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Editor: Steve Rowland

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MOB MATCH v THAMES HARE & HOUNDS   Saturday 30th April at home in Richmond Park.  3pm start.

It’s 7.5 miles and we need all the runners we can get. All are welcome to run and everyone counts towards the final result. Register on the day at the start. At the request of the Royal Parks Authority the starting point will be around the first corner at the top of Queen’s Ride. Course map:

The race incorporates our club veterans / masters championships for the Hastings Cup (Over 40), the McDowell Salver (over 50) and the Maslin Mug (over 60).


Here’s a message from Trevor Maguire who is co-ordinating helpers for our Half Marathon

Dear Ranelagh Members,

The Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon is taking place on Sunday 8 May.  By now you will have decided whether to run the race or not.  So, if you are running you can help by keeping runners off the road before the start and when you finish you can help there.

Most importantly, if you are not running the race we need you to help us marshal by volunteering.  In total it takes nearly 100 people to do this and we are still short of about a dozen marshals.  So please contact me (Trevor) at so that we can make the race can take place in a safe and successful way.

And finally, remember that if you volunteer to help at the race, you are invited to the volunteers-race party on Tuesday 10 May at the Rose of York (the race HQ on race day), which starts after training at around 8:30.


Trevor Maguire


Gordon Whitson has done an outstanding job during the past several years as our Hon. Secretary. Unfortunately Gordon has now been obliged to stand down and we need to find a replacement or replacements. It can be a one-person job or shared amongst a team. If you might be interested in taking a role please contact our President Ted Mockett who can give you further information:


Ted Mockett writes:

Ranelagh’s juniors need your help!

Our Tuesday night junior and youth training sessions have for years been run every week by a small dedicated team consisting of Colin Brett, Maia Rushby and, more recently, Katie Walton and we thank all three of them for their fantastic contribution. However, Maia and Katie can no longer commit to running the sessions every week and Colin has had to step down completely.

Therefore, if we are to continue with a youth coaching scheme at Ranelagh we need some new volunteers, ideally a larger team of 8-10 people who would be able to commit to helping out just once a month. You don’t need any prior experience and you don’t need to hold a current coaching qualification in order to volunteer, you just need to be able to turn up once a month on a Tuesday evening .

If you would be willing to help out with our junior training sessions on a Tuesday evening please get in touch with me, Ted Mockett at


 Annual membership subscriptions were due on 1st April and remain unchanged from their previous levels despite an increase in England Athletics registration fees. Please ensure subs are paid promptly and that any Standing Order or Faster Payment clearly states your name and the word “subs” so that our finance team know that you have paid.

Full details of our membership subscription rates and how to pay can be found on the club’s website:

If you need to update your email or home address you can do so by completing the online form on the membership page.


One change for next year concerns our Thursday evening track sessions at Osterley where the fees for our use of the track have almost doubled in just two years. The fees were previously covered by a gift made to the club but these funds have now run out. Since the track is used by a fairly small proportion of members, the committee felt it fairest to ask our senior/adult members who use the track on a regular or occasional basis, and who can afford to do so, to make a contribution of £40 a year in addition to the annual subs in order to help us cover the not inconsiderable cost of hiring the track and so that we can continue to provide this facility. Junior members do not need to make any additional contribution to attend the track training sessions.

Payments for using the track should be made to the following account:

Ranelagh Harriers

Sort Code: 40-23-29

Account Number: 81109847

The payment reference should be your name followed by the word Track. For example: “J Smith Track”.


Deborah Blakemore (Inter 3 coach) will be running a ladies-only couch-to-5k beginners course from 12 May to 30 June. The programme is ideal for complete beginners – mums, aunts, grannies, sisters, cousins & friends – pretty much anyone who would like to try out running for the first time. The emphasis is on having fun, being sociable and the end goal is for participants to learn how run 5k, at their own pace.

