ted Mockett, in finishing 7th, became the first male Ranelagh President to make the scoring 10 in a Surrey League fixture. Then, just behind, 9th scorer Peter Haarer was finally able (after a 12 month Covid enforced delay) to knock Julian Smith off his all-time perch by recording his 65th Surrey League scoring 10 finish at an age that we would not embarrass him by mentioning. Well done to both of you! The coveted Anchor Man award went to our 10thcounter Ross Macdonald. It was particularly pleasing to note that despite both the post Brexit fallout and rows over the Northern Ireland Protocol, the Entente Cordiale remains intact at least within Ranelagh and that both Women’s and Men’s scoring teams featured a French representative.  A few of Ranelagh’s faster men made what will, hopefully, be merely guest appearances in the B team (Assmundsson, Anderson, no names, no pack drill) which was led home by Dave Lawley and anchored by Captain Kimber.

Overall, this was a successful return to cross-country post lockdowns for Ranelagh Harriers.

President Ted Mockett adds:

Our organising team and army of volunteers were true heroes yesterday as, without them, we wouldn’t have had any racing. All the runners I spoke to afterwards had a great day and everything appeared to run fantastically well.

It takes a lot of effort to organise one race, let alone seven races over four different distances, so I also wanted to add my thanks to our organising team, course markers, marshals, funnel managers, race starters, time keepers, results processors as well as our men’s and women’s team captains and vice captains who ensured all the races could go ahead and registered our teams. It was a long day for many, and very wet for some, but it made for a really enjoyable day for many hundreds of runners and spectators.

And here’s course director Andy Bickerstaff:

Can we add thanks to all the willing and good humoured helpers many of whom I saw running the Cabbage Patch on Sunday. I would like to especially thank those who braved the whole day especially the core team of Trevor, Narissa, Gordon, Rob, Phil and Simon. Trevor and Narissa even braving the worst of the day’s weather from 9am helping with course set up from 9am. Never was a couple of pints in the Plough so well earned.

