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2023 Henty Relay: Race Report & Results

As our 2022/2023 season starts to draw to a close, a veritable gaggle of Ranelaghs gathered from far and wide (well, Oxford) to take part in everyone’s favourite annual relay; The Henty Relay.

The format of the Henty is simple in its form: teams of 3, comprising a ‘fast‘, ‘medium‘ and an ‘improving‘ runner, take on 6 laps of approximately 1.3 miles per lap around Sidmouth Woods. Usually, the fast runner runs three laps, the medium runner runs two laps, and the slow runner will complete one lap of the course, with the running order left to the discretion of each team.

Both the young (Maisy Fowler and James Houlding) along with the young-at-heart (pretty much everyone else), gathered in Richmond Park to find out their team allocations and pick up their numbers. Some (Lloyd Camp) rejoiced at the kindness of the handicappers at being deemed ‘improving‘ enough to run 1 lap; others (pretty much everyone else) lamented their fates at being ‘medium‘ or ‘fast‘. Nonetheless all were determined to run their best for their team.

And at stake? An odd little trophy – the Henty Kiwi. Which as Ranelagh legend foretells, had its origins from a group of visiting New Zealand runners sometime in the 1970s.

The weather was fine, the mood festive and everyone was raring to go. Race Director Andy Bickerstaff staunchly led the front runners to the traditional start by the Mob Match tree, and as is his fashion, set them off with a succinct, ‘Ready, go!

After the first lap runners hurtled across the handover point, the event casually unfolded in an almost metronomic fashion: runner sighted > cheering > handover > repeat for 19 runners > 8(ish) minutes lull of genial conversation > runner sighted > and so on as the 19 teams ran around Sidmouth Woods.

Blessedly no one got (that) lost and while the intensity of friendly competition was such that race officials were moved to issue, time and again, stern threats of penalties for being on the wrong side of the cones during the handover; it was a wonderfully supportive atmosphere with everyone cheering on their team mates and in true Ranelagh spirit, everyone else running too.

After some fabulous racing all round, the winning team was Marc Leyshon (yeah, yeah, we know), Lauren Warner & Marianne Malam (50:57). Close behind was Leslie Bailey, Jacob Cavendish & Rachel Revett (51:30) and taking the final place on the podium were Hadi Khatamizadeh, John Cadogan & Ricardo Motti (52:43).

A huge shout out to everyone that participated; with an extra special mention to the race organisers, handicappers and timekeepers. Despite thoughts to the contrary, the handicappers had done their job well to realise an evenly matched field, especially in light of last minute dropouts & a no-show. In the end, no team was lapped and all finished within 7 1/2 minutes of the winners.

After photos & an instant prize-giving (made possible by Pete Vox’s technical wizardry), many assembled trooped to the Roebuck for some well deserved hydration and sustenance. A truly fitting (social) end to a fabulous (social) club event.

Lap 1 runners ready & waiting


The winning team: Marc Leyshon, Lauren Warner & Marianne Malam (image courtesy Ric Motti)

💙 Team Results:
💛 Lap Times:
💙 Individual Speed Order:

Henty 2023 Team Results

PlaceRace TimeRunners
150.57Marc Leyshon · Lauren Warner · Marianne Malam
251.30Leslie Bailey · Jacob Cavendish · Rachel Revett
352.43Hadi Khatamizadeh · John Cadogan · Ricardo Motti
453.23Joe Killip · John Lear · Heward Phillips
553.37Rick Jenner · Felix von Schubert · James Houlding
653.47James Riley · Victoria Martin · Carol Aikin
753.59Vaughan Ramsay · James Russell · Andrew Houlding
854.04Matthew Hirschler · Tom Brown · Sue Camp
954.25Mark Herbert · Will Cavendish · Oliver Hickson
1055.02Shaun Griffith · Jeremy Day · Lloyd Camp
1155.15Peter Haarer · Stephen Aiken · Emma de Heveningham
1255.24Joshua Charkin · Gordon Whitson · Dave Glanville
1355.28Elizabeth Bailey · Amrut Sharma · Lucy Harper
1455.36Jonathan Moore · Richard Willoughby · Wendy Fisher
1555.50Andy Starr · Stephen Logue · Clare Day
1656.20Lucy Urbas · Malcolm Hunter · Tom Reay
1757.07Dafydd Nelson · Clare Fowler · Maisy Fowler
1857.32Thomas Cameron · Maia Rushby · Lucy Evans
1958.07Suzy Whatmough · Cecily Day · Sue Lear