It’s only £10 for the entire 8-week course, which is an absolute bargain and there’s no pressure for them to join Ranelagh as a running club, before, during or after. The course consists of a 7pm group session in Richmond Park on Thursdays, with additional self-guided sessions through the week. Deborah is immensely passionate about introducing as many women as possible to the benefits of running – whatever their ages or physical condition – so please pass the word around if you know anyone who might like to try out running in a supportive & fun environment ” src=”blob:” alt=”💙” border=”0″ class=”Apple-web-attachment Singleton” style=”width: 0.1666in; height: 0.1666in; opacity: 1;”>” src=”blob:″ alt=”💛” border=”0″ class=”Apple-web-attachment Singleton” style=”width: 0.1666in; height: 0.1666in; opacity: 1;”>. Full details of the programme, plus the link to the Google sign-up form can be found @ ” src=”blob:” alt=”🥰” border=”0″ class=”Apple-web-attachment Singleton” style=”width: 0.1666in; height: 0.1666in; opacity: 1;”>



The road league and our own road GP are in operation again this year after having been struck down by COVID in 2020 and 2021. The general format is unchanged but there are significant differences to the fixtures. In previous years the Wimbledon 5k has been the final race in the calendar, run in mid-August. The organising club Hercules Wimbledon brought it forward to Sunday 13th March, and it duly took place a few weeks ago. The next event is our own Richmond Half Marathon. See below for links.

Sunday 8th May   Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon  Details:

Sunday 15th May  Sutton 10km                                       Details:  Sutton 10K [event] (

Sunday 12th June  Dorking 10 miles  *                            Details:

Sunday 26th June   Richmond 10km  *                            Details:

Saturday  16th July   Elmore 7 miles                                Details:

Sunday  24th July   Elmbridge 10km                                Details:

Those marked with an asterisk are also Surrey championships.

Here are some of the important races during the next few months:

Sat 30th Apr – Mob Match v Thames Hare and Hounds, Richmond Park – no need to enter in advance, details here   NEXT JOB FOR THE MOB

Sun 8th May – Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon – entries here

Sun 15th May – Sutton 10km – entries here

Wed 8th Jun (pm) – THH Parkland Relays, Richmond Park – entry details TBC

Sun 12th Jun – Dorking 10 miles – entries here

Sat 18th Jun – Mob Match v The Stragglers RC – Old Deer Park parkrun – no need to enter in advance, details here

Sun 26th Jun – Ranelagh Richmond 10km – entries here


Wimbledon and Putney Commons are celebrating their 150th anniversary with a fun day of games, sports and events across the Common on Sunday 22 May. As part of this Thames is hosting our famous Dash For The Splash! 10k on the same day. As ever it should be a really great day and it would be really good to get a good turnout from Ranelagh to celebrate the thousands of miles we’ve all run across the common over the past decades! Start and finish are up at the Windmill and it’s a 9.30 start.  Entries are just £20 and for that you get a great race, a trip through the famous watersplash and the traditional sticky toffee pudding finisher prize.  The event also raises funds for the Common. Entries are at

WEDDING DAY 7K  Friday 29th July in Bushy Park

Father Onn of The Stragglers writes:

You don’t need me to point out that the Covid 19 Pandemic lead to the postponement of many a wedding. Although much more light-hearted than real people’s nuptials, the Wedding Day 7K is pleased to invite you, following the hiatus, to the 2022 Wedding Day 7K. This marks the 40th running of the event, albeit two years late. Friday 29th July is the date starting at 7:30pm. Hampton Hill Cricket Club in Bushy Park is the venue. Bless you!
Father Onn

PS  All the stuff you need to know will be on the race website.


Andy Bickerstaff’s very popular summer Wednesday evening  trail race series on Wimbledon Common is back for another year. There are three races – 11th May, 1st June and 6th July. The first two are 5 miles, the third is eight miles. Race HQ is at the Windmill..

Enter races separately or all three  at a discount:

Further good news is that the historic London and Scottish Gold Club bar will be open for drinks and simple food after the race.


BA Runners have invited us to their Concorde One Hour Race on Sunday 5th June: They write: The Concorde One Hour Race is being held on the closed road circuit of the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit (UB4 0LP) on the morning of Sunday 5th June.  Mo Farah holds the world record at 21.33km; we would expect most club runners to achieve somewhere between 10km and 15km. Details: .  This could be an opportunity to set a one-hour record for your club!.


Wiebke Kortum writes:

I have spaces in my two local in-person yoga classes in St Andrew’s Church (Wednesdays 7- 8:15 pm) TW10 5HG and St Richard’s Church TW10 7NL (Wednesdays 9:15 – 10:30 am). Ranelaghs receive a discount of £1 per class (£9 for the class if you sign up for the term/ £10 for drop-in). I also have a Monday evening online class if you are interested. More info and contact details can be found here: – Finally, I have taken some training for people who are experiencing cancer. I aim to start a small supportive yoga class this year. If you know anyone touched by cancer who might be interested don’t hesitate to forward my details. Thank you.


