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Here’s a important message from our  Half Marathon Race Director Simon Martin:

Do you have a van / access to a van? If so we would very much appreciate your help please.

Andy Woodhouse oversees the water stations on our half marathon race course. This includes transporting the water and tables. He would need access to the van from late afternoon on Saturday 7th May until lunchtime on Sunday 8th May.

Andy can drive the van (with appropriate insurance) but whoever provides the van can of course instead drive if they prefer or simply want to help!

In any event Andy will need someone to assist him on both days (times as above). Volunteers would be greatly appreciated. Your club needs you!

If you can help, by providing a van and / or assisting Andy, please contact the race director, Simon Martin, at


 Annual membership subscriptions are due on 1st April and will remain unchanged from their current levels despite an increase in England Athletics registration fees. Please ensure subs are paid promptly and that any Standing Order or Faster Payment clearly states your name and the word “subs” so that our finance team know that you have paid.

Full details of our membership subscription rates and how to pay can be found on the club’s website:

If you need to update your email or home address you can do so by completing the online form on the membership page.


One change for next year concerns our Thursday evening track sessions at Osterley where the fees for our use of the track have almost doubled in just two years. The fees were previously covered by a gift made to the club but these funds have now run out. Since the track is used by a fairly small proportion of members, the committee felt it fairest to ask our senior/adult members who use the track on a regular or occasional basis, and who can afford to do so, to make a contribution of £40 a year in addition to the annual subs in order to help us cover the not inconsiderable cost of hiring the track and so that we can continue to provide this facility. Junior members do not need to make any additional contribution to attend the track training sessions.

Payments for using the track should be made to the following account:

Ranelagh Harriers

Sort Code: 40-23-29

Account Number: 81109847

The payment reference should be your name followed by the word Track. For example: “J Smith Track”.



The road league and our own road GP are in operation again this year after having been struck down by COVID in 2020 and 2021. The general format is unchanged but there are significant differences to the fixtures. In previous years the Wimbledon 5k has been the final race in the calendar, run in mid-August. The organising club Hercules Wimbledon brought it forward to Sunday 13th March, and it duly took place last Sunday. It will still be included in the League. The London Marathon is in October and so won’t be included. The current list is as follows,:

Sunday 8th May   Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon  Details:

Sunday 15th May  Sutton 10km                                       Details:  Sutton 10K [event] (

Sunday 12th June  Dorking 10 miles  *                            Details:

Sunday 26th June   Richmond 10km  *                            Details:

Saturday  16th July   Elmore 7 miles                                Details:

Sunday  24th July   Elmbridge 10km                                Details:

Those marked with an asterisk are also Surrey championships.

Here are some of the important races during the next few months:

Sat 2nd Apr – Inter-Club Match v Milocarian AC v The Stragglers RC, Richmond Park – no need to enter in advance, details here

Sat 23rd Apr – Baker Cup 3 Mile Handicap, Richmond Park – Entry in advance is ESSENTIAL, details here. Entries close at midnight on 17th April

Sat 30th Apr – Mob Match v Thames Hare and Hounds, Richmond Park – no need to enter in advance, details here   NEXT JOB FOR THE MOB

Sun 8th May – Ranelagh Half Marathon – entries here

Sun 15th May – Sutton 10km – entries here

Wed 8th Jun (pm) – THH Parkland Relays, Richmond Park – entry details TBC

Sun 12th Jun – Dorking 10 miles – entries here

Sat 18th Jun – Mob Match v The Stragglers RC – Old Deer Park parkrun – no need to enter in advance, details here

Sun 26th Jun – Ranelagh Richmond 10km – entries here

KEW THE RUN RACES – 9th & 10th April – discount code

Simon Martin sends this:

Set yourself or the family an endurance challenge this April by running the Kew Gardens 10K, Half Marathon or Family Mile. For an extra incentive put in the code below and receive £5 OFF per entry. Every runner will receive a fantastic medal, a tech running t-shirt (male & female cut) and free entry into Kew Gardens for spectators (up to 2 adults & children). In Caps enter code: KEWRUN5 when you register at


Martin Halvey writes:

I am running the Manchester marathon on the 3rd of April, and have decided to run on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Society. As my running times seem to be slower I feel I need another reason to run. Running for a charity gives an impetus to continue to enjoy the delights the four seasons have to offer. However, I  still feel there is another decent race to be run. Self-deception may be useful! I understand the cost of living is increasing so any amount would be gratefully received by the Alzheimer’s Society.


