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2023 Page Cup: Race Report & Results

A dive into the Ranelagh annals reveals that the Page Cup was acquired in December 1883, courtesy one W.C. Page, pub landlord of The Fox & Hounds, Putney. A ‘handsome silver cup’ given, one wonders, in recognition of how much Ranelagh members then could imbibe?

If so, then it’s high time someone spoke to the Roebuck to see if we might get another cup based on the prowess of some of our current membership.

Irrespective, the cup was awarded at the inaugural 5 Miles Members’ Handicap in January 1884, and the first winner was one C.E. Gray. Sadly in 1976, the original cup and other valued trophies, were stolen but a replacement cup was purchased, and the names of all past winners engraved on it.

Today the Page Cup remains a much loved fixture of our race calendar, manifested clearly by the respectable numbers who turned up to have a go at 5 miles in lovely Richmond Park on 30 Sept 2023.

Admirably club handicapper Bruce McLaren was in attendance – ostensibly to race even – and whether it was his stalwart demeanour that discouraged much (any?) debate, or perhaps for once athletes (read one Dave Lawley) were happy with their start times; either way there was very little in the air by way of gripes or moans about the handicaps.

And so promptly at 3pm, with light cloud and scant breeze, Race Director Andy Bickerstaff set the lead runner (Jackie Dunkley) off, after a reminder to all about starting BEHIND the manhole. Admittedly, such was the excitement in the air that said reminder had to be delivered time and again. Eventually, one by one, the runners were set off according to their times, until it was the turn of scratch Jonny Smith approximately 25 minutes later.

There was a surfeit of grown able-bodied male volunteers to help with number boards & timings so for a while, there was time for them to chat and banter as was their wont. Meanwhile, the next Ranelagh generation, Maisy Fowler (and friend) as well as Rayka Khatamizadeh honed their cheerleading skills, helped by an (ever) animated Pete Vox.

For a while, time ticked genially along.

Suddenly that clarion call – RUNNER – was heard. Far ahead in the distance, a flash of blue was visible coming round that (never-ending) rise by Sidmouth Woods; a frantic scramble ensued as all took up their posts. The blue dot moved steadily closer; who was it? Who could it be? It was a while before the figure was identified; and an almighty cheer went up in recognition of the Lawley that was moving determinedly to the finish line.

Verifying that they are indeed genetically linked, it was not the usual Mr Always 3rd or 4th Dave Lawley crossing the line but the fairer, lovelier, infinitely more feminine and graceful Ellie Lawley; racing home to take the Page Cup in a cracking 48:10. Such was her effort that it was some 2 ½ minutes before the cry RUNNER was heard again.

Proving yet again that our club handicapper has equality oozing through his pores, Jackie ran strongly into 2nd (52:58) place, holding off a last ditch sprint by guest Madeline Avis (47:50), who had to settle for 3rd. As with the Thomas, another glorious 1-2-3 for the ladies.

Thereafter the stream of runners came through literally second by second, resulting in much excitement for our young cheerleaders; conversely consternation for our grown able-bodied male volunteers struggling to accurately take down the numbers, especially those hailing from the southernmost country of the African continent.

Eventually the stream of runners slowed and as Mike White gamely came across the line to end this season’s Page Cup, everyone (number takers especially) was able to pause and recover. The rabble then trooped down to the clubhouse for some well deserved tea, prepared brilliantly – as ever – by the lovely Carol, and for the results & prizegiving.

The 3 fastest ladies were Suzy Whatmough (32:23), Clare Fowler (36:18) and Rebecca Bissell (38:59). The 3 fastest men/open category were (FINALLY!) Jonny Smith (28:39), Ed Perry (29:07) and young Joe Killip (29:17). Well done to everyone who participated.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers: marshals, timekeepers, numbers, results & organisers. Special mention to course setter Trevor Maguire who had to forgo his chance at Page Cup glory, hindered as he was by the many ‘briars’ (that’s brambles to you and me) which meant it took longer than anticipated to mark out the course.

The last word goes to the self-proclaimed Captain Haarer Indestructible who penned the following:

I arrived in time to join Wave 7, thanks to the rail strike and the inevitable gridlock of the national road network. I had started the day in Suffolk and was assured by the AA Route Planner that the journey to Richmond would take me just under three hours; and so, I set off … from the hither side of the Dartford crossing. More than four and a half hours later..

