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McLeod Trophy

The McLeod Trophy will be awarded to the male member who has scored    

the most points in qualifying events over the season.  Points being awarded  

to every male Ranelagh finisher in each qualifying event on the basis of 101- n

points for the nth Ranelagh male finisher.                                                                    

 The qualifying events are as follows:                                                                           

      The four Surrey League Cross Country Races.                                                   

      The four Mob matches.                                                                                                

      The Thomas, Page, Clutton and Baker Cup handicap races.                           

      The Southern and National senior cross-country championships.               

      The Bank of England race, and the Inter-Club race in March.  

Summer Road Grand Prix

The Grand Prix series consists of nine events, with each individual’s best seven scores to count.

There are six categories – Open, Men Over 40, Men Over 50, Women, Women Over 40, and Women Over 50.

In the Open category the first Ranelagh finisher scores 12 points, the second 11 points and so 

on down to 3 points for 10th place. All other finishers score 2 points. In the other categories

the first Ranelagh finisher scores 6 points, the second 5 points and so on down to 2 points    

for 5th place.  All other finishers score 1 point.   The events are as follows:                

14th  April   Thames Towpath Ten (Chiswick)                                               

28th  April   London Marathon  or any Spring Marathon     Marathon Details                

 5th  May     Ranelagh Half Marathon (inc. Surrey Road League and Surrey Champs.)         

19th  May     Sutton 10k   (inc. Surrey Road League)                                      

 2nd  June    Dorking 10 miles  (inc. Surrey Road League and Surrey Champs.)              

16th  June    Richmond 10k   (inc. Surrey Road League and Surrey Champs.)                 

21st  July    Elmbridge 10k   (inc. Surrey Road League)                                   

26th  July    Wedding Day 7k  (Bushy Park)                                                

11th  August  Wimbledon 5k  (inc. Surrey Road League and Surrey Champs.)     

Surrey Road League


The Surrey Road League consists of seven races and there are separate competitions for men’s and women’s teams, senior men and women, men over 40, over 50 and over 60 and women over 35, over 45 and over 55

Team Competitions

The first four finishers (men) or three finishers from each competing club will comprise the scoring team, and the sum of their finishing positions will form their team score. In the event of a tie, the relative position of the last scorer will be the decider. League points will be scored according to the number of clubs entered. For example, if 30 clubs are taking part, the winning club in each race will score 30 points, second will score 29 and so on.

If any competing clubs have fewer than four runners (men) or three runners (women) in any race, their team score will still be the sum of their runners’ finishing positions. For League points, clubs with three runners will be ranked below all those with four, clubs with two runners will be ranked below all those with three and clubs with one runner will be ranked below all those with two. If a club has no runners in any race, they will score no League points for that race.

The League will be decided on each club’s best five scores from the seven races. In the event of a tie, the best six races will be taken into consideration, and if there is still a tie, all seven. If there is still a tie, the total team points in each race will decide.

Individual Competitions

All runners from clubs taking part in the League will earn an individual score in one of the age categories.

The first finisher in each category will score one point, second two points and so on. The League will be decided on each runner’s best five scores from the seven races. In the event of a tie, the best six races will be taken into consideration, and if there is still a tie, all seven. If in any category no runner competes in five races, then the best four will be taken, and so on.

The age group into which an athlete falls in the first League race in which he or she competes will determine his or her age group for the season.


All members of Surrey-affiliated clubs are eligible for the League. Individual Surrey qualification is not required. Second-claim members may compete provided that their first-claim club is not in the League.

Second-claim members must enter in the name of their firsr claim club. All second-claimerss must be declared to the League Secretary before the first fixture.

  League Secretary: Steve Rowland

july, 2024

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Men Div 18/9league table
Ladies Div U159/16league table
Men Div U15/U1716/18league table