SURREY LEAGUE DIVISION 1 MEN AND WOMEN   Saturday 5th March at Lloyd Park, Croydon

This event was originally scheduled for the previous Saturday, but Storm Eunice had laid waste to Effingham Common and all bets were off. Some were in favour of declaring  the League complete after just three races, others sought after an alternative venue. Happily It was the latter who won out. Surrey County and the League found frequently used Lloyd Park available but only on March 5th. This new date did not please everyone and the number of runners was down by more than 50% on earlier fixtures. But the races proceeded to most people’s approval.

Regardless of today’s result, our men’s team was already destined for the drop to Division 2, with only Fulham Runners consistently weaker throughout the season. Today we had to manage with only eight runners, with ten required. Fulham were even worse, and fielded four runners only. Even so, we only just closed in ahead of them. Congrats to Ross Macdonald who led our squad in 64th place and to the rest of the team.

One bright spark was provided by Henry Fagan who finished in a brilliant 3rd place in the junior race.

Senior Men

1   Jack Millar (Thames H&H)    26.20

64  Ross Macdonald (Ranelagh)   31.47

77  Jonathan Smith              33.35

78  Ed Forbes                   33.46

85  Mark Herbert                34.41

97  Michael Thomas              36.15

102 Tom Cameron                 36.53

106 Neil Rae                    37.58

108 Ben Shore                   38.15

Today’s result and overall

            BEL   FUL   G&G   H/W   HHH   KEN   RAN   SLH   THH

    1         2    55     7     4    27    18    61    24     1

    2         3    72    11    10    31    19    68    34     5

    3         6    77    13    12    32    20    69    36     9

    4         8    80    21    14    33    30    75    40    16

    5        22    86.5  43    15    44    41    78    42    17

    6        23    86.5  46    29    47    51    79    45    25

    7        26    86.5  54    48    67    56    81    62    35

    8        28    86.5  60    49    70    57    82    64    37

    9        38    86.5  63    50    71    58    86.5  65    52

   10        39    86.5  66    59    74    76    86.5  73    53

TOTAL       195   803   384   290   496   426   766   485   250

MATCH POS     1     9     4     3     7     5     8     6     2

B/FWD       912  2431  1026   526  1539  1036  1961  1470  1384

LGE TOTAL  1107  3234  1400   816  2035  1462  2727  1955  1834

LGE POS       2     9     3     1     7     4     8     6     5

Under 17s

1  Oscar Curry (Reigate P)  14.04

3  Henry Fagan (Ranelagh)   14.35

Senior Women

Thanks to some late additions to the team we managed to get the requisite five runners on the starting line. Lizzie Broughton put in an excellent performance to finish 15th ,with Cecily Day not far behind in 28th. Then it was Rebecca Bissell, Aoife Kilpatrick and Jo Marshall. Team-wise we placed 9th on the day and 8th in the final reckoning – well clear of relegation danger.

Pos       Name             Club         Time     Cat.