I ran around the course anyway (making only three minor wrong turns) and was very sorry to miss you and everyone else at the clubhouse.

Now THAT is true club devotion.



💙 Finishing Order:
💛 Speed Order:
💙 Fastest 5:


Page Cup 2023 Finishing Order

PositionNameFinished @Started @Race Time
1Ellie Lawley0:50:000:01:500:48:10
2Jackie Dunkley0:52:580:52:58
3Madeline Avis (Guest)0:53:000:05:100:47:50
4Ricardo Motti (Guest)0:53:090:13:100:39:59
5Claire Warner0:53:200:13:300:39:50
6Suzy Whatmough0:53:230:21:000:32:23
7Lloyd Camp0:53:260:12:400:40:46
8Clare Fowler0:53:280:17:100:36:18
9Joe Killip (Guest)0:53:370:24:200:29:17
10Simon Hedger0:53:410:13:300:40:11
11Ed Perry0:53:470:24:400:29:07
12Jonathan Smith0:53:590:25:200:28:39
13Leslie Bailey (Guest)0:54:060:22:300:31:36
14Rebecca Bissell0:54:090:15:100:38:59
15James Ritchie0:54:100:19:200:34:50
16Ted Mockett0:54:110:24:200:29:51
17Paula Maguire0:54:130:06:500:47:23
18Stephen Logue0:54:130:15:100:39:03
19Ed Forbes0:54:150:22:400:31:35
20Sally Bamford0:54:160:10:200:43:56
21Gerard O'Callaghan (Guest)0:54:180:20:300:33:48
22David Lawley0:54:220:24:400:29:42
23Rick Jenner0:54:250:22:200:32:05
24Stephen Aikin0:54:260:17:200:37:06
25James Riley0:54:330:24:500:29:43
26Bruce McLaren0:54:480:18:000:36:48
27Ed Smith0:54:490:20:100:34:39
28Carol Aikin0:54:500:11:200:43:30
29Chessie Maddox (Guest)0:54:550:13:000:41:55
30Will Cavendish0:54:570:14:300:40:27
31Paul Murphy0:54:590:21:000:33:59
32John Cadogan (Guest)0:55:070:18:400:36:27
33Amrut Sharma0:55:190:17:000:38:19
34Bob Beatson0:55:230:07:400:47:43
35Stephen Hurton0:56:540:18:500:38:04
36Tom Reay0:57:160:04:400:52:36
37Sue Camp0:57:590:10:100:47:49
38Michael White0:58:160:11:000:47:16

Page Cup 2023 Speed Order

PositionNameRace TimePositionNameRace Time
1Jonathan Smith0:28:3920Amrut Sharma0:38:19
2Ed Perry0:29:0721Rebecca Bissell0:38:59
3Joe Killip0:29:1722Stephen Logue0:39:03
4David Lawley0:29:4223Claire Warner0:39:50
5James Riley0:29:4324Ricardo Motti0:39:59
6Ted Mockett0:29:5125Simon Hedger0:40:11
7Ed Forbes0:31:3526Will Cavendish0:40:27
8Leslie Bailey0:31:3627Lloyd Camp0:40:46
9Rick Jenner0:32:0528Chessie Maddox0:41:55
10Suzy Whatmough0:32:2329Carol Aikin0:43:30
11Gerard O'Callaghan0:33:4830Sally Bamford0:43:56
12Paul Murphy0:33:5931Michael White0:47:16
13Ed Smith0:34:3932Paula Maguire0:47:23
14James Ritchie0:34:5033Bob Beatson0:47:43
15Clare Fowler0:36:1834Sue Camp0:47:49
16John Cadogan0:36:2735Madeline Avis0:47:50
17Bruce McLaren0:36:4836Ellie Lawley0:48:10
18Stephen Aikin0:37:0637Tom Reay0:52:36
19Stephen Hurton0:38:0438Jackie Dunkley0:52:58

Page Cup 2023 Fastest 5

Fastest 5 LadiesNameRace TimeGuest
1Suzy Whatmough0:32:23
2Wiebke Kortum0:36:18
3Emma de Heveningham0:38:59
4Claire Warner0:39:50
5Chessie Maddox0:41:55Yes
Fastest 5 OpenNameRace Time
1Jonathan Smith0:28:39
2Ed Perry0:29:07
3Joe Killip0:29:17Yes
4David Lawley0:29:42
5James Riley0:29:43

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