BAKER CUP 3 MILES ROAD HANDICAP Saturday 23rd April in Richmond Park

It was a bright blustery and busy day in the Park for our 3 miles handicap. First away were Bronwen Northmore and  last winner Allan Lang. Allan was swallowed up soon enough but it could soon be seen by the pundits that Mike Peace was setting a lively tempo. Sure enough Mike it was who moved ahead on the second lap and passing his daughter Jessica en route he steadily extended his lead to almost a minute at the finish. Dave Kew secured second spot with Clare Fowler third. Fastest times of the day were Marc Leyshon 16.55, Mark Herbert 17.17 and James Riley 17.45. Not very far behind at all was the first woman Sarah Palmer with an excellent 17.57. Suzy Whatmough ran 18.26 and Wiebke Kortum 21.24.

                                  H’cap     H’cap    Actual   Speed

                                  Time      Allow     Time    Order

1   Mike Peace                   13.20     10.10     23.30     24

 2   Dave Kew                     14.12     10.40     24.52     33

 3   Clare Fowler         (L)     14.25      7.00     21.25     20

     Russell Holt            (G)  14.56      4.50     19.46     15

 4   Sally Bamford        (L)     15.05     10.10     25.15     34

 5   Rebecca Bissell      (L)     15.07      7.10     22.17     22

 6   Ed Perry                     15.09      2.50     17.59      6

 7   Wiebke Kortum        (L)     15.14      6.10     21.24     19

 8   Sarah Palmer         (L)     15.17      2.40     17.57      5

     Jessica Peace        (L)(G)  15.24     11.00     26.24     35

 9   Mark Herbert                 15.27      1.50     17.17      2

10   Simon Lawrence               15.32      8.40     24.12     30

11   Rob Curtis                   15.35      8.30     24.05     27

12   Marc Leyshon                 15.35      1.20     16.55      1

13   Suzy Whatmough       (L)     15.36      2.50     18.26      8

14   Ed Smith                     15.42      3.50     19.32     13

     Joe Peace               (G)  15.43      3.20     19.03     12

15   Edward Forbes                15.48      2.20     18.08      7

16   John Shaw                    15.55      2.50     18.45     10

17   Carol Aikin          (L)     16.00      8.40     24.40     32

18   Bronwen Northmore    (L)     16.02     16.10     32.12     38

19   Michael Thomas               16.03      3.30     19.33     14

20   Amrut Sharma                 16.11      4.50     21.01     18

21   Neil Rae                     16.13      2.20     18.33      9

22   Ann Kearey           (L)     16.14      7.20     23.34     25

23   James Riley                  16.25      1.20     17.45      3

24   Rachel Revett        (L)     16.26      7.10     23.36     26

     Victoria Hart        (L)(G)  16.37      7.40     24.17     31

25   Ted Mockett                  16.46      1.00     17.46      4

26   Paul Doyle                   16.58      1.50     18.48     11

27   Jackie Dunkley       (L)     17.00     13.10     30.10     36

28   James Ritchie                17.04      4.50     21.54     21

     Lukas Appenzeller       (G)  17.27      3.20     20.47     17

29   Becky Curtis-Hall    (L)     17.44      5.20     23.04     23

30   Simon Collingridge           17.55      6.10     24.05     27

31   Tom Cameron                  18.04      2.40     20.44     16

32   Chris Camacho                18.13     13.10     31.23     37

33   Hadi Khatamizadeh            19.29      4.40     24.09     29

34   Allan Lang                   22.04     16.30     38.34     39

INTER-CLUB FOR THE ELLIS and DYSART CUPS  4.5 miles Saturday 2ND April in Richmond Park

Narissa Vox reports:

Saturday afternoon and Richmond Park was the time and setting for the Inter-Club match between Ranelagh, Milocarian AC and The Stragglers. It was a lovely day, bitingly cold but with glorious sunshine throughout, giving rise to perfect running conditions. Due to the ongoing works in Richmond Park, a new course was marked out, incorporating some of the new elements present at last week’s Clutton Cup. This course is proving immensely popular with our athletes, managing to be both picturesque and challenging in equal measure.