  1  Georgie Grgec      Herne Hill H    31.02    SL

 15  Lizzie Broughton   Ranelagh H      35.18    SL

 28  Cecily Day                         36.18    SL

 53  Rebecca Bissell                    39.48    L45+

82  Aoife Kilpatrick                   44.04    L35+

102  Jo Marshall                        48.50    L35+


    1  BEL   52          1  BEL  265

    2  KEN   82          2  G&G  547

    3  SLH   93          3  THH  606

    4  G&G  112          4  SLH  647

    5  THH  146          5  HHH  800

    6  H/W  155          6  H/W  834

    7  STR  211          7  C/C  855

    8  HHH  253          8  RAN  914

    9  RAN  275          9  STR  917

   10  W/W  297         10  KEN  985

   11  E&E  343         11  FUL 1150

   12  C/C  355         12  E&E 1322

   13  FUL  394         13  W/W 1440

                        14  WOK 1469

                        15  W4H 1607

MOB MATCH v BLACKHEATH AND BROMLEY HAC  Sunday 13th March at Hayes, Kent

Pheidippides has been slow to write a race report for the Mob Match last Sunday morning because Pheidippides returned home with his tail between his legs and with a team much chastened by the ‘Heathens’ (so crest-fallen is Pheidippides that he has taken to writing about himself in the third person).  Arriving in good time (for once) Pheidippides proceeded to make sure that he and two other members of the team were late for the start by getting lost between the changing rooms and assembly point.  The Heathens generously delayed the race by a few minutes and we performed our ritual chants, the “Hobble-Gobble” being rendered with rather more gusto than its counterpart – but that was the last time that we had any edge over our opposition.  Turnout was meagre for both sides but, with an assembly of just eleven blue vests, it was going to be tough to defeat a larger band, even if “larger” denotes just sixteen (ten per team to score).

Pheidippides started cautiously and was shadowing a small group of Heathens who were cooperating closely but then, throwing caution to the winds, bounded off boisterously in an attempt to break away – and therein was his undoing.  The three or four Heathens turned out to have been warming up gently and in no time activated the ‘after-burner’ and disappeared, most unfortunately for Pheidippides as that was the point at which he lost the trail, finding himself, after a mile or more of running, meeting the leading group travelling in the opposite direction.  Being of a stubborn disposition, and at his own insistence, he repeated the first lap, identified the error of his ways, followed the true path all the way round and then went on to complete an official full second lap too.  Being a man who has eschewed the world of gadgets he has no idea how far he ran, but it was probably in the region of ten miles or more, and he is very sure that he completed the mob match course in full (passing some of the landmarks including “bog diesel” not twice, as intended, but thrice).

Evidence has come to light since the event that others ran off course (mostly, though not exclusively, members of Ranelagh) and mostly at the same place – a mature tree which had been a victim of storm Eunice and which had fallen right across the course.  Unfortunately, the diversion for passing this obstacle joined up momentarily with the outbound route and, in the absence of a marshal at that very spot, those who were unfamiliar with the course failed to re-join the final segment of the proper route.  We should not, however, blame the marshals and marking in which much care and thought had been invested but more the very low turnout which meant that visual contact was broken between participants in a very strung-out field.

Pheidippides feels that a rematch would be the proper thing to do (is that just because his mistake cost him the Harry Sheer Trophy; but redress will have to wait until the return match next season (surely a call to arms!).

President Ted adds:

We had an extremely low turn-out – it clashed with the Wimbledon 5k and also the Thames Towpath 20 miles which a number of members used as a final marathon training run. Some of our team fell foul of some sparse marking of the course, but Blackheath were very apologetic and almost embarrassed by it. An unfortunate Peter Haarer would otherwise have had the Harry Sheer V50 trophy sewn up from the start and would probably have finished in 2nd place overall. Ted Mockett led our team home coming 6th overall and Sarah Palmer picked up 1st Lady on the day coming home in 10th. Well done to everyone else to made the pilgrimage. A special shout out to Neil Rae, who combined marathon training with commitment to the mob, and tagged on a run home to top up his race distance.

However, marshalling problems wouldn’t have changed the overall result or the individual winner so fair play to Blackheath for reclaiming the Pelling Ratcliff trophy for the first time in over a decade!

 Pos       Name            Club      Time    Cat.

