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Race Report & Results: 2024 Baker Cup

They say that there is great power in the gathering of individuals who, whilst different in appearances and personalities, elect to come together because of a common passion, to bond and achieve fabulous things.

This was encapsulated perfectly on Saturday 27 April, as 39 Ranelagh Harriers gathered for the Baker Cup race in Richmond Park. The weather gods were kind, and it was a hotly contested event, with everyone giving it their all.

First across the line, and winner of the Baker Cup was Will Cavendish (22:01), holding off the threat of a speedy Claire Warner (21:44), who settled for second place, a mere 3 seconds behind. 20 seconds later, in 3rd place, was a very determined and dogged James Ritchie, with a blistering 19:04 run.

Fastest ladies were Suzy Whatmough (18:47), Molly Riglin (19:06) and Natalie Haarer (20:28) and fastest open was Joe Killip (16:37), David Ready (16:51) and Marc Leyshon (16:55).

A HUGE well done to all the competitors and as ever, the utmost of appreciations to the event organisers, volunteers & marshals.

This year’s race was followed that evening by the Baker Cup Supper & Prizegiving; a Ranelagh tradition that had lapsed for a wee while but was brilliantly resurrected by the sterling efforts of a core group of Ranelagh members, led ably by our social secretary Rebecca Bissell.

It is also said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that each picture is worth a lifetime of memories. So in lieu of an extensive race report, we’ll let the pictures say it all.

Rah Rah Rah Ranelagh.

Race report by Narissa Vox (Race Director)
Photo credits: Alex Ring, Maia Rushby & Narissa Vox


💙 Finishing Order:
💛 Speed Order:
💙 Fastest 3:
💛 2024 Prize Winners:


Baker Cup 2024 Finishing Order

PositionNameFinished @Started @Race Time
1Will Cavendish0:33:210:11:200:22:01
2Claire Warner0:33:240:11:400:21:44
3James Ritchie0:33:440:14:400:19:04
4Katrina Roche0:33:590:00:000:33:59
5Lukas Appenzeller0:34:050:13:400:20:25
6Alison Garton0:34:120:13:200:20:52
7David Lawley0:34:180:17:200:16:58
8Molly Riglin0:34:260:15:200:19:06
9Tristian Thornhill0:34:290:16:000:18:29
10Emma de Heveningham0:34:300:06:100:28:20
11David Ready0:34:310:17:400:16:51
12Lloyd Camp0:34:410:09:500:24:51
13Neil Rae0:34:430:14:500:19:53
14Rachel Revett0:34:440:11:400:23:04
15Ted Mockett0:34:450:17:200:17:25
16Suzy Whatmough0:34:470:16:000:18:47
17Joe Killip0:34:470:18:100:16:37
18Candice Goddard0:34:560:05:400:29:16
19Matt Hirschler0:34:580:17:300:17:28
20Shaun Griffith0:35:020:16:300:18:32
21Greg Smith0:35:050:11:000:24:05
22Marc Leyshon0:35:050:18:100:16:55
23Wiebke Kortum0:35:090:12:500:22:19
24Peter Haarer0:35:140:16:400:18:34
25Michael Peace0:35:160:10:200:24:56
26Heward Phillips0:35:190:14:400:20:39
27Martin Fitzsimons0:35:250:13:500:21:35
28Karen Feeney0:35:290:04:000:31:29
29Gareth Beavis0:35:420:15:500:19:52
30Bruce McLaren0:35:470:15:300:20:17
31John Tovell0:35:480:11:400:24:08
32Trevor Maguire0:35:520:14:200:21:32
33Natalie Haarer0:35:580:15:300:20:28
34Christopher Read0:36:010:10:200:25:41
35Hadi Khatamizadeh0:36:030:16:000:20:03
36Vaughan Ramsay0:36:280:16:000:20:28
37Ellie Lawley0:36:470:07:500:28:57
38Rachel Smith0:38:370:13:100:25:27
39Thomas Cameron0:43:470:16:000:27:47

Baker Cup 2024 Speed Order

PositionNameRace TimePositionNameRace Time
1Joe Killip0:16:3721Alison Garton0:20:52
2David Ready0:16:5122Trevor Maguire0:21:32
3Marc Leyshon0:16:5523Martin Fitzsimons0:21:35
4David Lawley0:16:5824Claire Warner0:21:44
5Ted Mockett0:17:2525Will Cavendish0:22:01
6Matt Hirschler0:17:2826Wiebke Kortum0:22:19
7Tristian Thornhill0:18:2927Rachel Revett0:23:04
8Shaun Griffith0:18:3228Greg Smith0:24:05
9Peter Haarer0:18:3429John Tovell0:24:08
10Suzy Whatmough0:18:4730Lloyd Camp0:24:51
11James Ritchie0:19:0431Michael Peace0:24:56
12Molly Riglin0:19:0632Rachel Smith0:25:27
13Gareth Beavis0:19:5233Christopher Read0:25:41
14Neil Rae0:19:5334Thomas Cameron0:27:47
15Hadi Khatamizadeh0:20:0335Emma de Heveningham0:28:20
16Bruce McLaren0:20:1736Ellie Lawley0:28:57
17Lukas Appenzeller0:20:2537Candice Goddard0:29:16
18Natalie Haarer0:20:2838Karen Feeney0:31:29
19Vaughan Ramsay0:20:2839Katrina Roche0:33:59
20Heward Phillips0:20:39

