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Race Report & Results: 2024 Coad Cup

At the recent Baker Cup prizegiving supper, it didn’t escape the notice of many that there was quite an inordinate amount of silverware held by our club. Silverware both new and old, and in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Truly a grand legacy for us to hold on to for future generations of members.

Now in and amongst the many variations of award is the slightly unassuming tall-ish chalice known as the Coad Cup. In 1947, this elegant trophy was presented to the club by one SE Coad Esq; the cup itself had been won by his brother WH Coad in a 5 mile steeplechase in 1883. To further complicate its provenance, the cup had first been won by Frank Wynne Esq in 1882.

Upon donation, a wish was expressed that it should be competed for in a 5 mile cross-country race; and the committee at the time decided, in view of the increased popularity of summer cross-country running, that the race should be held annually in the month of June.

So, 77 years later, 5 days before June 2024, a mob of 67 Rane-lights gathered to compete for this wonderful piece of club history. Thankfully, the miserable mizzle emanating from steel grey skies had ceased somewhat, offering a respite from the distinctly un-summer like conditions.

5 miles in today’s money meant 1 lap of the course that is the Page-Clutton-Coad trinity; a ‘lovely’ undulating run starting at Sidmouth Woods, down Queen’s Ride, around the ballet school, over Spankers Hill Wood, through Pen Ponds, across the fern & bracken of Pond Slade, before turning right by White Ash Lodge, into Queen Elizabeth’s Plantation and back round Sidmouth Woods again.

30 mins from the 7pm race start saw everyone set off; the honour of scratch given to young Peter Cook. The increasingly cool weather meant a slightly uncomfortable wait for the timekeepers; although ironically it yielded fantastic conditions for the runners.

Soon enough the cry ‘RUNNER’ went up and lo and behold, from afar, running for all his life’s worth was one John Herriot. But victory was not assured; as hot on his heels was Felix von Schubert, who sprinted confidently to overtake John and claim the Coad Cup in a race time of 39:13.

Second across the line was John (52:48), followed by a return to (some-semblance-of) form, Gordon Whitson (57:24). Soon after the first 3 had crossed the line, the horde returned; at first in a trickle, then as testament to the might of our club’s handicapper skill, seconds apart.

This, as well as the torrential downpour, proved a real challenge to the timekeepers but in the end, the results were produced, and a damp prize-giving took place. Fastest 3 ladies were Suzy Whatmough (31:55), Cecily Day (33:01) and Molly Riglin (33:42). Fastest 3 open were Peter Cook (27:30), James Whistler (29:35) and Gareth Williams (30:04).

Well done to everyone who participated. A huge shout out & greatest appreciation to all the marshals & volunteers – as always, without your help, nothing would be possible.

Race report by Narissa Vox (Race Director)
Photo credit: Ric Motti

💙 Finishing Order:
💛 Speed Order:
💙 Fastest 3:


Coad Cup 2024 Finishing Order

PositionNameFinished @Started @Race Time
1Felix von Schubert0:57:030:17:500:39:13
2John Herriott0:57:080:04:200:52:48
3Gordon Whitson0:57:240:17:000:40:24
4Emma de Heveningham0:57:440:10:500:46:54
5Clare Day0:57:500:16:300:41:20
6Sally Bamford0:57:540:13:500:44:04
7Candice Goddard0:58:330:07:400:50:53
8Lukas Appenzeller0:58:360:23:500:34:46
9James Percival0:58:430:13:300:45:13
10Colette Doran0:58:510:12:400:46:11
11James Whistler0:58:550:29:200:29:35
12Edel Mckeever0:59:120:21:000:38:12
13Suzy Whatmough0:59:150:27:200:31:55
14Matt Osgood0:59:230:23:000:36:23
15Claire Warner0:59:260:22:100:37:16
16Thomas Lahille0:59:270:28:500:30:37
17Alison Garton0:59:320:23:200:36:12
18Gareth Williams0:59:340:29:300:30:04
19Kitty O'Loan0:59:540:13:300:46:24
20Andrew Mclauchlan0:59:550:21:200:38:35
21Cecily Day1:00:010:27:000:33:01
22Peter Haarer1:00:020:28:400:31:22
23Wendy Fisher1:00:030:01:000:59:03
24Penny Merrett1:00:040:00:001:00:04
25John Shaw1:00:050:26:100:33:55
26Stephen Hird1:00:060:27:500:32:16
27Peter Cook1:00:200:32:500:27:30
28Neil Rae1:00:230:25:200:35:03
29Michael Everard1:00:270:24:400:35:47
30Leo Penry1:00:280:19:400:40:48
31Clive Naish1:00:290:02:200:58:09
32Rachel Smith1:00:300:21:200:39:10
33Sachin Nighut1:00:340:16:100:44:24
34Richard Pender1:00:440:15:200:45:24
35Mike Thomas1:00:470:26:300:34:17
36Mark Herbert1:00:480:29:000:31:48
37Jeremy Day1:00:490:20:500:39:59
38Claire Slater1:00:530:09:200:51:33
39Ben Collier1:00:540:26:000:34:54
40Molly Riglin1:01:020:27:200:33:42
41Sue Camp1:01:050:13:300:47:35
42Sarah Palmer1:01:060:26:200:34:46
43Sergio Stillacci1:01:070:27:200:33:47
44Graham Weller1:01:140:29:300:31:44
45Amrut Sharma1:01:360:22:200:39:16
46James Stokes1:01:390:26:500:34:49
47Rachel Revett1:01:450:20:300:41:15
48Shaun Griffith1:01:480:28:500:32:58
49Jon Lear1:01:500:21:200:40:30
50Ben Shore1:01:560:25:100:36:46
51Beverly Walsh1:01:571:01:57
52Vaughan Ramsay1:02:020:26:300:35:32
53Philip Collins1:02:120:31:100:31:02
54Hadi Khatamizadeh1:02:210:25:100:37:11
55Becca Ireland1:02:390:01:301:01:09
56Ed Forbes1:02:590:28:100:34:49
57Heward Phillips1:03:060:25:400:37:26
58Ciaran O'Hagan1:03:130:25:400:37:33
59Simon Taylor1:03:250:17:000:46:25
60Katrina Roche1:04:160:01:501:02:26
61Michael White1:04:480:11:300:53:18
62Tom Reay1:08:520:07:301:01:22

Coad Cup 2024 Speed Order

PositionNameRace TimePositionNameRace Time
1Peter Cook0:27:3032Edel Mckeever0:38:12
2James Whistler0:29:3533Andrew Mclauchlan0:38:35
3Gareth Williams0:30:0434Rachel Smith0:39:10
4Thomas Lahille0:30:3735Felix von Schubert0:39:13
5Philip Collins0:31:0236Amrut Sharma0:39:16
6Peter Haarer0:31:2237Jeremy Day0:39:59
7Graham Weller0:31:4438Gordon Whitson0:40:24
8Mark Herbert0:31:4839Jon Lear0:40:30
9Suzy Whatmough0:31:5540Leo Penry0:40:48
10Stephen Hird0:32:1641Rachel Revett0:41:15
11Shaun Griffith0:32:5842Clare Day0:41:20
12Cecily Day0:33:0143Sally Bamford0:44:04
13Molly Riglin0:33:4244Sachin Nighut0:44:24
14Sergio Stillacci0:33:4745James Percival0:45:13
15John Shaw0:33:5546Richard Pender0:45:24
16Mike Thomas0:34:1747Colette Doran0:46:11
17Lukas Appenzeller0:34:4648Kitty O'Loan0:46:24
18Sarah Palmer0:34:4649Simon Taylor0:46:25
19James Stokes0:34:4950Emma de Heveningham0:46:54
20Ed Forbes0:34:4951Sue Camp0:47:35
21Ben Collier0:34:5452Candice Goddard0:50:53
22Neil Rae0:35:0353Claire Slater0:51:33
23Vaughan Ramsay0:35:3254John Herriott0:52:48
24Michael Everard0:35:4755Michael White0:53:18
25Alison Garton0:36:1256Clive Naish0:58:09
26Matt Osgood0:36:2357Wendy Fisher0:59:03
27Ben Shore0:36:4658Penny Merrett1:00:04
28Hadi Khatamizadeh0:37:1159Becca Ireland1:01:09
29Claire Warner0:37:1660Tom Reay1:01:22
30Heward Phillips0:37:2661Beverly Walsh1:01:57
31Ciaran O'Hagan0:37:3362Katrina Roche1:02:26

Coad Cup 2024 Fastest 3

Fastest 3 LadiesNameRace Time
1Suzy Whatmough0:31:55
2Cecily Day0:33:01
3Molly Riglin0:33:42
Fastest 3 OpenNameRace Time
1Peter Cook0:27:30
2James Whistler0:29:35
3Gareth Williams0:30:04

june, 2024

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