Henty 2023 Lap Times

Lap 1Lap 2Lap 3Lap 4Lap 5Lap 6
Marc Leyshon07:07Peter Haarer07:59Marc Leyshon07:28Leslie Bailey08:12Richard Willoughby08:20Joe Killip07:30
James Riley07:09Cecily Day08:20Joe Killip07:39Hadi Khatamizadeh08:29Jacob Cavendish08:25Marc Leyshon07:32
Joe Killip07:13Jacob Cavendish08:24Mark Herbert07:45Shaun Griffith08:32Cecily Day08:29James Riley07:49
Mark Herbert07:20Malcolm Hunter08:29James Riley07:47Peter Haarer08:32Malcolm Hunter08:44Mark Herbert07:49
Matthew Hirschler07:22Richard Willoughby08:30Matthew Hirschler07:57Andy Starr08:34John Cadogan09:01Matthew Hirschler07:56
Jonathan Moore07:38Vaughan Ramsay08:37Jonathan Moore08:04Elizabeth Bailey08:37Lauren Warner09:16Joshua Charkin08:10
Leslie Bailey07:43Lauren Warner08:55Joshua Charkin08:11Vaughan Ramsay08:45Stephen Aiken09:22Leslie Bailey08:12
Hadi Khatamizadeh07:47Tom Brown09:01Rick Jenner08:27Dafydd Nelson08:45James Russell09:31Peter Haarer08:15
Dafydd Nelson07:48John Cadogan09:05Suzy Whatmough08:55Lucy Urbas08:50Jeremy Day09:37Jonathan Moore08:15
Rick Jenner07:49Felix von Schubert09:29Thomas Cameron09:11James Houlding09:51Felix von Schubert09:39Hadi Khatamizadeh08:19
Joshua Charkin07:50Jeremy Day09:32Andrew Houlding09:34Dave Glanville10:34Amrut Sharma09:50Rick Jenner08:22
Shaun Griffith07:53Amrut Sharma09:34Ricardo Motti10:02Marianne Malam10:39Tom Brown10:00Andy Starr08:33
Andy Starr07:55Clare Fowler09:36Clare Day10:27Carol Aikin10:44Clare Fowler10:05Dafydd Nelson08:36
Suzy Whatmough08:03John Lear09:55Rachel Revett10:34Lucy Evans10:46Maia Rushby10:08Vaughan Ramsay08:39
Thomas Cameron08:04Victoria Martin10:07Lucy Harper10:35Heward Phillips10:52Stephen Logue10:10Shaun Griffith08:43
Elizabeth Bailey08:06Will Cavendish10:08Lloyd Camp10:45Oliver Hickson10:53Victoria Martin10:11Elizabeth Bailey08:46
Lucy Urbas08:17Maia Rushby10:10Maisy Fowler12:17Sue Camp11:48John Lear10:14Lucy Urbas08:55
Stephen Aiken08:44Stephen Logue10:11Emma de Heveningham12:23Wendy Fisher14:49Gordon Whitson10:21Thomas Cameron09:13
James Russell08:53Gordon Whitson10:18Tom Reay13:05Sue Lear15:04Will Cavendish10:30Suzy Whatmough09:16

Henty 2023 Speed Order

NameAverage per kmNameAverage per kmNameAverage per kmNameAverage per km
Marc Leyshon03:21Andy Starr03:47Felix von Schubert04:18Lucy Harper04:45
Joe Killip03:23Dafydd Nelson03:48Jeremy Day04:18Marianne Malam04:47
James Riley03:26Shaun Griffith03:48Amrut Sharma04:21Lloyd Camp04:49
Mark Herbert03:28Elizabeth Bailey03:51Clare Fowler04:25Carol Aikin04:49
Matthew Hirschler03:31Malcolm Hunter03:52James Houlding04:25Lucy Evans04:50
Jonathan Moore03:37Vaughan Ramsay03:53Ricardo Motti04:30Heward Phillips04:52
Leslie Bailey03:39Lucy Urbas03:56John Lear04:31Oliver Hickson04:53
Joshua Charkin03:40Suzy Whatmough03:58Victoria Martin04:33Sue Camp05:17
Peter Haarer03:42Thomas Cameron04:00Maia Rushby04:34Maisy Fowler05:30
Hadi Khatamizadeh03:43John Cadogan04:04Stephen Logue04:34Emma de Heveningham05:33
Rick Jenner03:43Lauren Warner04:05Gordon Whitson04:38Tom Reay05:52
Cecily Day03:46Stephen Aiken04:08Will Cavendish04:38Wendy Fisher06:39
Jacob Cavendish03:46James Russell04:12Clare Day04:41Sue Lear06:45
Richard Willoughby03:47Tom Brown04:16Dave Glanville04:44
Andy Starr03:47Andrew Houlding04:17Rachel Revett04:44
NOTE: Individual Speed Order is based on average time per km across all laps/distance run, taking into account the slightly shorter first lap for those who ran it.



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