WOMEN’S DIVISION 1 –  A Teams only    

1   Georgie Bruinvels(2C)  SLH  23.49    SL

11  Gillian Sanders        RAN  24.57    L40+

21  Sarah Palmer                25.37    SL

52  Suzy Whatmough              26.59    SL

56  Cecily Day                  27.10    SL

67  Fanny Vein                  27.24    L35+

87  Alice Forbes                28.20    SL

106 Rebecca Curtis-Hall         29.02    L35+

112 Clare Fowler                29.14    L40+

117 Bonnie Morgan               29.29    L45+

120 Maggie Allen                29.32    L45+

122 Rebecca Bissell             29.35    L45+

142 Wiebke Kortum               30.31    L50+

178 Rachel Smith                31.58    L45+

185 Marianne Malam              32.18    L45+

207 Rebecca Northmore           34.08    SL

210 Clare Day                   34.25    L50+

231 Colette Doran              37.08    L45+


1  BEL   66     9   C/C   266

2  THH  102     10  FUL   317

3  G&G  108     11  W/W   321

4  HHH  174     12  E&E   328

5  SLH  178     13  STR   400

6  RAN  207     14  KEN   484

7  WOK  243     15  W4H   530

8  H/W  255

Girls Under 15       

1  Florence White    E&E  18.18

12 Siena Lepine (2C) RAN  19.15

MEN’S DIVISION 1 –  A Teams only    

1    Dylan Evans (2C) Belgrave H     25.57    SM

14   James Hall (2C)  Ranelagh H     26.43    SM

25   Nick Impey                      27.26    SM

51   Pat Wright                      28.32    SM

65   Ryan Hogan                      28.53    SM

67   Marc Leyshon                    28.58    M40+

77   Jonathan Smith                  29.25    SM

86   Ted Mockett                     29.47    M40+

94   Thomas Lahille                  30.06    SM

101  Peter Haarer                    30.21    M50+

104  Ross Macdonald                  30.27    SM

105  David Lawley                    30.29    M40+

116  Graham Brook                    30.50    M40+

117  Carl Assmundson                 30.51    SM

122  Ben Anderson                    30.57    SM

129  David Ready                     31.17    SM

130  Philip Collins                  31.21    M40+

132  Mark Herbert                    31.29    M40+

136  Chris Lepine                    31.39    M45+

153  Ed Forbes                       32.15    M40+

155  Richard Kimber                  32.17    SM

163  James Whistler                  32.31    SM

177  Neil Rae                        33.21    M50+

183  Ed Perry                        33.42    SM

190  Jay Finikin                     34.07    SM

195  John Shaw                       34.30    M60+

199  Mike Thomas                     34.56    M50+

224  Ben Shore                       37.30    M40+


            BEL   FUL   G&G   H/W   HHH   KEN   RAN   SLH   THH

1         1    58     2     4    21     8    14    30     7

2         3    67     5     6    36    11    25    31    15

3        17    75    16     9    49    22    51    35    20

4        26    81    23    10    53    24    63    40    28

5        29    85    39    12    55    32    65    43    34

6        42    86    60    13    59    33    73    44    37

7        47    87    89    18    62    38    79    45    41

8        48    88    71    19    68    50    80    57    56

9        52    89    77    27    72    61    83    84    70

10        54    90    82    46    78    66    84    76    74

TOTAL       319   806   444   164   553   345   617   465   382

MATCH POS     2     9     5     1     7     3     8     6     4

LGE POS       2     9     5     1     7     3     8     6     4

Boys Under 17 

1   Martin Sunderland WOK  15.53

27  Henry Fagan       RAN  17.26


Ted Mockett writes:

“ A set of keys (a door key and a bike lock key) were found and handed to me after the men’s race on Saturday. They were away from where the Ranelagh men had congregated so they’re likely to belong to someone from another club. If you can help contact me at

CABBAGE PATCH 10 miles  Sunday 17th October at Twickenham

The Cabbage Patch 10 has long been one of the most popular road races on the calendar, despite the busy course and the frequent clash with the Surrey Cross Country League, which usually takes place the previous day. After COVID cancellations local runners were anxious to get back on the roads of Twickenham, and this year there were 1340 finishers of whom 49 were from Ranelagh. Add these 49 to the 46 who ran one of the Leagues yesterday and we have an impressive 95 Ranelagh vests appearing over the weekend. A handful doubled up and ran both, which is even more impressive. And more impressive still were Nick Impey and Sarah Palmer – Nick was the second counter for our men’s League team on Saturday, Sarah was first counter for the Women’s team, Nick and Sarah led our men’s and women’s contingents on Sunday – and all this close on the heels of setting PB Marathons.

There were some seriously fast runners at the front with the top three all inside 50 minutes. The stream of finishers was beginning to spread out before Nick Impey crossed the line in 10th place at 55.08. Not too far behind with a PB of 56.03 came Nick Twomey. While we’re in PB territory look at the massive improvements by Sarah Palmer and Adrienne Baddeley, our next two finishers. Sarah was the third woman overall in 63.46, Adrienne was 6th in 65.00 and 2nd W35. M60 rivals Mick Lane and Bill Neely slugged it out this side of 70 minutes, with W50 Emma Harris just a couple of minutes over as our third woman. Cordelia Parker was next, and there were PBs left, right and centre. congrats to you all.

Note Jackie Dunkley’s chip time!