The number of runners fielded were small: Milocarian fielded 8 (6 men & 2 women), Ranelagh fielded 10 (6 men & 4 women) while Stragglers fielded 18 (12 men & 6 women) making a total of 36 competitors. As the first 6 were needed to score for the men and 4 for the women, it was decided by the Race Director Andy Bickerstaff that Milocarian’s 2 women could score for the men. The course consisted of one short lap out from the top of Queen’s Ride, then coming back to the start before heading out for the final, longer lap round behind the Ballet School, and then back to the finish.

Milocarian started out strongly, with our own Dave Lawley, Suzy Whatmough, Ed Forbes and Mark Herbert giving chase. By the end of the shorter lap, the runners were spreading out, the ascent before really taking a toll on quickly tiring legs. It was a swift, sharp race and Milocarian finished as they’d started, placing 1st and 2nd respectively. Our Dave Lawley was pipped by 6 seconds to 4th by Tim Jenns of The Stragglers, and when Milocarian took 5th, with their Jessie Ludwyche placing 8th overall (1st woman), the team scores swung well and truly in their favour.

Our own Suzy Whatmough was close, coming in 11th overall (2nd woman) but ran out of course to take her. Oh, but for another lap! A fabulous effort though from the rest of the Ranelagh men to take 6th (Ed Forbes) and 7th (Mark Herbert), but with Stragglers splitting the top 13 positions, the men’s team scores saw Milocarian place 1st with 51, Ranelagh 2nd with 57 and Stragglers 3rd with 66th.

Ranelagh’s women stole the limelight to place 1st in the women’s team, scoring 17 over Stragglers 27. A huge shout out to Suzy Whatmough, Sarah Palmer, Lizzie Broughton and Cecily Day for their fabulous efforts. This means the Dysart Cup stayed at home, but the Ellis Cup has gone to Milocarian – to be contested a year hence. A wonderfully mixed crowd then traipsed back to the (warm) clubhouse for a jovial prize giving and well-deserved tea, prepared as always, to wonderfully comforting standards by our very own dear Carol. A great inter-club race day indeed and as always, a huge thank you to all participants, marshals and supporters.

Pos       Name            Club   Time     Cat.

  1   Tom Rann            MILO   26.07    SM

  2   Frederick Strachan  MILO   26.11    SM

  3   Tim Jenns           STR    26,32    SM

  4   David Lawley        RAN    26.38    M40+

  6   Ed Forbes           RAN    27.31    M40+

  7   Mark Herbert        RAN    27.36    M40+

  9   Jessie Ludwyche     MILO   27.49    SL       1st woman

 11   Suzy Whatmough      RAN    28.14    SL       2nd woman

12   Roy Reeder           STR    28.27    M55+

13   Sophie Biggs         STR    28.32    L40+     3rd woman

14   John Shaw            RAN    28.43    M60+

15   Tom Cameron          RAN    28.50    SM

 17   Sarah Palmer        RAN    29.02    SL

 19   Lizzie Broughton    RAN    29.35    SL

 21   Cecily Day          RAN    30.37    SL

 22   Lukas Appenzeller   RAN    31.13    M45+

 TEAMS:  Men 6 to Score   

 1   Milocarian AC        51  ELLIS TROPHY

 2   The Stragglers RC    57

 3   Ranelagh Harriers    66

 TEAMS:  Women 4 to Score

 1  Ranelagh Harriers     17  DYSART CUP

 2  The Stragglers RC     27


The Brighton Marathon saw some great performances from a small Ranelagh squad, led by Ryan Hogan who was on speedy sub-2:30 pace for much of the way before struggling a little towards the end and finishing 16th in 2:39.21. Chris Lepine and Liam Joyce both smashed the 3 hours barrier with 2:50.51 and 2:56.16 for 63rd and 129th respectively. Further back came Sam Slater and behind him  Mick Lane and Russell Holt finished within a few seconds of each other in 3:26. Mick placed 6th in the M60 category.  Just outside 4 hours came Jon Lear.