Baker Cup 2024 Fastest 3

Fastest 3 LadiesNameRace Time
1Suzy Whatmough0:18:47
2Molly Riglin0:19:06
3Natalie Haarer0:20:28
Fastest 3 OpenNameRace Time
1Joe Killip0:16:37
2David Ready0:16:51
3Marc Leyshon0:16:55

Ranelagh Harriers 2024 Awards

TrophyGender/Age CategoryAwarded ForWinner
St Martha's Ultra Trophy 2022OpenThe most meritorious performance by a member in one or more ultra-distance running events.James Riley
2nd: Thomas Lahille
3rd: James Graham
St Martha's Ultra Trophy 2023OpenThe most meritorious performance by a member in one or more ultra-distance running events.James Ritchie
2nd: Sally Minchella
3rd: Suzy Whatmough
Chalkie White Rose BowlWRanelagh Half MarathonSarah Palmer
JF Williams TrophyOpenRanelagh Half MarathonNick Impey
AJ Hedger CupWDorking 10mNic Douglas
Callis CupOpenDorking 10mChris Davidson
Don "Flash" Gardner TrophyOpenRanelagh 10kHenry Fagan
Sonia Rowland TrophyWRanelagh 10kNatalie Haarer
Whitlock-Welch TrophyOpenRanelagh 10kJohn Shaw
Coad CupOpenCoad Cup Handicap RaceClaire Warner
Atalanta CupWRoad GP:
Ranelagh Half Marathon
Sutton 10k
Dorking 10 miles
Ranelagh 10k
Elmore 7 miles
Elmbridge 10k
Wedding Day 7k
Nic Douglas
Ellen Clague TrophyW 40 - 50Nic Douglas
Vancouver TrophyW 50 - 60Carol Aikin
Pat Hewlett TrophyW >60Sally Bamford
Wally Beauvais Memorial TrophyOpenChris Davidson
Veteran's TrophyM 40 - 50Ted Mockett
WJH CupM >50Michael Morris
Thomas CupHandicapThomas Cup Handicap RaceKatrina Roche
Page CupHandicapPage Cup Handicap RaceEllie Lawley
HentyN/AHenty RelayMarc Leyshon, Lauren Robertson, Marian Malam
Hastings CupOpen V40Mob vs. THH (Home)Marc Leyshon
McDowell SalverOpen V50Mob vs. THH (Home)Peter Haarer
Maslin MugOpen V60+Mob vs. THH (Home)Mick Lane
Milocarians Ladies Team TrophyWInterclub @ RMA SandhurstRanelagh
Wynne CupOpenMob vs. Orion (Away)Jonathan Smith
CH Spendlove TrophyMSurrey League Cross Country ChampionshipPeter Cook
Hugh Jones SalverWSurrey League Cross Country ChampionshipSuzy Whatmough
Trish's TrophyW 40 - 50Surrey League Cross Country ChampionshipClare Fowler
Petersham TrophyW > 50Surrey League Cross Country ChampionshipMaia Rushby
Harry Sheer Memorial TrophyOpen >50Mob Match v Blackheath & BromleyPeter Haarer
Pelling Ratcliff CupN/AMob Match v Blackheath & BromleyRanelagh
Clutton CupOpenClutton Cup Handicap RaceJonathan Smith
Dysart CupWInterclub Cross Country RaceRanelagh
Baker CupOpenBaker Cup Handicap RaceWill Cavendish
Points PrizeOpenPoints across the handicap races (excl. top 3 finish): Baker Cup, Clutton Cup, Page Cup, Thomas CupDave Lawley
McLeod TrophyMPoints across all cross country races: all handicaps, all mob matches, all Surrey League races, The South of England and National Cross-Country Championships, other inter-club racesDave Lawley
Women's Performance AwardWSuzy Whatmough
Arthur Winter CupOpenLondon MarathonRyan Hogan
Brasher BowlWLondon MarathonAgnes Nagy
Carl Nargang TrophyOpenPresident's prize for outstanding contributionRalph Street

may, 2024

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