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Race Report: 2024 Inter Club Ranelagh vs Milocarian AC vs The Stragglers

Every 23 March, the World Meteorological Organization commemorates the Convention establishing their organisation in 1950. This year’s Inter-Club race between Ranelagh, Milocarian AC and The Stragglers unintentionally coincided with this meteorological moment in history; so with hindsight, the day’s weather variations – bright sun, stinging hail, strong headwind and mizzling rain – was indeed somewhat apt.

Said atmospheric conditions did nothing to dissuade The Stragglers from arriving en masse; complete with tent 🤷‍♀️,  huge club flag and canary yellow outfits aplenty; 37 runners plus a handful of supporters. Regrettably our rivals in the Armed Forces only managed to field a paltry 6 runners; the deep blue of Milocarian AC barely making a dent in that sea of yellow.

And while yours truly would love to state that Ranelagh responded with a wave of blue and amber; it was more like a feeble splash, with only 23 Ranelagh finally toeing the start line. And with 5 to score for the Ellis (Men) and the Dysart (Ladies) Cups respectively; there was a frantic rush to find a (un)willing runner (yours truly) to complete the Ranelagh’s Ladies team.

With the hail and rain doing nothing to alleviate the rock hard ground; at 2pm, upon Race Director Andy Bickerstaff’s succinct ‘Go’, everyone thundered around the first lap of Sidmouth Woods, dodging pedestrians, heavy machinery and path works. Truly an inner city style of cross-country.

The first loop around Sidmouth Woods was deceptive, masking the bite of the remainder of the course to come. As runners left the woods to canter down Queen’s Ride, and around the Ballet School, there could be something written about the stunning landscape and special magic of running in Richmond Park – if only yours truly was a fitter runner to be able to take notice any of it.

As it was, it was all one could do to keep the pace and hang on to the far off distant yellow speck of a Straggler. Dogged running was the name of the game, with much grimacing (aka game face) and wheezing (aka breathing), but on one went; with only one thought in mind; overtake if you can (not bloody likely) and don’t be overtaken, which was somewhat more achievable.

As the dazzling sight of Pen Ponds loomed, comfort could be drawn from the fact that it’s just under a mile to the finish. But as anyone who’s ever run that course will attest, it’s a mile’s worth of an inexorable uphill slog. Even though this was mitigated somewhat by our ever supportive, ever cheerful Ranelagh marshals; nevertheless, it was a happy day indeed for your author when the finish line was eventually sighted.

A quick check to confirm that one had indeed survived that horrific experience and would live to run another day; it was all to the clubhouse for results and a much needed tea put on by our fabulous Carol.

Our boffins (Pete Vox & James Ritchie) eventually produced the results; revealing that The Stragglers’ admirable efforts had earned them the Ellis Cup, with Ranelagh’s men just missing out. However, club pride was restored by fabulous runs from 4 of Ranelagh’s ladies – Suzy Whatmough, Cecily Day, Lucy Urbas & Maia Rushby) – with wee bit of help from yours truly 😉, to ensure that we retained the Dysart Cup.

Fastest 5 ladies were Ranelagh’s Suzy Whatmough (32:44), Cecily Day (33:05) and Lucy Urbas (36:37); followed by Milocarian AC’s Hannah Karas (37:53) and Straggler Elizabeth Ferguson (38:54).

Fastest 5 (open) were Ranelagh’s Peter Cook (29:50), Straggler Pete Gregorowski (31:01), Milocarian AC’s Charlie Wood (31:30), Ranelagh’s Graham Weller (32:30) and Straggler James Ruskin (32:38).

Shout out to the Stragglers and Milocarian AC for strong performances all round and a huge thank you to all the marshals, volunteers and race organisers for their support and help. Yet another great club event realised through the collective efforts of all involved.

Race report by Narissa Vox (Race Director)

Image credit: Simon Martin & James Ritchie

💙 Results (Cups):
💛 Results (Groups & Medals):
💙 All Times:

Please note: This event was classified as a ‘race’ for the Ellis and Dysart cups, so a modification of the normal ‘mob match’ points system was used to calculate the final result. This was based on each team’s counted runners’ finishing positions in relation to just counted runners (from each team), not their finishing positions in relation to everyone who ran.

Inter Club 2024: Results

Ranelagh Harriers33Ranelagh Harriers21
Milocarian AC57Milocarian ACNo team
The Stragglers30The Stragglers34
Total # runners51Total # runners15
# Runners for RAN18# Runners for RAN5
# Runners for MIL5# Runners for MIL0
# Runners for STR28# Runners for STR9
# Scoring runners p/team5# Scoring runners p/team5
Fastest 5 LadiesNameRace TimeClub
1Suzy Whatmough32:44RAN
2Cecily Day33:05RAN
3Lucy Urbas36:37RAN
4Hannah Karas37:53MIL
5Elizabeth Ferguson38:54STR
Fastest 5 OpenNameRace TimeClub
1Peter Cook29:50RAN
2Pete Gregorowski31:01STR
3Charlie Wood31:30MIL
4Graham Weller32:30RAN
5James Ruskin32:38STR

2024 Inter-Club: Individual Times

PositionNameClubRace TimePositionNameClubRace Time
1Peter CookRAN29:5034Elizabeth FergusonSTR39:00
2Pete GregorowskiSTR31:0135Malcolm FletcherSTR39:52
3Charlie WoodMIL31:3036Andrew McLachlanRAN56:22
4Graham WellerRAN32:3037Gareth PritchardSTR40:17
5James RuskinSTR32:3838Nick BrownSTR40:22
6Suzy WhatmoughRAN32:4439Phil DaviesSTR40:40
7Bradley HarradSTR33:0240Maia RushbyRAN40:47
8Cecily DayRAN33:0541Rob WiseRAN41:21
9Ed BuckleySTR33:1042Merilyn DavisSTR41:34
10Sergio StillacciRAN33:2643Marcus AtkinsRAN41:40
11Andy StarrRAN33:5844William StoreyRAN42:05
12Pavel PrzepiorskiSTR33:5945Lea RochesterSTR42:13
13Austin MolnarSTR34:0146Jeremy DayRAN42:28
14Peter HowgegoRAN34:0847Stephen PenprazeSTR42:36
15Crispin AllenSTR34:3548Patricia RonksleySTR42:55
16Josh CharkinRAN35:1349Julie HolmesSTR43:10
17Richard BowesSTR35:2450Gavin McAllisterMIL43:22
18George HowardMIL35:2851Gordon WhitsonRAN43:33
19James RitchieRAN35:4552Dean TylerSTR44:08
20Chance RowanSTR35:5553Izabel GrindalSTR44:18
21Mark CoopSTR35:5854Ed RandallSTR45:19
22Kevin PriceSTR36:0755Mirella GenzianiSTR47:12
23Felix KeatingMIL36:1256Vaughan RamseyRAN47:15
24Stuart HamblingSTR36:3057Sally BoultonSTR47:39
25Lucy UrbasRAN36:3758Michael HutchinsonSTR47:45
26Mark CanningsSTR36:4259Greg SmithRAN47:49
27Jonathan DaviesSTR36:5860Peter WedderburnSTR48:55
28Steve ClellandSTR37:1061Dave GriffithsSTR49:27
29Mick LaneRAN37:2062Narissa VoxRAN51:48
30James HornbyMIL37:4663Mike FosterSTR52:40
31Hannah KarasMIL38:0064Linda ChaseSTR53:12
32Neil RaeRAN38:4665Merran SellSTR57:55
33Steve AikenRAN38:5466Jim SellSTR61:56

july, 2024

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