16   Ryan Hogan          2:39.41

63   Chris Lepine        2:50.51

129  Liam Joyce          2:56,16

575  Sam Slater          3:17.27

829  Mick Lane           3:26.18

842  Russell Holt        3:26.13

3102 Jon Lear            4:03.36

MAIDENHEAD 10 miles  Friday 15th April

Main claim to fame of this race is that Theresa May is one of the marshals!

92  Stewart Stanton      66.13

195 Alex Ring            72.44

458 Rebecca Bussell      89.16

459 Rachel Revett        89.15

516 Carol Aikin          92.23

CRICK RUN Sunday 27th March at Rugby School.
Old Rugbeian Gordon Whitson reports:

Acknowledged as the oldest organised cross-country (that thing we all love to hate) event, the Crick Run has been held since 1838. From its original 14 miles, the modern route now covers 10 miles, run by girls and boys, as well as parents, staff and Old Rugbeians. I had the pleasure (pain?) of participating in my 50th anniversary run (delayed by a year) to place 30th overall (Staff, Parents & Old Rugbeians) and 6th in category. With an admirable time of 1:27:52, Gordon adds

‘Absolute shocker but didn’t expect anything better. I am sure they have added extra stiles since I last ran it. At least now I won’t feel obliged to do the wretched thing ever again.

Now in its fourth year, the Kingston Spring Raceday offers a ‘selection’ of 8 mile, 16 mile or 20 mile races. 8 mile runners complete a lap of the famous “Kingston Loop”, while 16 and 20 milers complete it twice. Here’s Facebook’s summary:

Shout out to following in the 8 mile event: Bob Tinsley (48:04 | 2nd overall & 1st in category), Martin Halvey (55:51  |  14th overall & 1st in category), Alex Ring (59:49 | 28th overall & 4th in category), Daniel Chiechi (61:06 | 33rd overall & 7th in category), Claire Warner (68:57 | 81st overall & 5th in category), Carol Aikin (74:46 | 143rd overall & 15th in category), Rebecca Bissell (74:46 | 144th overall & 14th in category), Ann Keary (74:47 | 146th overall & 16th in category), Prelini Chiechi (75:45 | 152nd overall & 15th in category), Kirsty Steel (78:14 | 173rd overall & 14th in category), Margie Harrison (82:11 | 206th overall & 5th in category), Michele Hillhouse (85:10 | 223rd overall & 25th in category) and Alan Meaden (93.03 | 285th overall & 5th in category).

For the 16 mile event, kudos to: Alun Thomas (2:00:14 | 14th overall & 5th in category), Melanie Thomas (2:13:00 | 37th overall & 1st in category) and Janet Turnes (2:50:02 | 106th overall & 2nd in category). In the 20 mile event, well done to: Phil Lester (2:22:07 | 24th overall & 3rd in category) and Neha Rani (2:58:37 | 93rd overall & 4th in category). And the sole commiseration to Andy Starr who missed it by one hour ‘cause he’d forgotten the clocks had gone forwards! Andy did however nail a PB  of 1:19.13 in the Reading Half on 3rd April…


Further up North, in Manchester, James Riley led the Ranelagh Marathon charge with a brilliant 2:39:31, Second-claimer Cordy Parker ran a cracking 2:55:34, Jarryd Hillhouse nabbed a 16 min PB to finish 2:58:38, Tony Taylor followed suit with a 14 min PB to clock 3:20:21, Martin Halvey was 21st over 60 in 3:19.10 as Arben Canolli brought it home for Ranelagh in 3:27:09 (also a PB we think). Fabulous work everyone!

Not content with our own shores, several Ranelights crossed international waters to compete in the Paris Marathon, with an incroyable slew of PBs all round. Kudos to David Ready (2:51:27), Neil Kitching (2:53:30 PB), Michael Thomas (3:12:39), Ed Smith (3:12:54), Alex Ring (3:15:32 PB), James Ritchie (3:28:06), Rebecca Bissell (3:35:46 PB), Neil Rae (3:38:22), Aoife Kilpatrick (3:48:06 PB), Hadi Khatamizadeh (3:53:13 PB) and Claire Warner (4:13:22 PB) for their sterling efforts!