   1   Ross Braden      Blackheath   49.33   SM

   6   Ted Mockett      Ranelagh H   53.44   M40+

   8   Jonathan Smith                53.53   SM

  10   Sarah Palmer                  56.33   SL

  14   Neil Rae                      59.00   M50+

  17   Dave Wright                   66.34   M65+

  19   Mike Peace                    73.00   M70+

  21   Chris Read                    73.56   M55+

  22   Michael Osborne               75.36   M55+

  23   Peter Haarer                  76.40   M50+

  24   Nicola Douglas                80.29   L35+

  25   Paul Doyle                    80.58   M55+

           TEAMS:  (Scoring 10 a side)

  1. Blackheath    67
  2. Ranelagh     164

WIMBLEDON 5k DASH    Sunday 13th March at Wimbledon Park

With the cross country season drawing to a close, today also marked an unseasonably early start to the Surrey Road League, with the Wimbledon Dash 5k brought well forward from its usual mid-August date.

New to the club Samuel Harry put in a spectacular run with 16:21 for 12th place and was followed in by Gareth Williams in 25th. On the ladies’ side, Rachel Revett lead our team home, and Marie Synnott-Wells scooped 3rd in the W55 category.

After the first League race Ranelagh’s women are placed 4th and the men – with only three runners taking part –  11th.

Pos      Name            Club         Time     Cat.

  1  Bradley Goater   Shaftsbury B H  15.17    SM

 12  Samuel Harry     Ranelagh H      16.21    SM

 25  Gareth Williams                  17.33    M50+

109  Rachel Revett                    24.13    L45+

115  Marie Synnott-Wells              25.20    L55+

122  Carol Aikin                      26.05    L55+

132  Janet Turnes                     29.47    L65+

135  Alan Meaden                      33.24    M70+

CLUTTON CUP 10.67 miles handicap  Saturday 19th March in Richmond Park.

Pheidippides reports:

The Clutton Cup was an altogether more enjoyable event, starting with an exciting hunt to find the place and time of the start.  This was not at all the organisers’ fault but down to what I imagine to have been some tricky last-minute but ultimately successful negotiations with the Park (and all credit to the parties involved on both sides in reaching an agreement and enabling the event to go ahead at all).  Understandably, the last-minute change of plans led to some confusion about where and when the race started.  It was good to meet an equally puzzled Mike Peace meandering around near Pembroke Lodge and a relief when others arrived to prove that the Clutton was not a fantasy of our own making.  A company of runners and marshals / time-keepers duly assembled, the former outnumbering the latter by not so much (and a round of applause for all those who gave up their time to make the the Clutton happen, especially to Simon as organiser, and Bruce’s inaugural outing as handicapper).

The traditional Clutton course has many merits including a wide variety of different types of terrain and a sense of visiting those parts of the Park that other races do not reach.  However, the course used this year had much to commend it.  The fact that it was three laps allowed for greater visual contact throughout for runners of all abilities as well as excellent opportunities for spectating.  There was a nice charge down Queen’s Ride at the start of each lap followed by a sharp left turn at the bottom of the dip along a path parallel to the start / finish of the course now used for the Surrey League.  A right turn traversed the northern turning post of the Baker Cup, where we were greeted by Gerry O’Callaghan, co-architect of the course, who pointed the way towards the start / finish of the Bank of England race near Roehampton Gate.  A goodly trundle south along the eastern flank of the park led past Trevor Maguire, the other co-architect, and on to the back of Spankers Wood before bringing us round past the start of the Baker course.  Here, Clare Fowler was honing her Arctic survival skills (watched by a puzzled but pungent herd of deer) while simultaneously shepherding us towards Pen Ponds.  A slightly muddy incline from there took us back up to Queen’s Ride to complete the loop.