1    Paulos Surafel  Thames Valley H   48.43    SM    (chip time 48.43)

10   Nick Impey      Ranelagh H        55.08    SM    (55.08)

16   Nick Twomey                       56.03    SM    (56.02)

21   Sarah Astin     City of Norwich   57.09    SL    (57.06)

68   Sarah Palmer                      64.04    SL    (63.46)

82   Adrienne Baddeley                 65.06    L35+  (65.00)

96   Vaughan Ramsay                    66.08    M45+  (66.02)

106  Alex Ring                         66.56    M45+  (66.48)

110  Michael Morris                    67.06    M50+  (66.59)

128  Mick Lane                         67.36    M60+  (67.29)

158  Bill Neely                        69.33    M60+  (69.19)

182  Richard Willoughby                70.56    M50+  (70.04)

210  Hadi Khatamizadeh                 71.59    M40+  (69.24)

228  Emma Harris                       72.48    L45+  (71.49)

241  Cordelia Parker                   73.13    SL    (72.55)

268  Marcus Atkins                     74.12    M55+  (73.41)

319  Martin Harris                     76.03    M55+  (75.04)

323  Amrut Sharma                      76.12    M45+  (75.42)

327  Phil Roberts                      76.18    M55+  (75.48)

350  Richard Pender                    77.31    M55+  (77.01)

368  Jon Lear                          77.58    M45+  (77.04)

461  Gavin Hillhouse                   80.47    M50+  (78.18)

473  Susan Ritchie                     81.08    L50+  (80.04)

517  Lloyd Camp                        82.47    M60+  (80.18)

524  Stephen Logue                     82.57    M60+  (81.15)

531  Claire Warner                     83.08    L35+  (82.03)

551  Andrew Kew                        83.57    M40+  (83.03)

585  Kate Brook                        85.26    L45+  (84.08)

594  John Tovell                       85.44    M65+  (83.16)

643  Carol Aikin                       87.14    L55+  (86.11)

708  Suzy Whatmough                    89.02    SL    (86.23)

709  Kathy Henry                       89.02    L45+  (86.23)

710  Rebecca Bissell                   89.02    L45+  (86.23)

716  Ann Kearey                        89.12    L50+  (86.36)

771  Michael Osborne                   90.25    M55+  (88.16)

776  Ian Harrison                      90.44    M65+  (89.46)

918  Ally Salisbury                    97.20    L55+  (94.26)

919  Alison Targett                    97.27    L55+  (93.48)

1033 Rob Kitchen                      101.21    M40+  (98.22)

1093 Janet Turnes                     104.45    L65+  (104.38)

1222 Jackie Dunkley                   111.14    L65+  (111.11)

1233 Bronwen Northmore                115.23    L70+  (111.49)

1252 David Meaden                     117.42    M70+  (114.01)

1261 Alan Meaden                      118.57    M70+  (115.18)

1301 Narissa Bowles                   125.27    L40+  (121.55)

1302 Kelly Thomas                     125.27    L40+  (121.56)

1313 Wendy Fisher                     129.58    L65+  (126.25)

1314 Penny Merrett                    130.05    L65+  (126.28)

1316 Louise Wapshott                  130.44    L50+  (126.50)

1317 Paul Wapshott                    130.45    M50+  (126.51)

1325 Katie Walton                     135.12    SL    (131.36)


The Ranelagh women’s team performed exceptionally well, finishing in 5th place. Steph Tindall was sent out on the opening 3k stage and handed over in 9th place. Suzy Whatmough gained a couple of places on stage 2 and Cecily Day one more on the anchor. The more astute reader will see that this adds up to 6th position but one of the clubs ahead of us was disqualified for fielding an ineligible runner, thus advancing us to 5th.  Times were remarkably close, with only 21 seconds covering our three ‘A’ team runners. Our ‘B’ team comprising Carol Aikin, Jo Marshall and Cecily’s mum finished 30th

Senior Women

1   Wycombe Phoenix AC       32.24

5   Ranelagh H ‘A’           34.44

9  Steph Tindall    11.24

7  Suzy Whatmough   11.45

6  Cecily Day       11.35

30  Ranelagh H ‘B’           45.41

36 Carol Aikin      15.09

34 Jo Marshall      15.34

32 Clare Day        14.58             


This comes from the race blurb: “The Centurion Autumn 100 is a 100 miles continuous trail race based in the twinned villages of Goring & Streatley on the river Thames. The course reflects the shape of a cross and takes runners on a series of 4 different 25 mile out and back spurs using sections of both the Ridgeway and Thames Path National Trails.” James Riley made a highly impressive 100 miles debut by finishing 9th in 17:11.03. Old hand Gareth Williams came in 21st  in 19:13.19…meanwhile Sally Minchella was heading for the Lake District and the 50 miles “Lakes in a Day” race where she finished 22nd woman in 15:56.45…Jordan Mungovan ran a 3:51.14 Marathon as the final stage of an Ironman Triathlon.


In Paris Liam Joyce ran 3:03.34, Sam Slater 3:28.27 and Dick Johnson 4:49.17.  Ann Kearey ran the Liverpool Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon but results have not appeared yet.


At Oxford Toni Borreda ran 1:16.29, Jarryd Hillhouse ran 1:28.43 and Simon Martin ran 1:39.40 as a pacer, while at Cambridge Shaun Griffith recorded 1:32.10.  Closer to home, Neil Rae and Colette Doran ran the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames Half, finishing in 1:28.39 and 2:06.19 respectively.


Chase the Moon 10k in Battersea Park – Roger Wallace ran 61.59.


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From British Pathe 1927:”The First Midinettes Marathon. 5 miles ladies’ race through the heart of the grey city from Montparnasse to Montmartre.” Paris, France Can anyone explain why the competitors appear to be carrying hat boxes?

june, 2024

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