Boston (USA version!) welcomed some Ranelagh visitors led by Gareth Williams who was 767th in 2:43.25. Jimmy Whistler beat 3 hours by a whistle with 2:59.53 for 3259th, then came Alun and Mel Thomas on 12641st in 3:38.27 and 15623rd in 3:50.45 respectively…

KEW GARDENS 10k  Saturday 9th April

33   Shaun Griffith      39.51

34   Thomas Cameron      39.54

74   Lauren Warner       43.19

193  Mark Russell        47.36

597  Ian Harrison        55.45

885  Maia Rushby         59.40

910  Ellie Lawley        60.10

1388 Narissa Vox         67.46

1389 Kelly Thomas        67.46


159  Neil Rae            1:35.29

180  Mike Morris         1:36.13

758  Debbie Fallon       1:52.11

1599 Colette Macdent     2:13.43

2020 Victoria Orme       2:36.34

Exotic prize winner in the Ho Chi Minh City Half was Nick Impey: “I had less than 24 hours notice  and a couple of hours sleep…Ran across a stream of traffic coming both directions”. Nick finished in 2nd place overall (1:16) but first amateur.

🔷🔶 ULTRAS 🔷🔶

Sally Minchella completed the 3-day Highland Ultra in the Knoydart Peninsula in unprecedented benign weather. The 117k course includes 4800 metres of ascent. Sally’s performance was outstanding, finishing 22nd and 3rd woman in a time of  20 hours 47 minutes… Special mention to Bruce McLaren (everyone’s favourite handicapper) and Kris Davidson who made us proud in The Fox Ultra, a circular 62km ultramarathon around the Surrey Hills. Bruce ran an impressive 5:57:13 to place 17th overall (2nd in category) while Kris brought it home in 6:23:07 to place 31st overall (15th in category). Astonishing work guys! Elsewhere Wiebke Kortum was covering 41km in the Chilterns Trail Marathon.


Nick Twomey missed his PB by 1 second in finishing 2nd in the Chase the Sun in 34.08….at the Magna Carta Half Marathon Eliott Wells ran 1:44.58 in 10th place.…Louise Piears toiled up the spectacular Leith Hill Half Marathon in 2:12.02 for 86th.…in the London Landmarks Half Marathon Andy Griffin ran 1:45.56 and  Amanda Munro 2:14.22…On 10th April Tom Reay ran the Great Welsh Half Marathon at Pembrey in 2:30.14….The Richmond Spring Riverside 10k found Pete and Narissa Vox and Kelly Thomas running in together in 78.11, 78.13 and 78.12…Henry Fagan finished 155th in the senior race at the English Schools championships, 4th counter for Middlesex…Mike Morris was on the Isle of Wight over Easter and competed in the Newport to Ryde 7 miles on Easter Saturday, finishing 11th in 57.46; and in the  West Wight Three Hills race on Easter Monday where he placed 15th  overall in 52.19 and third over 50…Ted Mockett was 2nd finisher in 36.28 in the Bedgebury 10k on 16th April…. Phil Beausang recorded 40.03 in 41st place in the Chase the Moon 10k on 30th March.

THURSDAY NIGHT TRACK TRAINING at Osterley is now open to all again. All welcome, no need to book. See the website for more info.


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This comes from Gordon Whitson.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the infamous “National” of 1972. As a postscript to your piece in the recent e-news on the 1972 national, I have an anecdote which may be of interest. Having started work for them the previous year, in September 1976 I asked for a transfer from the Midland Bank branch in Queensway, Bayswater to the bank’s International Division. The bank agreed  and promptly sent me to Sheffield. I joined Sheffield AC second claim and after my first Tuesday evening pack run, we all repaired to the pub. I started chatting to the bloke sat next to me and, as one does, asked him if he had ever run the National.  “Yes”, he replied so my next question was what was his best finishing position. At this point I realised that those around me were suddenly following the conversation intently. “First”, he answered, at which point the company could contain their laughter no longer. Amid all the guffaws, somebody said, “Yes, but you only won because it was snowing”. To which TVH’s Mal Thomas, for it was he (the victor at Sutton Coalfield) to whom I had been talking without having a clue who he was, responded “What everybody seems to forget was that I also came second the following year”, a comment that was greeted by the general jeers and derision it deserved. Mal was built like a flank forward which possibly explained how he conquered the atrocious conditions in 1972. Second-placed Bill Robinson was equally unheralded and equally solid in build, which seems to back up the hefty theory. Mal, after a couple of outstanding years, was plagued by injuries that blighted his career.

june, 2024

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