The recent fine weather ensured that the ground was firm underfoot and that there was little to no need at all for spikes (though they were of some advantage in the one or two spots which were still greasy).  A more significant challenge was the wind, which blew strong and cold, and which proved especially withering when racing uphill and into its teeth, or when marshalling in one of the more exposed spots (did I thank the marshals enough?!); otherwise, the spring sunshine was gloriously warm.

There were two scratch men (we debated whether the plural should be “itches”), both of whom set off at an ambitious pace and stayed together for five miles.  Photographic evidence proves that this was a most gentlemanly contest, as both ran side by side as well as in step, passing up all temptation of using the other as a convenient windshield.  Eventually, however, the legs of Marc Leyshon bore him away into the sunset and off to third place in the handicap but a clear first overall in speed order.  Rebecca Bissell lifted the laurels for first overall despite having competed with Jo Marshall in a 20km Surrey hills run earlier in the day! Ciaran O’ Donnell was second and Marc Leyshon third. Suzy Whatmough was fastest lady.

I was delighted to discover that the clubhouse was open after the race and that Carol assisted by Clive had laid on a very welcome tea with which to refresh and refuel one and all.

Anna Blomley was out and about on the course with her camera.  Images can be viewed and downloaded from the link below for a limited time:

                             H’cap     H’cap    Actual   Speed

                             Time      Allow     Time    Order

1   Rebecca Bissell         59.17     26.50     86.07     10

 2   Ciaran O’Donnell        61.28     23.00     84.28      9

 3   Marc Leyshon            65.37     00.00     65.37      1

 4   Louise Piears           66.10     37.50    104.00     15

 5   Jonathan Smith          67.00      3.30     70.30      3

 6   John Shaw               67.14      6.40     73.54      4

 7   Marcus Atkins           67.35     15.10     82.45      8

 8   Peter Haarer            68.17      0.00     68.17      2

 9   Mike Peace              68.57     31.00     99.57     13

10   Sally Bamford           69.17     32.30    101.47     14

11   Michael Osborne         69.20     25.30     94.50     11

12   Alberto Esguevillas     69.58     11.30     81.28      6

13   Suzy Whatmough          71.13      5.40     76.53      5

14   Dave Kew                71.45     33.30    105.15     16

15   Michael Thomas          74.35      7.50     82.25      7

16   Phil Beausang           89.52      8.50     98.42     12 (started c17 mins late)

17   James Ritchie           98.46     11.00    109.46     17

18   Tom Reay               101.30     42.10    143.40     18

23 entered, of whom 4 were non-starters and 1 dropped out – quite a temptation, I should have thought, on this three-lap course. Regarding  three tail-enders, Bruce points out:” It’s worth noting that Phil Beausang started about 17 minutes late,  James Ritchie was clearly struggling with injury and endurance and Tom I don’t think is trained for 10 miles!  At the sharp end I think I underestimated Rebecca’s speed (I actually softened her handicap! – schoolboy error, but she would have won it even if I hadn’t, I think).

THAMES RIVERSIDE 20 miles  Sunday 13th March

27  Jarryd Hillhouse      2:19.31

78  Alun Thomas           2:37.49

80  Ed Smith              2:38.12

95  Alex Ring             2:41.23

128 Rebecca Bissell       2:50.42

130 Aoife Kilpatrick      2:51.50

135 Jon Lear              2:55.10

148 Claire Warner         3:02.20

156 Richard Gurd          3:06.28

159 Hadi Khatamizadeh     3:07.32


“21 miles and 3000ft of the finest hills in the Peaks” says the race website. Our intrepid team of rock-hoppers acquitted themselves well led by Mark Herbert in 23rd place. Not so very far behind was Suzy Whatmough, outstanding as the third woman to finish.

23  Mark Herbert          2:57.01

38  Suzy Whatmough        3:05.30

113 Vaughan Ramsay        3:30.41

195 Mike Morris           3:57.03


Just a week after Steph Tindall moved into 10th spot in the club’s women’s all-time records with a 1:22.19 Half Marathon (see below), so Sarah Palmer followed suit with a 1:24.43 for 15th. Great runs both. Chris Lepine made it onto the rostrum as 3rdM50.

41   Chris Lepine         1:22.23

66   Sarah Palmer         1:24.43

70   Neil Kitching        1:24.55

131  Liam Joyce           1:28.56

134  Alun Thomas          1:29.00

144  Ross Clayton         1:29.17

172  Paul Murphy          1:31.17

185  Samuel Slater        1:32.11

786  Mel Thomas           1:47.24

1513 Camilla Clayton      1:58.08

3182 John Scally          2:40.48


At the Battersea Park Half Marathon on Saturday 12th March Steph Tindall ran a great 82.19, not only a PB but also moving her up to 10th place in our women’s all-time ranking list…at the Thames Meander Marathon also on 12th March John Reece recorded 3:52.41 and Deborah Blakemore 6:10.39 …Shaun Griffith ran a PB 3:15.56 for 11th place in the Cyprus Marathon…Mick Lane was 3rd over 60 in the Fleet Half Marathon on 20thMarch, recording 88.06…In the Victoria Park 5 miles Philip Scard ran 35.06…Thomas Lahille finished 3rd in 36.57 in the Richmond Spring Riverside 10k…In the same event Pete and Narissa Vox and Kelly Thomas ran in together in 78.11, 78.13 and 78.12…Martin Harris ran both the Second Sunday 5 miles race on Wimbledon Common  on February 13th in 40.41 and the same event on March 13th in 40.10…in the February edition Marie Synnott-Wells ran 48.01 for 2nd W55…Henry Fagan finished 155th in the senior race at the English Schools championships, 4th counter for Middlesex.

THURSDAY NIGHT TRACK TRAINING at Osterley is now open to all again. All welcome, no need to book. See the website for more info.


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This year marks the 50th anniversary of the infamous “National” of 1972. Read on…

The race was held (for the last time) at Sutton Park, Birmingham – a good course but unfortunately miles away from the changing rooms. The day started with reasonable conditions but worsened in the afternoon, the weather turning from sun to rain to sleet and then to snow as the temperatures plummeted. Many runners fell in the slippery conditions but it was a strong, icy headwind at the end of each lap which did the damage and ultimately also in the finishing funnels post-race. Many runners were taken to hospital and others reported cold, shaking fits with icicles in their hair.

The officials also had to endure the terrible weather and sadly one of their number – Tom Owen from Liverpool – died of a heart attack while travelling home.

One letter in AW from Cambridge and Coleridge members said the following. “The sight of runners unable to hold a limb, still sobbing, and even frightened of what was happening to their bodies was disgusting; and then having to find their way two miles back to the schools! Just because we have had to operate under these conditions for the past 50 years does not mean we have to continue for another 50.” There were some doubts over some of the results post-race, however, as many scoring cards and team sheets were unintelligible and runners were taken to hospital with their discs still in their hands!

Stan Greenberg, the former BBC athletics Statistician, recalls: “As the weather was quite sunny and bright in London I went up by car wearing an ordinary suit and mackintosh. There was virtually no cover of any sort, and the conditions deteriorated from heavy rain to freezing sleet, snow and biting cold as the temperature dropped disastrously.

“Many of the runners fell over and a lot didn’t finish. Those that did finished with icicles in their hair and in terrible condition. Some were taken to hospital. In my own case I was literally soaked to the skin, through suit and coat and on arrival home in London I went straight to bed with near pneumonia for two days. In my mind I have never been so cold, and certainly never so wet.”

Clubs were restricted to nine runners in the National in those days. Our team was headed by Ian Macintosh 148th, then Peter Creeden 322nd, John Williams 341st, Dave Lankey 438th, Allen Horne 441st, Peter Fowler 454th and Ivan Boggis 597th with Len Duke and Jim Forrest failing to finish. Ivan is still to be found marshalling at most of our races in Richmond Park.

july, 2024

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